What to Do Near Charlotte Douglas International Airport

What to do Details
Bird watching and scenery viewing There are beautiful public gardens which are open year-round. An example is Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary. They’re home for ornamental trees, shrubs, and flowers.
Museums The Mint Museum is at the home for Charlotte’s art, inspiring scenes, cultural scenes, and vast European and African history, that is reserved behind the walls of the museum. There a lot of other museums, including Carolinas Aviation Museum, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
NASCAR Hall of fame In Uptown Charlotte, the NASCAR Hall of Fame documents awards and honors are celebrated here. The venue attracts tourists all over the country due to the heritage and nature of information found there.
Eateries/Dining There is a vast diversity of eateries and restaurants, which serve quality meals. The foods are also from diverse cultures, like Cuban, African and Chinese. Their foods are also affordable, depending on the quality and the ratings of the restaurant serving the dishes.
Libraries If you like reading, the city will accommodate well since it has several libraries. The libraries are divided into sections, for kids, teens, and adults. There are also classrooms for interactive exhibit space.
Performing Arts For music lovers, there are also theatres in which live music performances are held. The genre includes opera, rock music, reggae and soul music. The Booth Playhouse, The Belk Theatre and Stage Door theatre are examples 
Bars Charlotte Ru Boasts its elegant, sophisticated versions of tequila. There are also bars and clubs offering whiskeys, vodkas and all other types of alcoholic drinks to suit the customers’ preferences
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