What to do near Murtala Muhammed International Airport

Get a massage There are plenty of massage spa where you can visit and get some massage and some pedicure and manicure
Experience Night-lifeThere are a lot of clubs and bars to get a peek of the nightlife in Lagos such as the Niteshift Coliseum
Explore the history and culture There are a wide range of museums to visit and get a peek of the artifacts and the Nigerian history. You can visit the Ovuomaroro Studio and Gallery and get some views of the pictures and art pieces.
Take a walkYou can take some stretches and leisure walks in different available parks such as Ndubuisi Kanu Park and get a peaceful environment experience.
Travel like a localYou can tour different places within Lagos and the metropolitan areas using the shared shuttle and have the encounter to travel as a local
Eat upThere are a lot of restaurants to eat with menus of local requisite and local brews.
Sleep There are peaceful noiseless lounges where you can take a nap after a tiresome flight or in a long layover. Alternatives: there are a lot of hotels where you can book reservations and sleep if you are not comfortable to sleep in the airport.
Go shopping There are a lot of shopping centers and malls where you can go and do some shopping in town. There are markets to get some fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Ikeja City Mall will be a nice place to do some shopping.
Take a cultural tourYou can take a cultural visit in the villages with a tour agency. You can also visit the Tripzapp for some zip lining and zap trailing
Take a multi-day tourThere are agencies that offer multi day trips with a variety of great experiences with photo sessions and tour guiding. There are agencies such as Shuttle Lane and Janine Travel Guide that can be helpful to make your tour one of a kind.
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