What to do near Khartoum International Airport

Visit the Sudan Presidential Palace museumYou can visit the Sudan Presidential Palace museum located on the grounds of the presidentialof presidential palace to have ahave some a view of some art, paintings, and a great collection of relics. There are paintings of Sir Gordon Pasha.
Visit the Nile StreetYou can pay a visit to the Nile street which is the prettiest street in the city and get views of  the Blue Nile on one side and pretty lining of decaying buildings
Go shoppingThere are lots of shopping outlets in the capital city, Khartoum where you can do some shopping, visitshopping visit some spa and get some massage.
Eat upThere are a number of restaurants located in the city that serveserves the Sudanese dishes. There is no alcohol selling in any of the restaurants.
Visit the commonwealth cemeteryYou can pay a visit to the Commonwealth cemetery and have a look at the memorial place for great people in Sudan.
Visit Sudan national museumYou can visit Sudan National Museum for some historical artifacts of Sudan and some open air views in the museum garden.
Get a glimpse of Change of GuardThis is an old Royal Guard Ceremony performed in Paul Yugasak Tombe’s home village, in Equatorial State south Sudan.
Visit Souq ArabiThis is the Central market and bus station of the capitalof capital city of Sudan. You can visit and get to buy some fresh fruitfruits juice and different products.
Visit Ethnographic MuseumYou can visit Ethnographic Museum, the Khalifa House Museum located in Omdurman and have some views of Ethnographic collection covering the Mahdiyah rule
Visit the Grand Holiday VillaYou can visit the Grand Holiday Villa which is an historical building with an old charm of the colonial era.
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