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Murtala Muhammed International Airport is a public airport owned and operated by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, located in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. This airport is the major airport serving the entire state. MMIA was initially built during World War II and the name of the airport was after the fourth military ruler of Nigeria, Murtala Muhammed. The airport is a hub for the following airlines

  • Aero Contractors
  • Arik Air
  • Azman Air
  • Med-View Airline
  • Air Peace
  • Dana Air
  • Ibom Air

The airport has two runways; 18R/36L which is 3,900 meters long-running in the asphalt surface and 18L/36R which is 2,743 meters running in the asphalt surface. The airport has an elevation of 135 feet with coordinates 06°34’38” N 003°19’16” E.

The codes for the airport are as follows: IATA: LOS, ICAO: DNMM and associated Zip Code 100272. The statistics of 2011 done by the National Bureau of Statistics and the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria showed that the airport had an economic impact by a boost with $711 million funding and 123.3 thousand funding impact on the social status of the country.

The airport houses the headquarters of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, the head office of Accident Investigation Bureau, and the Lagos office of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

The video below shows a video inside Lagos Airport:

Murtala Muhammed Airport History

The airport was built during World War II with West African Airways Corporation operating from it after its formation in 1947. De Havilland Doves and larger Douglas Dakotas were added from 1957 into the Ikeja-based fleet.

The airport was initially known as Lagos International Airport which was later renamed in the 1970s following the construction of the new international terminal. The airport was renamed after a former Nigerian Military head of state Murtala Muhammed. The new terminal which was modeled after Amsterdam Airport Schiphol officially opened on 15th of March 1979 and was allocated to Nigeria’s largest airline, Arik Air.

The Airport consists of two terminals; domestic and international terminals which are located 1 kilometer away from each other. In 2000 there was a fire outbreak in the domestic terminal which caused the domestic operations to be relocated to the old Lagos domestic terminal. This fire outbreak brought about commissioning of a new terminal construction on 7th April 2007 by private funding by an agency known as MMA2.

In the 1980 and 1990 period the security of the airport became dangerous as travellers were harassed both inside and outside the airport. The FAA suspended the air services between Lagos and the US as the airport did not meet the ICAO standards. The immigration officers demanded bribes for stamps and the custom officers charged unnecessary charges to the travellers. There were a lot of jets being attacked and cargos being stolen. 

In 1999, the newly elected democratic leader instituted a “shoot on sight” policy for the criminals which reduced the crime rates at the airport. The improvements brought to an end the suspensions by the FAA of direct flights in 2001. The airport in 2010 was granted its highest safety rating by the FAA. This brought the statistics to 6,273,545 passengers that were served by the airport in 2010.

There have been improvements in the recent years such as repairs of malfunctioning air conditioning, luggage belts repair, cleaned airport, new restaurants opened and duty free shops. There have been a lot of bilateral agreements between different countries with lots of airlines landing at the airport such as Emirates, Ocean Air, Delta and China Southern Airlines.

Murtala Muhammed International Airport Airlines and Destinations

Passenger Airlines

Aero ContractorsAbuja, Asaba, Benin City, Calabar, Enugu, Kano, Owerri, Port Harcourt-Omagwa, Uyo
Africa World AirlinesAccra
Air Cote d’IvoireAbidjan
Air FranceParis-Charles de Gaulle
Air PeaceAbuja, Accra, Akure, Asaba, Banjul, Benin City, Calabar, Dakar-Diass, Enugu, Freetown, Ibadan, Ibom, Kebbi, Monrovia, Owerri, Port-Harcourt-NAF, Port Harcourt-Omagwa, Sharjah
Air SenegalAccra, Dakar-Diass
Arik AirAbuja, Accra, Asaba, Benin City, Calabar, Dakar-Diass, Enugu, Ibom, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Luanda, Monrovia, Owerri, Port Harcourt-Omagwa, Port Harcourt-NAF, Uyo, Warri
ASKY AirlinesDouala, Johannesburg-O.R. Tambo, Libreville, Lome
Azman AirAbuja, Kano
British AirwaysLondon-Heathrow
Cabo Verde AirlinesSal
Cronos AirlinesDouala
Delta Air LinesAtlanta, New York, JFK
Ethiopian airlinesAddis Ababa
Etihad AirwaysAbu Dhabi
Ibom AirUyo
Kenya AirwaysNairobi-Jomo Kenyatta
LufthansaFrankfurt, Malabo
Med-View AirlinesAbuja
Middle East airlinesAbidjan, Beirut
Qatar AirwaysDoha
Royal Air MarocCasablanca
South African AirwaysJohannesburg-O.R. Tambo
TAAG Angola AirlinesLuanda
Turkish AirwaysIstanbul
Virgin AtlanticLondon-Heathrow

Cargo Airlines

Air France CargoN’Djamena, Paris-Charles de Gaulle
Allied AirOstend/Bruges
DHL AviationAccra, Bamako, Brussels, Cotonou, Malabo
Emirates SkyCargoDubai-Al Maktoum
Ethiopian Airlines CargoAccra, Addis Ababa, Kigali, Liege, London-Heathrow, Miami, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo
Lufthansa CargoFrankfurt, Johannesburg-O.R Tambo
Qatar Airways CargoAccra, Doha
Saudia CargoDubai-Al Maktoum, Jeddah, Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta, Riyadh, Sharjah
Turkish Airline CargoDubai-Al Maktoum, Istanbul-Ataturk

Lagos airport Passenger Statistics

This data shows the statistics of the number of passenger movements into the airport and was conducted by Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria’s Aviation Sector Summary Reports.

YearPassengersPercentage Growth
20053,817,3386.74 increase
20063,848,7570.82 increase
20074,162,4248.15 increase
20085,136,92023.41 increase
20095,644,5729.88 increase
20106273,54511.74 increase
20116,746,2907.54 increase
20126,879,2861.97 increase
20137,261,1785.55 increase
20147,374,5071.56 increase
20157,164,1692.8 Decrease

Lagos Airport Accidents and Incidents

On the 20th of November 1969, a Nigerian Airways with Flight number 825 crashed while approaching the airport and all the 87 passengers on board and the crew lost their lives.

In 1981, an Arax Airlines flight, Douglas C-47B 5N-ARA was damaged beyond repair in an accident.

On 26th of November 1992, a Nigerian Air Force with flight number C-130 Hercules crashed three minutes after take-off close to Ejigbo canal due to three engines failure caused by the high take-off weights. All 158 on board lost their lives.

On 7th of November 1996, an ADC Airline Flight 86 while approaching the airport tried to evade a potential collision which caused it to flip upside down and the flight disintegrated on impact and killed all 153 passengers and crew.

On 22nd October 2005, Bellview Airlines flight 210 crashed after take-off to Abuja and all 117 on board lost their lives

June 3rd 2012, Dana Air Flight 361 crashed after banking sharply prior to attempting landing and killed 153 on board and 10 on the ground.

On 3rd October 2013, Associated Aviation Flight 361crashed shortly after take-off killing 15 people with 5 survivors.

On 13th February 2018, Delta Air Lines Flight which was enroute to Atlanta Georgia suffered a fire which was caught in the left engine and returned to Lagos for a safe landing after fire suppression. The flight was evacuated and 5 passengers had minor injuries during the evacuation.

On 15th of May 2019, an Air Peace Boeing from Port Harcourt to Lagos suffered a hard landing on runway 18R that caused damages to the Engine and landing gear. No injuries were reported.


You can check and track flights and real time departures by visiting the links or

W3 710Arik Air Limited06:0007:15Abuja
A2M 2318Azman Air06:4507:55Kaduna
AJ 141Aero Contractors07:0008:30Kano
W3 740Arik Air Limited07:0008:10Port Harcourt
W3 720Arik Air Limited07:0008:15Abuja
OJ 1179Overland Airways07:0007:25Cotonou
AJ 195Aero Contractors 07:1508:30Asaba
OJ 1190Overland Airways07:3007:50Ibadan
W3 630Arik Air Limited07:4008:50Warri
AJ 311Aero Contractors08:0009:10Port Harcourt
OJ 1187Overland Airways08:3009:15Ilorin
A2M 2313Azman Air10:0011:20Kano
OJ 1182Overland Airways10:3011:15Lome
A2M 2322Azman Air10:3011:30Abuja
W3 742Arik air Limited11:0012:10Port Harcourt
AJ 313Aero Contractors11:0012:10Port Harcourt
W3 724Arik Air Limited11:0012:15Abuja 
W3 662Arik Air Limited11:0012:20Jos 
AJ 119Aero Contractors11:2012:35Abuja
AJ 151Aero Contractors11:2012:30Uyo
A2M 2350Azman Air12:3013:10Imo
A2M 2324Azman Air13:0014:00Abuja
W3 840Arik Air Limited13:0014:10Imo
AJ 351Aero Contractors13:1514:25Warri
TK 6321Turkish Airlines14:0016:30Dakar
W3 624Arik Air Limited15:0016:00Benin City
W3 744Arik Air Limited15:0016:10Port Harcourt
W3 726Arik Air Limited16:0017:15Abuja
ET 3940Ethiopian Airlines16:0023:30Addis Ababa
A2M 2326Azman Air17:0018:00Abuja
AJ 317Aero Contractors17:4019:05Port Harcourt
AJ 129Aero Contractors18:0019:10Abuja
AJ 129Aero Contractors18:0019:10Abuja
A2M2315Azman Air18:4520:00Kano
W3 735Arik Air Limited19:0020:15Abuja
VR 629TACV04:1006:30Sal
W3 710Arik Air Limited06:0007:15Abuja


To track arrival flights and real time arrivals at Murtala Muhammed International Airport you can visit the following links; or

A2M 2310Azman Air07:3008:20Kano
OJ 1180Overland Airways08:0008:25Cotonou
A2M 2321Azman Air07:4508:45Abuja 
W3 741Arik Air Limited09:0010:10Port Harcourt
W3 721Arik Air Limited09:0010:15Abuja
AJ 142Aero Contractors09:0010:30Kano
AJ 312Aero Contractors09:4010:50Port Harcourt
TK 6321Turkish Airlines07:4012:30Istanbul
AJ 196Aero Contractors11:4012:55Asaba
W3 631Arik Air Limited12:3513:45Warri
W3 743Arik Air Limited13:0014:10Port Harcourt
AJ 152Aero Contractors13:0014:10Uyo
W3 725Arik Air Limited13:0014:15Abuja
ET 3941Ethiopian Airlines11:0014:30Addis Ababa
A2M 2351Azman Air14:0014:40Imo
W3 661Arik Air Limited14:0015:20Kaduna
W3 841Arik Air Limited14:5016:00Imo
AJ 314Aero Contractors16:0017:10Port Harcourt
AJ 128Aero Contractors16:1517:30Abuja
W3 625Arik Air Limited16:3017:30Benin City
A2M 2327Azman Air17:0018:00Abuja
W3 745Arik air Limited17:0018:10Port Harcourt
OJ 1192Overland Airways18:0018:20Ibadan
A2M 2312Azman air17:3018:40Kano
AJ 352Aero Contractors 17:5519:05Warri
W3 727Arik Air Limited18:0019:15Abuja
OJ 1188Overland Airways19:0019:50Ilorin
AJ 130Aero Contractors19:4020:50Abuja
AJ 318Aero Contractors19:3521:10Port Harcourt
W3 734Arik Air Limited19:4521:10Abuja
W3 736Arik Air Limited21:0022:15Abuja

Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminals

Murtala Muhammed International Airport consists of two terminals; Domestic Terminal and International terminal.

Domestic Terminal

This terminal is a modern terminal and consists of many facilities which are in a good state to serve the travellers. This terminal is owned privately by Bi-Courtney Aviation Service and is allocated to serve handle domestic flights within the country. Transferring between this terminal and the international terminal can be by use of a taxi or by foot since it is only 2 kilometers apart

The domestic terminal consists of three levels;

Ground Level- this level is the arrival level and contains concourses, check-in and it is where transportation access can be found. Facilities in this level includes information desk, restrooms, banking services, foods and drinks, retail stores and ticketing offices.

First Level- this is the departure level and consists of Arik Air Wing Boarding area and a VIP lounge. The services and facilities available for travelers in this level include foods and drinks, retail stores, information desk and restrooms.

Second level- This is the Airline’s Offices level with plenty of restrooms.

International Terminal

This terminal is owned by the government of Nigeria and was opened in 1979. It is dedicated to handle international flight and cargo services to Africa, Middle East, UAE and some destinations in Europe. Transferring between the terminal and the domestic terminal can be through a taxi or by foot.

The terminal contains three levels;

Ground Level- this level is dedicated for arrivals.

First Level- this is the departure level and here you can find boarding areas E-Wing and D-Wing. Some VIP Lounges are also located in this level.

Mezzanine Level- this level contains some VIP lounges and amenities such as retail concessions and different outlets.

Murtala Muhammed Lounges

Murtala Muhammed International Airport consists of twelve lounges with different accessible facilities by travelers and different access ability.

Gabfol Lounge

This lounge is located in the Domestic Terminal in the Arik Air wing and offers services from 06:0 am to 08:00 pm. In this lounge you can access Wifi and internet, newspapers and magazines, showers upon payment, TV and disabled services upon request

VIP Lounge 

This lounge is located in the first level of the domestic terminal and offers services from 06:30 to the last departure of the day. You can have access to this lounge at rates of N3,000 for adults and N1,500 for children. Services you can find in this lounge are newspapers and magazines, printing services and copiers, telephone, TV and Wifi access.

Platinum Membership Lounge

This lounge is located on the first level of the domestic terminal in the departure hall and offers services from 06:00 am to the last departure of the day. You can access this lounge at annual rates of N350,000. The services you can enjoy in this lounge include VIP parking and Protocol services, newspapers and magazines, Wifi access, TV, disabled access, foods and drinks, printers and copiers.

Air France/ KLM Lounge

This lounge is located in the International terminal and offers services from 11:00 am to 11: 30 pm. Services you can enjoy include newspapers and magazines, beer and wine and internet access.

British Airways Lounge

You can find this lounge in the international terminal and offer services from 05:30 pm to 10:30 pm. In this lounge you can enjoy services like TV, Wifi access, alcohol drinks, food, copiers and printer services.

Premium Lounge

This lounge is located in E-Wing of the Mezzanine level of the international terminal offering services from 06:00am to 00:00. Services to enjoy include alcoholic drinks, showers, newspapers and magazines, a smoking area, telephone TV and Wifi access.

Skyway Premium Lounge

This lounge is located in wind E of the international terminal operating for 24 hours. Services to find here are newspapers and magazines, Wifi, showers, smoking area, TV

Gabfol Lounge

This is located wing E of the International terminal operating from 06:00 to 11:00 pm and consists of services such as smoking areas, showers, printers and copiers, Conference facilities, Wifi, telephone and disabled access.

First Lounge

This lounge is located in the departure area of the international terminal offering services from 07:00am to 10:00 pm. Services offered includes newspapers and magazines, snacks, internet, children’s play area, games room, tablets, disabled access, beer and wine

Oasis Lounge

This lounge is located in the departure area of first level in wing D of the international terminal offering services from 06:30am to 11:00 pm. Services offered includes newspapers and magazines showers Wifi and internet access and disabled access

SDS Lounge Services

This lounge is located in the departure level in wing E of international terminal operating for 24 hours and offers services such as newspapers and magazines, foods, showers flight monitors, TV, disabled access, sleeper beds, telephone, and snacks

SDS Llegada Arrival Lounge

This lounge is located in wing D and wing E of the international terminal offering their services for 24 hours. Their services include disabled access, showers, internet access telephone, TV and Wifi.

Lagos Airport Parking

Murtala Muhammed International Airport offers parking facilities to their customers at a standardized rate. There is the Multi-Storey Car Park located in the domestic terminal with 800 public parking spaces.

The parking services rates are:

  • 0 to 1 hour for N400
  • Additional Hours for N100 per hour
  • Overnight parking for N2,700 flat rate
  • In case of ticket loss you will pay N2,700
  • Buses for N3,500

Lost and Found at Lagos’ Airport

In case you lose you item or any personal effect within the airport, you can contact the main airport information desk though the number +234 1 493 3385 or file a claim through


The official customer service number for Murtala Muhammed International Airport is +234 1 493 3385 and the official website for the airport is

Airport Weather

For real time weather updates at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, you can check from You can also contact your airline to check if your flight is affected by the weather conditions.

Lagos Airport Map

Hotels near Murtala Muhammed/Lagos Airport

HotelGuest RatingPrice in USDBooking and reservations
Welcome Center8.0$57For booking visit Free breakfast offered
Golden Tulip Essential Lagos Airport Hotel7.6$84For booking visit 
Shoregate S8.1$110For booking visit
Legend Hotel Lagos Airport8.7$187For booking visit with free cancellation
GolfView Hotel7.5$89For bookings visit
Hotel Atlantic7.3$62For bookings visit
Fort Ross Hotel7.9$51For bookings visit
Organico HouseNo Ratings Available$26For bookings and reservation visit with free cancellations
Genesis Sojourner7.9$110For bookings and reservations visit
Royal View hotel6.3$64For booking and reservations visit with free cancellations
Radisson Hotel, Lagos Ikeja7.8$132For bookings and reservations visit and offers free breakfast
Rollace hotel7.6$61For booking and reservations visit with free breakfast offered.

Lagos Airport Facilities


There is a bank that is operational, an ATM and a bureau de exchange where you can exchange currencies located in international terminals.


There are a lot of choices in terms of outlets to grab some food ranging from restaurants and bars all around the terminals.


There is availability of trolleys in both terminals which you can use to transport your luggage to different points within the airport.

Lost and Found

There is a lost and found unit that deals with lost item queries and claims.


There are duty-free shopping stores in the international terminal but with limited choices.


There are medical facilities around the airport and health officers to react to emergencies in case of any.

Conference and Business

There is a great choice of business and VIP lounges in the terminal complex with extensive and business facilities. There is a room for up to 350 delegates located at the Sheraton Lagos Hotel.

Internet and Wifi

There is internet access and Wifi access in different lounges in both the terminals. Free Wifi is available in the departure areas.

Post Office

A post office is located in in the international terminal readily accessible and operational.

Car Parking

There are 750 slots for short term car parking at the airport and also long term stays at standardized rates.


There is a great variety of restrooms in different lounges in both terminals where you can shower and change clothes.

Information Desk

There is a tourist information desk in both terminals of the airport where you can make enquiries about your flight and airlines and report any case of lost items.

International Destinations from Lagos Airport

DestinationMode of transport
Victoria islandFrom Murtala Muhammed airport, take an Uber to Victoria island. It is 25.3 km away, 18 minutes ride. It will cost $5-$7 USD
Lekki Take a taxi from the airport. Lekki is 106.8 km away. It is a 1 hour 42 minutes ride and you will incur a cost of $30-$40 USD 
LagosTake a taxi or Uber to Lagos, they are available on demand. It is a 16 minutes ride and it will cost you $4-$7 USD. It is a 23 km journey
AbujaTake a taxi to Lagos, 12.3 km away. It’s a 9 minutes ride. From Lagos, to Abuja, take a shuttle. It is an 8 hour journey, and will cost you $19. From the bus station, take a taxi to the city. It is a 7.3 km journey and it will cost you $3-$5 to the city.
ScoanTake a taxi to Egbe road. It is a 13 min journey. It is a 13.8 km journey. It will cost you around $5-$7 USD by Metro Taxi
IkoyiTake an Uber from the airport to Ikoyi. It will take a duration of 23 minutes to Ikoyi and will cost you an estimated $6-$8 USD. It is a distance of 31.3 km 
FaroTake a taxi from the airport to Faro. It is a 3 hr. 17 minutes ride. It’s 251.4 km away and you are expected to pay $70-$90 USD. You can use Metro taxi
Eco hotelTake an Uber to Eko Hotel. It is a 20 minutes ride. It is 28.1 km away. Estimated cost to be incurred is $5-$8 USD
New YorkTake a flight to New York JFK. It is a 11h 40m flight and will cost you $550-$800. Take a train from JFK Terminal 4 to Jamaica AirTrain. It is an 11 minutes ride. It will cost you $5. From Jamaica to Penn station. It’s a 20m ride and will cost you $4-$6
KanoBook a flight to Kano. It is a 1 hr journey, and will cost you $60-$140 USD. From Kano airport, take a taxi to Kano town. It is a 7 min ride, 6.1 km away. It will cost you around $3-$4 USD
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