Atlanta Airport Sleep Pods 2024 Guide

Despite being the busiest airport in the US, Atlanta Airport has not installed sleeping pods on its terminals although they have made an effort to install Minute Suites in two locations within its terminals.

Does ATL Airport have sleep pods?

ATL Airport does not currently have sleep pods available for use. After reviewing historical data from 2010, there is no indication that ATL has ever installed sleep pods and later discontinued the way JFK did. However, the airport has implemented a unique solution for travelers in need of rest during their layovers or long flights – Minute Suites.

Minute Suites are small, private rooms that provide a comfortable space for travelers to relax and recharge before continuing on with their journey. These suites can be

Sleep pods at Atlanta Airport appear to be a topic of interest to many travelers, especially since most international airports have already implemented this technology. However, it is important to note that “sleep pods” and “Minute Suites” are two different concepts.

Sleep pods, also known as nap pods or nap capsules, are small enclosed spaces designed for one person to rest or sleep while waiting for their flight. These pods usually come equipped with a comfortable sleeping surface, soundproof walls, and sometimes even amenities like alarm clocks and charging ports.

On the other hand, Minute Suites are more like mini hotel rooms that offer travelers a private space to relax or sleep during their layover. These suites are larger than sleep pods and typically include a bed, a desk, a television, and a bathroom.

At Atlanta Airport, Minute Suites can be found in Concourse B, E and F locations. However, sleeping pods similar to those by GoSleep Pods or futuristic multi-level sleep pods as those in Bangkok Airport are not available in Atlanta Airport.

Unlike Minute Suites, had Atlanta Airport installed sleeping pods, it would have utilized its space better offering more options for travelers to rest, relax and catch up on sleep.

Overall, while Atlanta Airport may not have fully embraced sleep pod technology yet, it has still taken steps towards providing a more comfortable experience for travelers with Minute Suites. As the demand for these types of amenities increases, hopefully, Atlanta Airport will consider expanding its offerings to include sleep pods as well. In the meantime, travelers can still enjoy a restful layover at Minute Suites in Atlanta Airport. So next time you find yourself with a long layover in Atlanta, be sure to check out the Minute Suites for a comfortable and rejuvenating travel experience.

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Why ATL Should Install Sleep Pods:

Atlanta Airport is the busiest Airport in the US according to the latest statistics. This achievement sheds light on the challenge of finding a comfortable sleeping spot without taking advantage of the innovative sleep technology that Atlanta Airport has implemented. Rest assured, with the cutting-edge sleep tech available, your journey through the airport will be a more restful and rejuvenating experience.

Trust me, Atlanta Airport is perhaps the only airport where you cannot just risk sleeping randomly in the landside as homeless people sometimes come to the airport to take advantage of the freebies such as free blankets.

While not as bustling as JFK and not as beautiful as Changi Airport, I was genuinely impressed by Atlanta Airport’s impeccable sense of organization. The well-lit terminals, although not ideal for catching some sleep, do contribute to the overall ambiance. If you’re in search of the best spots for a quick nap within the airside, Concourses E and F, along with the International Terminal, offer some respite.

For the best sleep at this airport, you should consider Minute Suites’ sleep suites fitted with a bed, bedding, and a few basic amenities. We’ll explore more below

Are there Sleep pods at Atlanta Airport?

Atlanta does not offer sleep pods, but instead provides sleep rooms in the form of suites through Minute Suites, an American compact airport hotel operator. While Atlanta Airport has embraced innovative sleep technology with Minute Suites’ sleep suites, sleep pods have not been implemented at this airport. Sleep pods, designed by companies like GoSleep, are capsule-like seats that recline into flat beds and can be enclosed with a sliding window. Unlike JFK Airport, which discontinued sleep pods after their introduction in 2016, Atlanta Airport has never had sleep pods installed in any of its terminals. Nevertheless, travelers can still enjoy a comparable, or even superior, sleep experience with the spacious sleep suites provided by Minute Suites.