What to do Near Kigali International Airport

Gorilla trekkingGorilla Trek Africa is found about 3 km away from the airport. One could visit this place and get to interact with the gorillas and other members of the ape family
ShoppingKigali market, Kimoronko market is a marketplace found about 3 km away from the airport. They sell fresh farm produce like fruits, vegetables and cereals. One can also get nice items of clothing like footwear, warm clothing and casual clothes
Game drive Kigali’s tourism sector has improved and has seen many tourist service transport sectors also grow. You could go to game drives to their awesome game parks and nature reserves. But this is limited because sometimes Kigali weather could be so wet from around April to September, it could ruin your trip
Self-driveYou could also drive yourself around the city and enjoy the scenery views of the cleanest city in Africa. This would require one to have a valid driving license. Car rental companies will hire out their vehicles with the desire of the users. They have sedans, vans, hatchbacks, 4x4s and many other types of light weight vehicles
Zip liningFor those who love high adrenaline challenges, Kigali ziplines got you covered. Mount Kigali Hotel and Primates Safaris Africa has zipline challenges one could take with his or her friends or your fellow zipliners who also went to the same venue to enjoy the same services. 
Nightlife and clubbingThere are several night clubs and bars where one could refresh themselves by dancing the whole or half night, at the choice of the person. Clubs include Aloha Club, Ozone Club and Cardiac night club. Kigali nightlife is one of the best you can get from the East African region.
Hotels and hospitalityKigali hotels offer excellent foods and are of great diversity. They also offer foods of local and international origins. Both local eating joints, fast food joints and hotels have great foods. Kigali farms also produce foods which are cooked and sold in the hotels
GolfingFor the love of golf, there are several golf courses for example Kigali Golf Club
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