What to do near Albany International Airport

Arts and cultureYou can immerse yourself into the thriving art and culture scenes with many museums, historic sites and performing arts venue
Outdoor Activities There are different options of outdoor activities to choose from during a layover. You can go for zip lining adventures or opt to go for mountain climbing. Alternatively you can also go for skating at the Empire skate plaza
Visit Tourist Attraction sitesYou can always seek alternatives to areas with top attractions including amusement parks, extreme adventure hotspots and those that cater for kids.
ShoppingThere are different options and spots to go do some shopping ranging from large malls and shopping centers to smaller boutiques that offer a great assortment of places to shop.
Food drink and nightlifeYou can try out beer or wine tasting, check out a local farmers market for some fresh produce.
Spas and WellnessYou can choose to have some relaxing moments at the spas and get some massages or get some new looks at a local salon.
Take some boat ridesYou can take some short drive to open you up to the different boat riding experience in the capital region.
Explore the historical attractionsYou can opt to check out different historic attractions of the Albany area and get some perception of the true history of the region.
Go sightseeingYou can choose to go for sight viewing at the corning tower observation deck and get views from 42nd floor of the building
Visit the Washington ParkYou can choose to go spend some quality time and enjoy the weather, plan a picnic or go for a walk at the Washington park. There is a pond, a bridge to walk over and in the in spring time there are a thousand of tulips in bloom
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