No Sleep Pods at Heathrow Airport – Try Cabins Instead (T2, T4, T5)

If you find yourself facing a lengthy layover at Heathrow Airport, you might become frustrated when searching for a suitable place to catch some shut-eye within the terminals. It’s even worse if you don’t know of the latest sleep innovations such as sleep cabins that Heathrow has installed in its terminals to provide respite to weary travelers. While it may not be as bustling as JFK and boasts a more appealing layout, locating a comfortable spot to rest can prove to be quite a challenge.

Having experienced first-hand layovers in Heathrow, I have observed that passengers with long transits often end up lounging on the floor or slumped over their luggage. This is not an ideal situation for anyone. However, thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem – compact sleep suites and sleep cabins. Read more about airport sleep technologies here.

As an expert with a special focus on airport sleep tech, I found Heathrow to be doing a little better than other airports in terms of spaces to sleep. You’ll find a designated resting zone in Terminal 3 and sleep-friendly seating in Terminal 2 and this article with focus more on the sleep cabins in Terminal 2.

Read on to learn more about the innovative sleep tech in London’s Heathrow with details of sleep tech pricing, locations, and what you can expect when using them.

Are there sleep pods at Heathrow Airport?

Unfortunately, Heathrow Airport’s sleeping pods that had been installed by British Airways in Terminal 5 were discontinued and as of January 2024, they are no longer available for use. Similar to JetBlue’s sleeping pods that were eventually removed at JFK’s T5, British Airway quietly removed these pods after concerns that fliers raised including lack of privacy and unsanitary conditions of the pods.

Heathrow has consistently led the way in airport sleep innovation, exemplified by its early adoption of YotelAir in both Gatwick and Heathrow back in 2007. This forward-thinking approach has allowed them to stay ahead of the curve and offer exceptional resting solutions to travelers.

While the British Airways sleeping pods are no longer available, there are great innovative sleep technologies right in the terminals provided by YotelAir and Aerotel in Terminal 2. These sleep cabins are more comfortable than GoSleep sleeping pods are they are more spacious, offer more privacy, and are well-sanitized. These cabins can be conveniently booked online and offer the convenience of self-check-in.

British Airways Sleep Pods:

British Airways unveiled its innovative sleeping pods at First Lounge in May 2022 with plans to add more in the Concorde Room at London Heathrow Terminal 5. However, just a year and a half later, these RestWorks-designed sleeping pods are no longer available. Here is the press release of the launch.

The BA sleeping pods were intended to replicate the ones installed by JetBlue at JFK. BA had plans to launch them at JFK’s Terminal 7 as well, but that plan fell through due to the unsuccessful rollout at Heathrow.


Press release announcing launch of sleeping pods at Heathrow airport by British Airways

How do RestWorks’ Sleep Pods look like?

RestWorks is an independent company that specializes in sleep and works with businesses to improve their employee productivity through better sleep. The company’s CEO told Business Insider that the pod resembles “a cross between a La-Z-Boy and a Tesla.”

The EnergyPod has a ” zero-gravity ” recline position that makes it easier to fall asleep. It also has a ” white-noise ” machine and a ” light-blocking visor ” to help you relax.

energypod dallas stadium

The EnergyPod has a privacy visor, a built-in timer, and music created especially for napping. The EnergyPod gently but effectively wakes the user at the end of the nap with a mild light, sound, and vibration combination.

They have a height of 147 cm (58 inches), 122 cm (48 inches) in height and a 212 cm(83.5 inches) in length.

Aside from JFK and Heathrow, Restworks has also installed sleep pods in Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore.

Where were these Sleep Pods located?

The pods were only available in the First Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5, but British Airways had plans to add more pods to its Concorde Room lounge when global travel restrictions eased.

We have confirmed that as of January 2024, there are no sleeping pods at First Lounge of London’s Heathrow Airport.

What about other Terminals?

British Airways was the only airline with sleep pods at Heathrow Airport. However, Virgin Atlantic has introduced private suites called the “snooze zone” at its Clubhouse lounge in Terminal 3 where you can catch some shut-eye on a daybed or in one of their two “sleep pods” for £25 (about $33) for up to 45 minutes.

Heathrow Airside Bedrooms

Another option for you can opt to sleep at Heathrow Airport is using The Airside Bedrooms in Terminal 3 which, unfortunately, are temporarily closed since the COVID travel restrictions were put in place in the UK. However, you can check if they are now available using this link.

Sleep Pods at Heathrow Airport Prices

When they were still available the sleeping pods cost £30 (about $40) for a 30-minute session, or £50 (about $66) for an hour, according to British Airways’ website. Later on before they phased them out, they were offering them for free to fliers on a first-come basis.

Sleep Pods at Heathrow Airport Amenities

When they were still available, these were the GoSleep Pod amenities at Heathrow:

  1. Reclining seat that converts to a flat surface
  2. Privacy screen to block light
  3. Charging port with USB ports
  4. Sound-masking
  5. Wake up/alarm set up
  6. Free WiFi

Unlike the sleep pods, the airside bedrooms at Terminal 3 are much larger with more amenities such as a desk area, hairdryer, TV, and shower rooms.

Sleeping pods Heathrow Terminal 2

At Heathrow’s Terminal 2, there are no sleep pods but you can use take a table nap in the lounges available in the Terminal such as the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge, or United Club. If you have a United Airlines ticket, you can use the United Club for free.

Below are some helpful links to the lounges to access;

Sleep Cabins at Heathrow Airport

YotelAir in Terminals 4

Similar to Terminal 2, there are no sleeping pods at Heathrow but you can use YotelAir, a hotel within the airport. YotelAir, you can stay in a small cabin for up to 12 hours at a time.

The YotelAir cabins start at £30 for 4 hours, £40 for 8 hours, and £50 for 12 hours. If you want to add an extra bed, it is £10 per night.

They are a bit bigger than Sleeping Pods and actually look like a regular mini-hotel room with a bed, TV, and bathroom.

Below is an image of one YotelAir sleep area;

YotelAir London Heathrow is a convenient and unique hotel in terminal 4. We slept in the coolest Heathrow sleeping pods and this is the full review. #yotelair #yotel #airporthotel #londonheathrowhotel #wheretostayatheathrow #yotelairlondonheathrow

Aerotel London Heathrow

Another hotel within Heathrow Airport is the Aerotel London Heathrow. It is located in Terminal 3 and has 82 guest rooms which can be rented in blocks of 6, 9, 12 hours or overnight. The rates are from GBP 64.00 to 127 for Solo Plus package and GBP 76 to 152 for a Double Plus package.

Check its rates on TripAdvisor today here.

Sleep Pods at Heathrow Terminal 5:

If the sleep pods at Terminal 5 in British Airway’s First Lounge aren’t suitable for you, you can opt for the Sofitel Hotel that is close to the Terminal 5 exit.

Sofitel London Heathrow is the only hotel with direct access to Heathrow Terminal 5 through a 5-minute covered walkway. Sofitel combines French luxury with modern comfort.

Illustration 1 The hotel is adjacent to the international business and shopping centre Terminal 5, with its many restaurants, bars, and stores. There are also 2 spas and a fitness center on-site.

The Grand Suite has a separate bedroom with a king size bed and an LCD TV. The living room has a sofa bed, work desk, and another TV.

Image of Classic room queen size bed that you can sleep in as a sleep pod alternative
Classic Room, Queen size Bed. Credit:

Guests have free access to the Executive Lounge with its complimentary continental breakfast and evening drinks.

Rates start at £114 per night for one person.

Illustration 1

Classic Room, Twin Beds; Credit: Twin Bed at Sofitel listed by

Heathrow Airport Terminal 3:

At Terminal 3, you can book any of the two available lounges. You can opt for Club Aspire or Number 1 Lounge which have the following amenities;

  • Relaxing environment away from the crows
  • Excellent runway views
  • Complimentary light meals and snacks
  • Range of soft and alcoholic drinks
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi and charging facilities
  • Quiet zone and business facilities available

Club Aspire costs 34.99 Pounds and No. 1 Lounge costs 36 Pounds

Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 lounges with their pricing

Over 16,200 customers that have booked Sofitel have given it an average rating of 4.5/5 and has a high rate of returning customers.


Q: Where are the sleeping pods located in Heathrow Airport?

A: The pods are located in the First Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5.

Q: How much do the sleeping pods cost?

A: They cost £30 (about $40) for a 30-minute session, or £50 (about $66) for an hour-long session. You can also opt for cheap hotels that you can sleep in for 12 hours with free shuttles from and to Heathrow airport.

Q: What amenities do the pods have?

A: The pods are equipped with a pillow, duvet, reading light, and air conditioning.

Q: Are there any other locations where I can find sleeping pods at Heathrow Airport?

A: British Airways plans to add more pods to its lounges at Gatwick and JFK airports. Check out Yotel Air Sleep cubicles at Gatwick Airport here.

Q: Are the sleep cabins terminal 4 Heathrow good?

A: The YotelAir sleep cabins at Terminal 4 are a good option if you want to stay in a small cabin for up to 12 hours at a time. They require you to get a pass of at least 4 hours. Here is a full review by Victoria who spent a night on the sleep cabins/Yotel cabins at Terminal 4 when she had a layover on her way to Kuala Lumpur.

Q: What are some fun things to do at Heathrow airport during layover?

A: There are several things you can do during your layover depending on the amount of time you have until your next flight. We have a list of 18 things to do that you can choose from.