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About Kigali International Airport

Kigali International Airport, formerly known as Grégoire Kayibanda International Airport, is found in Kigali city, Rwanda’s capital city. It is the main airport in the country. Kigali (here is how to pronounce Kigali in Kinyarwanda: [ci. ɡɑ. ɾi]) is the capital city of Rwanda and is found at Kigali province at the center of the country. It boasts numerous scenery sites, museums, and other attraction sites. Kigali is the cleanest city in Africa. It is placed at an altitude of 5,141 ft above sea level. It has been at the center of the country’s growth in many dimensions. Kigali was founded in 1907 and upon attainment of independence in 1962 from Belgium, Kigali was chosen to be the republic’s capital due to its location. Kigali’s time zone is UTC +2 .

Kigali Airport Website

Kigali international airport is located at the outlying communities of Kanombe, at the eastern side of the town, which is about 5 kilometers east from the CBD by road. Kigali International airport is operated by Rwanda Airport Authority and it’s the hub for RwandAir. It has runways of a total distance of 3500 m which can be used by all types of aircraft and paved surfaces. 

By 2017, Kigali International Airport had accommodated around 800 000 passengers, both local and international travelers.  This guide is part of AirportLLC’s airport guides in Sub-Saharan Africa including Khartoum Airport, JKIA, Lagos Airport, and Eldoret Airport, among others.

Kigali International Airport terminals 

Kigali International Airport has three terminals. The terminal in use currently was built to substitute the older one, which is currently being used as the VIP terminal. The extra one is being used for cargo planes. Their well preparedness in terms of fire emergency control makes them rank 7th best airport in the preparedness of fire outbreaks.

Kigali International Airport services and facilities

Financial institutionsThere are many banks within the vicinity of Kigali Airport. They include Kigali bank, MTN Mobile money and airtime, and Unguka bank. They offer several services such as currency exchange, standing orders, insurances, investments among other services
Health institutionsKigali has several health institutions which offer physical and nutritional therapy, pharmaceutical centers, among others. Kigali dermatology center offers excellent skin cares for example Kigali Dermatology Center. Kigali eye clinic also provide good optical and eye care to the locals and foreigners.
Religious worship placesAccording to the 2012 census, 92.8% of the population in Kigali are Christians while Muslims are at 2%. The rest are others and no religion. Therefore, you expect to have more churches. The Kigali English church is the majority. 43% of the population are Catholics while Protestantism stand at 38% Seventh day Adventist stand at 12%
Gorilla trekkingKigali gorilla trekking is an activity done under close supervision from qualified personnel to ensure that you enjoy the experience and get to interact with the rather-wild senior members of the Great Apes family at a closer point. Gorilla Trek Africa offer these services at a fee
Market placesKigali market is usually a busy place during the day and a better part of the night as the locals get to display and sell their products onto passersby and the locals. You could stumble upon some really nice pieces of items such as clothing, that would otherwise sell more expensive when bought new from stores. Kigali fashion is of good class. You could find nice and fresh foodstuffs from the market which is better for your health
Water servicesSome people may ask, “can I drink Kigali tap water?” The Kigali bulk water project is being undertaken by private companies under close supervision from the national government. The water running in the taps of the airport is potable and palatable. It is safe for public use. So, yes. You can drink Kigali tap water. 
SecurityKigali International Airport is always 24-hour security surveillance. All security parastatals work in conjunction to ensure that the airport is safe from terror attacks and thieves who target the travellers
InternetThe airport offers free superfast internet to the travellers to ensure you are still in touch with your family and friends. There are also sim card vendors at the airport who sell the sim cards with enough mobile data to ensure you remain connected while in Rwanda. If exhausted, one could easily recharge them from the vendors of airtime

Kigali International Airport arrivals and departures

Airport Departures 

Flight numberDestinationAirline
CQ231MwanzaCoastal aviation
UI600EntebbeAuric air
UI601EntebbeAuric air
ET3816Addis AbabaEthiopian airline
QR1387Doha Qatar airways
CQ231EntebbeCoastal aviation

Kigali Airport Arrivals

Flight numberOriginAirline
CQ232MwanzaCoastal aviation
QR1837EntebbeQatar Airways
UI600SeroneraAuric air
KQ2442BujumburaKenya airways

Kigali International Airport map 

Kigali city map

Hotels near Kigali International Airport

HotelAddressGuest ratings (out of 5 stars)Cost per booking per night, booking
Lebanon hotelKG 213 street, 58 KG 233 St, Kigali, Rwanda4.0$66, can be booked from
Kigali castleKG 206 Street, Kigali, Rwanda4.5$70, can be booked from
Ishema Kigali homeKK 357 Street 16, Kigali, Rwanda5.0$22, can be booked from
Gisa stay 101KG 239 St, Kigali, Rwanda4.2$16, can be booked from
The Mirror hotelKN 5 Rd, Kigali Rwanda3.6$62, can be booked from
Isimbi MurugoKK 87 Street, Kigali, Rwanda3.4$13, can be booked from
Martin Aviator motel5593Kigali-Rw Colline Kanombe, Kigali, Rwanda3.4$61, can be booked from
Wailers motelKK 188 Street Near Alpha Palace Hotel, Nyakabanda, Kigali, Rwanda3.7$14, can be booked from
Kigali airport hotelKK53 Street, Kigali, Rwanda4.5$26, can be booked from
Kigali Serena hotelKN 3 Ave, Kigali, Rwanda4.5$149, can be booked from

Destinations from Kigali International Airport

From-toDistanceTransportation modes
Kigali-Nairobi1174.5 kmTake a taxi from Kigali town to the airport. It will take around 20 minutes on average traffic density. After booking your flight, the flight will be 1 hour and 20 minutes to Nairobi. From there, using a taxi, it will be a 20 minutes ride to town. 
Kigali-Kampala508.9 kmA taxi from Kigali International Airport to the bus station is around 20 minutes. From the bus station, it is a 6 hour journey to Kampala city.
Kigali-London10 027.9 kmTake a flight from Kigali International Airport to London, England. It is a 12 hours long flight.
Kigali-Zanzibar1530.5 kmTake a plane to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It will be a 2hour and 30 minutes long flight. Take a taxi from the airport to the port which will be a 10 minutes ride. You will use a ferry to cross over to Zanzibar. It will take you 3 hours to arrive at the island. From Zanzibar’s port, a 20 minute ride to the town is the only journey to be covered.
Kigali-Lake Kivu187 kmTake a bus from the airport to town, 20 minutes ride. From the bus station, it is a 1 hour ride to Muhanga town. From Muhanga town, a 10 minute ride on a taxi will lead you to the shores of L. Kivu.
Kigali-Nyungwe218.2 kmTake a taxi to the bus station. It will take you 20 minutes to the bus station. From there, take a bus to Nyamagabe, an average 3 hour bus ride. From there, it will be a 2-hour ride to Nyungwe.
Kigali-Kinshasa2540 kmBook a flight to Kinshasa. It is a 2-hour flight to Kinshasa Airport. From the airport, it is a 20-minute ride to the city.

Kigali International Airport Ground Transportation

Kigali International Airport has several companies that offer individual and group travel to destinations of their choice. One is able to book a taxi online from one of the company’s website, and order a taxi of his/her preference. They have well trained drivers who are kind enough. The drivers will take you anywhere and also pick you from anywhere. They also have seat boosters for children below 10 years.

Kigali International Airport Parking

The parking area is accessible to people who are either traveling or visiting the airport for whatever reasons. Parking fees for an hour are charged at RWF 3000. After the first hour, the vehicle earns an extra parking fee of RWF 500 for every extra hour it is parked. Loss of the parking ticket attracts a fine of RWF 5000 on top of the parking fee charged. To people who visit the airport frequently, like workers, there is a monthly fee charged for them. 

Kigali International Airport Amendment

60% of the $1.3 billion was purchased by Qatar airways in Feb. 2019. The airline company looks to grow the holding capacity of travellers by 200%. This means that the number of travellers handled per year will grow to 14 million by 2032. It looks to expand the airport greatly.

Kigali International Airport Lost and Found

Kigali International Airport Lost and Found office is currently under operation by RwandaAir. Abandoned items are perceived as lost. The baggage could be lost by misplacement, during offloading and other forms. People who claim their items as lost could record their complaints at the lost and found office. If one has left the airport and still wants to reach them, you could reach them via their telephone number: +250788308814. 

Kigali International Airport Lounges

There are several lounges to ensure travellers rejuvenate themselves before tgeir next flights. They include Pearl lounge, The LoungeBuddy and Orbitz.

Kigali International Airport Codes


Kigali International Airport Duty Free

The Rwanda Airport Company has set aside 357 m² to for the construction of retail shops. These shops are duty free. Companies with enough experience were given the mandate to operate the retail shops. At the retail section there is a kids corner and a section for food dispensing.

Kigali International Airport Jobs

Kigali International Airport being the busiest airport in Rwanda has directly and indirectly employed more than 70 000 locals. This has improved their livelihood as they are not living in poverty. Their pay is also quite handsome. Every new day, there are job vacancies announced online for qualified people to apply. This ensures there are quality services being provided to the people. Jobs at Kigali International Airport are preferably given to the citizens of Rwanda. 

Kigali International Airport Passengers Traffic

The number of travellers served by Kigali airport has faced an upward trajectory. According to statistics, the number rose to 710 000 in 2016 from 600 000 in 2013. It is projected to rise to 14 million people by 2032.

Kigali International Airport Weather

Kigali, Rwanda, being in the equatorial region, generally has hot and wet climates. There are live webcams to give live information about the weather around the airport upon request. This is useful in terms of one planning his/her journey into or out of the country via the airport. This will also help in terms of the dressing

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