Considering food, the airport has no much of a variety to offer. But Bilqase Throne Hotel has quite a large cuisine of food to offer. It has Western cuisine, International and Middle Eastern cuisines. If you want leisurely meals, then head over to Howard Johnson Hotel and Convectional Hotel. More options can be found here. Most of these hotels offer free cancelation services. Some also offer free reservations and paid upon arrival. 


The airport itself does not have much to offer if you want to sleep. Travelers vouch for not spending more than a few hours at the airport if you want to grab some siesta. One, therefore, needs to have a plan on where he/she will grab some rest. One can opt to use the hotels and lounges. These rest places are adhering to policies put in place by the local authorities in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. These some services may be shut down or operate at abridged hours. 


King Fahd International Airport is at the heart of technological developments, the airport is equipped with a fast 5G Wi-Fi that will see you surf at supersonic speeds. For gaming lovers and video streamers, buffering is a thing of the past. This also enables you to remain connected to the rest of the world. You can also find charging spots to charge your devices.


If you want to freshen up after long travels, then King Fahd International Airport does not have much to offer. You can freshen up by taking a shower after a long flight into Saudi Arabia. Just visit the shower facilities in the airport lounges and hotels.


As much as King Fahd International Airport looks like a classy shopping mall, but once you hop into the stores, you will notice that most of the items sold there are actually of standard prices. Some are even duty-free (on selected brands). If you are willing to give your credit card some exercise, then you can consider visiting the numerous shops and stores within the terminal and in Dubai City. Surprisingly, they can pocket friendly. This means your excitement will be kept high.


If you have a longer stay in Saudi Arabia, then you can consider visiting Dubai town as it is only 40 kilometers southeast of the airport. You can opt to visit the famous Burj Khalifa, Dubai Creek, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Aquarium. Some of these places have free entries, while some require you to pay an entrance fee. Just be sure that you have adequate cash while on your trips within Dubai, as you may find a few things as interesting and you may want to buy them. 

Visit the desert

You can visit the Al Qudra Desert. They are not far. You need at least half an hour to reach there. You need to visit these places with an SUV as the terrain may not be handled well with compact vehicles.

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