Salt Lake City International Airport Parking

When you want to choose reliable parking at Salt Lake City International Airport, you can either choose the hourly/daily parking garage or the economy lot, that offers the closest parking lots to the airport terminal.

Below is the information regarding the Parking options and rates within the 24 hours a day

  1. Premium Reserved Parking (Garage Level 2) charges $40.00
  2. Daily Garage Parking (Garage Level 2 and 3) charges $20.00
  3. Hourly Garage Parking (Level 2-5) charges $5 per hour
  4. Walking E Lot charges $5 per hour.
  5. Long term economy Parking  charges $10.00

There are forty-one stalls designed as the short term parking structures that are used by the disabled at the rate of $10 per day. At the entrances, there are stalls that are extra wide. If you have a vehicle with a side lift, you can only park it at the first level of the short term parking structure. There is also accessible parking that is available next to every shuttle bus stop. This is found in the economy lot.

The parking accessible spaces are identified by the international symbol of access. If you need to use these spaces then you need to have either a placard or plate on the vehicle.

To make arrangements for parking you can contact the airport parking division at (801) 575-2887 or (801) 575-2401.

Salt Lake City International Airport Ground Transportation

Amtrak Connections

There is a range of shuttles and buses or the train that connects to the Amtrak Train Station.


There is a good option for you if you want to move into and out of the airport; there are bus stops that can facilitate this service. These services are majorly offered during weekdays, limited on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays.

Car Rentals

There are several companies offering Car rental services. You can use these services that are available at the airport.

Hotel Shuttles

There are hotels that offer free transport at the airport. You may need to find out the availability of these shuttle services, so you may have to contact the hotel for more information.

Shuttles and Limousines

There are several companies that offer luxurious transport from the airport. These include the use of Limousines for transport as there are others that offer shuttle services.

Transportation Network Service

There is a company that offers transport that is arranged via a mobile app across the Metropolitan Area


There is a rail system that can be used for transport to and from the airport that covers Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City Airport Parking Map

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Salt Lake City International Airport Shuttle

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