About LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport is the third busiest airport located in Queens, New York. Their codes are as follows; IATA code being LGA, ICAO being KLGA and FAA LID being LGA. LaGuardia Airport is ranked the twentieth busiest airport in the United States.

LaGuardia Airport covers 680 acres of land in Queens, New York USA.

LaGuardia Airport development idea was brought up by an initiative in 1934 to be commercialized in their flight services by the New York mayor Fiorello La Guardia who was in office from 1934 to 1945. American Airlines accepted La Guardia offers to start a trial program of scheduled flights to Floyd Bennet which did not succeed due to rivalry from Newark’s Airport closeness to Manhattan. To be allowed to still operate their trial they went the extra mile to offer police escorts to airport limousines, and as this was happening, the American executives were coming up with an alternative plan to build a new airport in Queens-Midtown Tunnel to Manhattan.

The airport on October 15th, 1939 was dedicated as the New York Municipal Airport and officially opened for business on December 2nd of that same year. This cost the executive $23 million to transform the North Beach into a 220 hectares of a modern facility.

With frequent travelers visit the airport and travel in addition to parking facilities charges the airport managed to generate $935,000 and that was when it started to financially thrive.

During World War II flying boats moved to the airport in 1940. The airport was then used as a training station for technicians and was used as a logistics field during World War II.

Transatlantic landplane flights started in late 1945 and this made the push to change of name from New York Municipality Airport to LaGuardia which was effected when the airport moved to Port of New York Authority control under a lease with New York City on June 1st, 1947.

LaGuardia opened with four runways stationed at 45 degrees to each other with the longest covering 1,800 meters. Due to the increasing traffic, in 2006 there was a construction of Whitestone Climb and Expressway Visual Approach to Runway 31 in replacement of Wallace Harrison to control the traffic which was effected on October 9th, 2010.

The Delta Airlines announced their move to open a new domestic hub at LaGuardia Airport on December 16th, 2011, this expansion brought about increasing flights by more than 60 percent and destination by more than 75 percent. By the 2013 summer season, there were 264 daily flights between LaGuardia and more than 60 cities.

LaGuardia Airport Location, Address Codes, and GPS

LaGuardia Airport is located in the Northern part of the New York City borough of Queens and the coordinates to the airport are Latitude 40 46’22.85” N and Longitude 73 52’12.83” W and address codes as follows; IATA: LGA, ICAO: KLGA, FAA LID: LGA.

LaGuardia Airport Images

Laguardia logo

LaGuardia Airport Weather

You can always check the LaGuardia airport weather on the weather forecasting updates online as it varies depending on the different seasons.

How Big is LaGuardia Airport

 The LaGuardia stands on a 680 acres’ size of land in Queens, New York, USA.

Smoking at LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport is strictly a no-smoking zone as smoke-free indoor and e-cigarettes are not allowed. But this does not mean one in need of having some smoke won’t be considered as there are specially designated areas for smoking located outside of terminals

LaGuardia Airport Taxi Services

LaGuardia Airport provided several MTA Regional Buses as of September 2014. The buses include two buses which are Select Bus services branded Bus rapid transit lines which links LaGuardia Airport to the New York City Subway and the other bus service being Long Island Rail Road which provides travelers with an advantage of free transfers for MetroCard users making subway connections.

There are a great number of private buses operating express directly to Manhattan which include the Hudson Valley and Long Island. The port plays a part in ground transportation at LaGuardia by running two free shuttle routes which operates at all times except overnight hours within the airport connecting all the terminals and parking lots.

There are taxicabs services around the airport licensed by New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission that works with metered fare rates. It is easy to identify the taxi dispatchers by the uniforms they wear at work and they help passengers before they start their ride.

LaGuardia Airport Terminals

Terminal Number Airlines Gate
Terminal A JetBlue Airlines A1-A6
Terminal B Air Canada, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines. 49, 51, 52, C1-CC14, D1-10, 42, 48, 58, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 43, 44, 45, 46, and 47
Terminal C Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit C-15-C44, C35-C44, C11-C14, C15-C24
Terminal D Delta Air lines, Concourse D

LaGuardia Airport Services

Visa processing customs/custom procedure There is no immigration custom at LaGuardia Airport, the only customs done are on the Canadian and before you board the plane.
Airport Lounges/ VIP lounges/ where to nap For economy class travelers at New York City La Guardia airport, there is access to lounges as long as one is willing to purchase a day pass, annual membership or pay at the door. The lounges are located in Terminal B, Landside, Concourse A, Level 3.
Lost and found In case of missing luggage or item, one can contact the official lost and found the software to recover lost property with technology. Alternatively, you can contact La Guardia lost and found a clerk or visit the transportation safety administration office between 7 Am and 3 Pm.
Baggage claim/ luggage/ luggage storage There is a provision of baggage claim services and luggage storage at the main La Guardia airport located one level down from the gate.
Wi-Fi Free and unlimited Wi-Fi is available at the airport. Connect to the “free LGA Wi-Fi” network.
Sim cards There are a T- mobile store and a Best Buy Mobile stores where one can buy prepaid sim cards located on the 7th avenue in Terminal B
ATMs There is a number of available operational ATM booths in the different terminals of the airport.
Forex There are different currency exchange booths located in the different terminals of the airport providing exchange services and withdrawal services at standard charges.
Duty-free shops/duty-free liquor/electronic stores LaGuardia being one of the main entry points to most parts of the US and travelers passing through the airport have a duty free store at their disposal where one can acquire products at very competitive prices with tax exemptions at the airport.
Airport cafes/foods/restaurants There are a lot of outlets to cater to the need to eat of the travelers in LaGuardia airport which works at the convenience of the travelers offering service and the outlets are located in departure gates to save on time for travelers.
Airport Customer Support There is the availability of an online chat in case of any inquiries or make a direct call through the number +17185333400 or visit the website of the airport for answers.
Airport parking LaGuardia airport offers daily economical parking space with a variety of payment methods available to pay for parking in each lot. The payments are inclusive of taxes and fees. A free airport shuttle bus is available to all terminals and parking lots.
Airport shop There is a variety of shops which different varieties of inventories to satisfy the travelers’ wants. The shops are located at different points and gates in the terminals of the airport.
Airport gym Among the luxury amenities in LaGuardia airport is fitness gym with fitness class and personal training.
Gas station With regular frequent access by a great number of travelers and lots of vehicles accessing the airport there are gas stations strategized at different locations in the airport with different payment methods available.
Fast track and priority pass There are priority pass services at the airport where one can skip lines on arrival and departure and have a VIP lounge service that offers places to relax.
Free shuttle LaGuardia airport offers free shuttle bus services to help travelers connecting between different terminals and parking lots.
Medical care/center The airport provides trained medical technicians 24/7 and a complete range of medical valuables around the airport.
Prayer room The airport has at its disposal a mosque for Muslim believers and also offers aid to lost or stranded passengers. There is also a catholic prayer room with a chaplain.
Post office There is a full-service post office around the airport offering postal services around the airport.
Police services There are the Queens county, LaGuardia Airport police department services offered around the airport in the airport to curb any insecurities and drug trafficking.
Train connection There is no direct subway to LaGuardia airport therefore for one to access the airport they will need to connect with a bus through the subways.
Airport live cam There are strategized online cameras that show the airport where one can see airlines landing and taking off online. One can also listen to air traffic radios through the online cams.
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