Charlotte Douglas International Airport Destinations

Destination How to get there
New York Take a flight which will take approximately 4 hours 4 minutes and costs between $50 and $280.
LAX Take a direct flight from Charlotte airport to Los Angeles International Airport
Myrtle Take a bus service that departs from Charlotte, NC station directly to Myrtle or alternatively take a flight that takes 2hours 28 minutes and cost $150-$800
Fort Jackson Take a bus from Charlotte to Asheville, Swannanoa River Rd at Fairview, then take the Tunnel Rd at Ingles, Ashville and then go via Columbia to Fort Jackson
Las Vegas Take a direct flight from Charlotte airport to Las Vegas.
Blacksburg Take a direct flight to Roanoke, then a bus to Blacksburg, which is about 3 hours 14 minutes and would cost around $108-$542
Carowinds Take a taxi, which would take you around 19 minutes and would cost $40-$50
South Carolina Take a train from Charlotte to South Carolina which would take around 7 hours and 26 minutes and would cost $67-$96
North Carolina Take a flight to Columbia from Charlotte. It would take you 3 hours and 38 minutes to arrive. It would cost you around $89-$444
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