What to do Near Frankfurt Airport

Activity Location and accessibility
Explore Hauptwache sights, museum, outdoors, historical sites, plaza. It is located in the western end of Frankfurt main shopping street, the Zeil. It can be freely accessed.
Get the sights of the Main Tower and Landmark. It is located in the Innerstadt district of Frankfurt, Germany and can be freely accessed.
Do some shopping and taste local foods of Frankfurt Christmas market It is located in central Frankfurt, Hessen Germany and is accessed freely.
Explore palmengarten botanical garden It is located in westend-Sud district  and can be accessed during the day freely.
Explore Frankfurt cathedral, historical sites and church It is located in the centre of Frankfurt am main, Germany and being a holy place it can be freely accessed.
Explore Museumsufer and get the art It is located along the Schaumainkai at the south riverbank and can be accessed from the main city centre
Explore the Eurotower and get sights and museum and landmark views. It is located in Innenstadt District in Frankfurt and is accessible by anyone willing to visit.
Go shop fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables from local farmers in Kleinmarkthalle It can be accessed freely during the day and is located in Hansengasse Frankfurt am main
Visit Geothehaus the home to the greatest German writer Johann Wolfgang It is located in Grosser Hirschgraben 23 subway and can be accessed freely during the day.
Explore the Eiserner Steg historical bridge in the heart of Frankfurt. It is a footbridge that connects the centre of Frankfurt with the district of Sachsenhausen.
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