No Boston Airport Sleeping Pods – Try These Instead

If you are flying through Boston’s Logan Airport, it is far more comfortable and have a chance to find a place to rest. In this guide, I have provided sleep and nap options at Logan’s 4 terminals that are open 24 hours. I have also provided a guide on sleeping pods at Logan Airport.

What is a sleeping pod?

A sleeping pod is a private and comfortable space for travelers to rest, sleep or simply relax. It offers a comfortable bed with pillows, blankets, and curtains for privacy. Gosleep and Minute Suites are two of the leading companies that offer sleeping pods at airports across the country. A few airports have installed sleeping pods such as JFK but several including Newark Airport have yet to install them.

Can I sleep at Logan Airport?

Although Boston Airport is open 24 hours, the Security checkpoints for each terminal close at night. No overnight sleep is allowed on the airside post-security. If you need to stay at the airport overnight, you must remain in the pre-security public area. If you are already inside the secure areas, you will be asked to leave and spend the rest of the night in the public area until the security checkpoints reopen at around 4:00 AM as per this post.

Boston Airport Sleeping Pods:

While Minute Suites and Gosleep pods, the two leading pay-per-sleep service providers have been expanding across US Airports, they do not seem to have any presence at Logan Airport. Unfortunately, there are no sleeping pods at any of Boston’s 4 Terminals that you can rent. You can however opt to sleep on comfortable benches on Terminals A, C, and E.

So what will I miss if there are not sleep pods at Boston Airport?

Not having sleeping pods means that travelers will miss out on a comfortable, private and secure place to sleep. Some of the added benefits of using sleeping pods are adjustable bed recliners, access to power outlets, reading material and even television sets in some cases.

Sleep Options at Logan Airport without Sleep Pods or Suites:

Sleep on the Floor:

  • On the 3rd Floor at Terminal A as you head to the Hilton hotel you can nap on the tile floor, which may be uncomfortable but I’ve seen people do it. Its spacious and may be less crowded during off-peak hours.

Sleep on the Benches:

  • There are benches without armrests in the baggage claim area of Terminal C. Similarly, in Terminal E, you can find some armrest-free benches, especially at the far end near the 9/11 banners.

Sleep on the Rest Zones:

In 2001, Boston Airport installed rocking chairs in the terminals. The announcement about this was made here. As per the Media release then, they installed 35 rocking chairs to make travel less stressful for its 3.4 million monthly passengers.

While the Biden administration has moved to tame airlines known for frequent delays and cancellations, Boston Airport was among the first to institute Guaranteed Passenger Standard Policy. It has a mothers’ nursing room, cot spaces, kids’ sensory rooms, among other amenities listed on this PDF that make layovers in this airport bearable. It’s still unfortunate that there are no sleeping pods at any of the terminals.

Can you stay overnight at Boston logan airport?

Yes, you can stay overnight at Boston’s Logan Airport but you’ll need to be outside the airside/pre-security area in the public space. The Mass Department of Transportation has made it very bearable to stay overnight at this hospital. They have installed chairs or can sleep on the floor (on Terminal A area) if you have a sleeping bag.

Challenges sleeping at Boston Airport:

The pre-Security area of the airport is mostly well-lit throughout the night. Airport announcements play frequently and continuously in the evening, making noise a big issue. The cleaning crew comes early in the morning and can also be noisy. Furthermore, the cold weather at night can be a health concern if sleeping on the floor, potentially leading to pneumonia.

I highly advice travelers to have a backup plan in case of unexpected delays. You can always opt to stay at a nearby hotel or look for other options near the airport, such as Airbnb stays.

Sleep Pods Alternatives: Hotels inside Logan Airport:

Two hotels located directly at Boston’s Logan International Airport are the Hilton Boston Logan Airport and the Hyatt Regency Harborside. The Hilton Boston Logan Airport has guest rooms that are well-decorated and are directly connected to Boston Logan’s terminals via an enclosed sky bridge. Additionally, they offer complimentary shuttle service 24/7 to all airline terminals, the subway station, water taxi, and the Rental Car Center (RCC).

The Hyatt Regency Harborside is another hotel located within the airport grounds. The Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor offers a free shuttle service that has limited availability for transportation to and from major airline terminals at Boston Logan International Airport, as well as the MBTA (subway) stop on the Blue Line. Output Language Code: EN-US.

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