Detroit Airport Minute Suites

Have you already landed or en route to Detroit Metropolitan International Airport but are worried about locations to get some rest? You are not alone. Several fliers wonder if there are innovative sleep technologies such as sleeping pods, Minute Suites, Sleep n Fly, and more.

Having a long layover or flight delay can drain you out physically and mentally. You may also experience jet lag depending on which direction you are flying from. Traveling across different time zones can disrupt your sleep patterns, making it harder to rest when you finally reach your destination.

Thankfully, Detroit Airport has been keeping up with the latest trends in travel comfort and offers various innovative sleep technologies to provide travelers with a comfortable and restful experience. These technologies not only allow you to take a quick nap or get some shut-eye but also come equipped with features such as charging ports, Wi-Fi, soundproofing, and more.

One of the most popular choices for weary travelers at Detroit Airport is Minute Suites which are compact suites with a chair that easily converts into a bed.

Are there Minute Suites in Detroit Airport?

Yes, there are Minute Suites at Detroit Airport in McNamara Terminal near Gate A66. To enter the Suites at DTW, a valid boarding pass for McNamara Terminal is required. Please note that your flight must either arrive at or depart from McNamara Terminal.

Detroit’s Minute Suites is a recent addition to their expanding number of airport locations and I must say I am impressed with their expansion pace.

Unlike sleeping pods, Minute Suites are more spacious and allow up to 4 guests in one booking. They feature an actual bed and they have more privacy with a lockable door. In addition, they offer a TV with various channels and noise-canceling headphones to ensure a quiet and peaceful sleep.

Philadelphia Airport, Salt Lake City Airport, Nashville Airport, Houston Airport and JFK Airport are among the 15+ airport locations that Minute Suites currently operates in.

Are there sleeping pods at Detroit Airport?

No, there are no sleeping pods at Detroit Airport. The futuristic capsule-looking pods have not been successful in their rollout in JFK and Heathrow and I doubt that GoSleep or RestWorks will seek to expand to airports such as Detroit. I also could not find info on whether there are plans to install sleeping pods at DTW.

Detroit airport minute suites amenities:

  1. Showers
  2. WiFi
  3.  Daybed sofa that transforms into a bed,
  4. A sound masking system,
  5. A personal thermostat allows for environmental control.
  6. We also offer temporary office space to guests.
  7. Smart TV’s.

Contacts of Detroit Airport Minute Suites:

Detroit Airport Minute Suites Cost:

The cost of Minute Suites for the first hour is $55 and it increases every 15 minutes by $13.75. You can also book an 8-hour block for $175.

There was a slight price increase in 2024. The 2023 pricing was $48 per hour and the incremental fee for every additional 15 minutes was $12. This change did not affect the Priority Pass membership cost.

If you have a Priority Pass membership, the first hour is free, and will need to pay Minute Suites $34 for each additional hour. This is a discount from the usual $48.

Minute Suites pricing in Detroit Airport

Where to sleep at Detroit Airport:

Regrettably, Detroit Airport does not offer a particularly welcoming environment for layover passengers in search of a place to get some rest. The McNamara Terminal, which encompasses Concourses A, B, and C, provides more sleeping options for overnight travelers compared to the North Terminal. However, it is worth noting that most of these options come with armrests.

Among the recommendations from travelers, the far end of Concourse B, near Gate B21, has been highlighted as a favorable spot for catching some sleep. This area boasts comfortable furniture, including two L-shaped couches, and tends to be quieter compared to the rest of the airport.

Sleep Suites/Pods Alternative at DTW: Westin Hotel:

Aside from the Minute Suites, the Westin Hotel located within Detroit Airport is another great option for travelers looking for a comfortable and convenient place to sleep. The hotel offers soundproof rooms with plush bedding, blackout curtains, and heavenly showers – perfect for getting some much-needed rest between flights. Guests also have access to the fitness center and indoor pool to help them relax before or after their flight. The hotel is connected to the McNamara Terminal, making it a quick and easy option for travelers in need of some rest.

Does Detroit Airport have Sleep n Fly:

Unlike Hamad or Dubai Airports, Detroit Airports lack Sleep n Fly sleep facilities. Its only sleep facilities include the Minute Suites in McNamara Terminal and an in-airport hotel known as Westin Hotel, conveniently situated just the landside of the McNamara Terminal.

Sleep n Fly is a company that specializes in providing comfortable sleep facilities for travelers within airports. These facilities typically consist of private rooms with beds, pillows, and blankets to ensure maximum comfort for travelers looking to catch some shut-eye during their layover. While Detroit Airport does not currently have any Sleep n Fly options, it may be worth keeping an eye out for any future developments as they continue to expand and modernize the airport. I’ll update this post when and if they expand to Detroit.