Brisbane Airport Showers Guide

If you are flying either domestically or internationally through Brisbane Airport, you might be wondering what facilities are available for a refreshing shower. This article will provide the information you need to know about taking a shower at the airport so that you can arrive refreshed and ready for your journey!

What are airport showers?

Airport showers are a facility provided at airports which offers travelers the chance to take a shower before they board their flights. These showers are usually located in either the terminal or within an employee lounge and allow people to quickly freshen up while traveling through the airport.

Does Brisbane Airport have showers?

According to the official Brisbane Airport website, the Airport offers two options when it comes to taking a shower. The first option is located in the International Terminal and is available for use by passengers with an international boarding pass. At the International Terminal, you can find showers on Level 2 in the arrivals hall, as well as on Level 3 after going through security and passport control.

In the Domestic Terminal, shower facilities are located in the central Terminal area on Level 2, near Gate 36, and in the central Terminal satellite, near Gate 26. Here is a map you can use to get to this shower.

Brisbane Domestic Terminal Showers map

Please note that all showering facilities are provided free of charge. Guests are kindly requested to bring their own towels and shower products.

What to Expect of Brisbane Showers:

Brisbane Airport showers are well-equipped and designed in a contemporary style. They offer comfortable seating areas, modern fixtures, and amenities such as hairdryers and mirrors. Additionally, the shower facilities offer complimentary toiletries such as shampoo and soap for travelers’ convenience.

Lounges that I can Shower in Brisbane Airport

Plaza Premium Lounge:

Location: International Terminal, Airside, Level 4.

Features: Shower facilities are available.

Access: Pay at the door or through lounge membership programs.

Air New Zealand Lounge:

Location: International Terminal, Airside.

Features: Shower facilities available.

Access: Lounge membership programs.

My Lounge:

Location: Airside, Upper Level, near Gate 71.

Features: Shower facilities are available.

Access: Pay at the door