AT JFK and most other airports, you’ll find several lounges but Centurion lounges stand out the most. But what is Centurion lounge? In this blog, I have explained the meaning of Centurion lounge and shared details including where they are located, how to access it, pricing, services available there, and FAQs.

What is the centurion lounge?

Centurion lounge is an airport lounge that is operated by American Express. It is a part of the membership benefits offered by American Express. As you can see on their website’s homepage below, it is entirely an AMEX brand.

Centurion Card

In 1999, Amex introduced Centurion Card which gives you access tо premium airport lounges around the world.

Amex Black Card, or the American Express Centurion Card, is an invite-only charge card issued by American Express. Despite its reputation as a “black card,” the Amex Black Card’s perks and benefits are largely similar to those offered by other premium credit cards.

In the 80s, American Express did a trial of the now Amex Black Card but abandoned it in 1987 after a 4-year trial. The card was launched with less than 1000 members in 1999 and has since become one of the most prestigious cards available with a current member base in the “tens of thousands.”

How Centurion Lounges Operate:

Centurion lounges are designed for travelers to have a quiet place to work or relax before their flight. The lounges are open to any passenger flying on a participating airline, regardless of class of travel or fare type.

How to access Centurion Lounges:

You need either Amex Platinum or Centurion Card. If you have a Centurion card, there is a space designed specifically for Centurion customers.

Other versions of Amex Platinum cards that can get you in include;

  1. Morgan Stanley
  2. Goldman Sachs
  3. Charles Swabb

Please note that Delta Platinum will not get you into the lounge.

Centurion Lounge Locations:

Centurion Lounges are located in the following airports:

-Atlanta (ATL)

-Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

-Houston (IAH)

-Las Vegas (LAS)

-Miami (MIA)

-New York LaGuardia (LGA)

-New York JFK (JFK)

-Philadelphia (PHL)

-San Francisco (SFO)

-Seattle (SEA)

-Hong Kong (HKG)

-Melbourne (MEL)

-Mexico City (MEX)

-Monterrey (MTY)

-New Delhi (DEL)

-São Paulo (GRU)


The Amex Platinum card has a $550 annual fee. The card does offer a $200 airline incidental fee credit, which can offset the cost of the annual fee if you are strategic about it.

The Centurion card has a $2,500 initiation fee and a $7,500 annual fee.

Centurion® Card from American Express

Amenities/Services at Centurion Lounge:

-Free snacks and non-alcoholic beverages

-Complimentary Wi-Fi

-Private conference rooms

-Shower facilities (in some locations)

-Family room (in some locations)

Is there a dress code for the Centurion Lounge?

No, there is no formal dress code for the Centurion Lounge. However, they request that all guests maintain a level of dress and grooming that is in keeping with the relaxed atmosphere of our lounges. For example, guests wearing swimsuits or other attire not suitable for a business or casual.

Are children allowed in the Centurion Lounge?

Yes, children are welcome in the Centurion Lounge. We have a family room available in select locations for families traveling with small children.

Can I bring a guest into the Centurion Lounge?. Each Card Member may bring in one guest. Additional guests can be admitted for a fee of $50 per person, charged to the Card Member’s American Express card.

What are the hours of operation for the Centurion Lounge?

The Centurion Lounge is open daily from 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. local time, unless otherwise noted on our website or through our mobile app.

Is the Centurion Lounge worth it?

The Centurion Lounge is a great option for travelers who value airport lounge access and are willing to pay the annual fee. The lounges are well-appointed and offer a variety of amenities that can make your travel experience more enjoyable. All the services including food and drinks are free.

what is centurion lounge access?

Centurion lounge access is a part of the membership benefits offered by American Express. As you can see on their website’s homepage, it is entirely an AMEX brand. You can only access Centurion lounges if you have Amex Platinum Card or Centurion black card.

Centurion Lounge closed because of COVID:

On December 28, 2021, Amex announced the closing of Centurion lounges in all airports including JFK, and LAX. Coronavirus (COVID-19) had a significant impact on air travel and the airline industry. Read more about Centurion Lounge at JFK here.

This was posted on Amex site;

Centurion Lounge Reopening:

In early May 2022, Amex reopened Centurion Lounge in some airports such as LAX as reported here. The Centurion Lounge at LAX is the second largest after JFK’s which spans more than 15,000 square feet at Terminal 4.

To check if Centurion Lounge has been reopened at your airport destination, download and check on the Amex app.

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