Frankfurt Airport Guide 2022

About Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport was founded in 1924 under the name Sudwestdeutsche Luftverkehrs AG where they operated the airport at the Rebstock site. In 1936 they opened Rhein-Main Airport adjacent to the Frankfurt Kreuz autobahn intersection, of which is the present Frankfurt Airport and started operations.

Today Frankfurt is one of the world’s most important air transportation hubs and serves the main European hub.

Frankfurt Airport is owned and operated by Fraport which was listed for stock exchange in June 2001.

In 1962 it expanded by building a larger terminal with a holding capacity of 30 million passengers per year. Planning for the third runway was started in 1973 which received a challenge from environmentalists about the issue of pollution. In 1990 work on new terminal began which were divided into concourse D and E. with its opening in 1994, Frankfurt Airport increased its terminal capacity to 54 million passengers per year.

In 1997, the plans to build a fourth runway was underway and owing to the violent protests by the environmentalists who participated in a process of finding a mutually acceptable solution. In 2000 a task-force presented their conclusion which generally approved a new runway but of a shorter distance of only 2.8 km compared to others which were 4kmwhich would serve a landing only runway for similar aircraft. In 2001 Frankfurt applied for approval to build the new runway.

On the 10th of October 2012, a new terminal section was opened adjacent to terminal 1 for an additional six million passengers to handle the predicted passenger amount increase to about 90 million in 2020.

In November 2016, there was an announcement of the opening of a new base in Frankfurt with four routes to Spain and Portugal. This move was blasted mostly by Lufthansa as Ryanair was granted high discounts and incentives regarding the airport fees. On 28 February 2017 Ryanair announced its winter program for Frankfurt which will see a further 20 new routes being added.

Location and GPs of Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is located in Germany Hesse state, Darmstadt region in Urban District with the GPS coordinates of latitude 50.0512 and longitude 8.5690

Frankfurt Airport Ground Transportation and Parking

Frankfurt Airport has a great availability of transportation on the ground for its travelers. Frankfurt has two train stations which are the Fernbahnhof which is normally used for long-distance travel and inter-city trains and Regional Bahnhof for local trains.

Taxis are readily available at Frankfurt airport and it is a short distance to downtown it will approximately cost €25 to commute between these two stations ranging from 15 minutes to around one hour to commute.

Airport shuttle too is part of the transport services offered and made available within the airport premise but the prices vary between different airport shuttle services providers. Many hotels prefer and offer shuttle services to hotel guests.

Public buses too are part of the services on transport available at Frankfurt airport providing convenient means of transportation to travelers accessing the airport.

Frankfurt Airport offers a total of 1500 parking spaces within the terminals to offer quick and convenient check-in. there is an allowance for advance booking online for parking space to avoid the hustle during holidays and peak seasons.

Frankfurt Airport Official Website and Social Sites

To access information about Frankfurt you can check online on their official website, or find them on twitter @Airport_FRA or on Facebook @ Frankfurt Airport.

How Big is Frankfurt Airport, Runways and Passengers Per Year

Frankfurt Airport stands on 2,300 hectares of land and features two passenger terminals with an approximated capacity of 65 million passengers per year, with four runways with attached extension of logistics and maintenance facilities.

How Many Terminals and Gates does Frankfurt Airport Have

 Frankfurt airport is operated with two terminals, terminal 1 and terminal 2 and much smaller dedicated First-class terminal which is operated and exclusively used by Lufthansa. Frankfurt airport is equipped with 103 boarding gates that are home to concourse A, B, C, and Z.

Terminal Number Airlines Times
Terminal 1 Lufthansa Group, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss, Star Alliance, Air Canada, Air China, Air India, All Nippon Airways Asiana, EgyptAir, LOT Polish Airlines, South African Airways, TAP Portugal, Thai, Turkish Airlines and United Airlines A one-hour transfer should be enough at Frankfurt to connect a flight.
Terminal 2 Oneworld, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Aeroflot, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, Czech Airlines, Delta Airlines, KLM, Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines. A one-hour transfer should be enough at Frankfurt to connect a flight.

Frankfurt Airport Images

Frankfurt Airport Entrance and Security Checks

For passengers connecting flights, they will be required to pass through the immigration control on arrival in Frankfurt. The passports will be checked and stamped and on arrival to their destination, they will have to reclaim their baggage and pass through the custom. The terminals can be hard to navigate therefore there are the provision of shuttle buses to connect between different terminals.

Screening of passengers and carry-on luggage is mandatory in accordance with the EU regulations. It will entail transferring passengers to clear an additional security check in some of the parts of Frankfurt airport.

Frankfurt Airport Weather

Due to different varying weather seasons, you can always check online on weather forecasting of the airport since some weather conditions might cause flight delays.

Frankfurt Airport IATA Codes, CAO codes, Zip-code

For any passenger intending to use Frankfurt services, the airport locator will be a useful tool. The Frankfurt IATA code is FRA while the ICAO code is EDDF

Frankfurt Airport Map

Smoking in Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt airport factors in the people and passengers who might be smokers within the premises of the airport and provides the advantage of six camel smoking lounges within the post-security areas of terminal 1 which can be used free of charge and around the clock. The smoking zones are located in Pier A near gates A52 and A62, in Pier B near gates B23 and B43, and in Pier Z near gates Z52 and Z66.

Frankfurt Airport Services

Wi-Fi There is free and unlimited Wi-Fi provided at Frankfurt Airport which is identified by the name Frankfurt Airport.
ATM There are a number of ATM machines located around the airport premises
Parenting rooms There are special spaces dedicated specifically for parenting purposes within both terminals.
Pharmacy There are pharmacies located in terminal 1-second level and terminal 2 third level which are open from 0700hrs to 2200hrs from Monday to Sunday
Lost and Found  If any passenger happens to lose any of their belonging from 0800hrs to 1800hrs, Monday to Sunday they can visit Terminal 1concourse A to check and claim their items or call +496969066359
Airport Clinics In case of any medical service need there is an airport clinic located in terminal 1 concourse C
Yoga rooms There are yoga lessons offered in yoga rooms located in terminal 1 concourse C and another one in terminal 2 concourse D.
Gaming world There is a provision of free arcade games in the airport in gaming world rooms located in terminal 1 both in concourse Z and A
Information Booths In case of need for information within the airport, there are booths made available within the airport.
Prayer rooms Both Jewish and Muslim prayer rooms are available within the airport.
Currency exchange There are currency exchange booths along with the terminals within the airport.
Visitor terrace There are points of getting nice views of the airport located in terminal 2 concourse D
Charging stations There are plenty of charging stations in each concourse of both terminals provided in case one needs a charge.
Airport conference center There are conference centers provided in the third level of terminal 1 in case one needs to hold some meetings before take-off.
Federal police service center There is a federal police center located in the first level of terminal 1area A
Lounges There are lounges services provided within the airport which offers premium foods, snacks, alcoholic drinks, showers, information, and smoking area.

Frankfurt Airport Delays

There can arise cases of delays or cancellation of flights due to technical difficulties with air traffic control software and poor weather conditions which might hinder visibility.

Airport To Distance How to get there Time it takes
Frankfurt Airport to City centre/ downtown Approximately 13 kilometres One can use the option of commuting with a bus, train or taxi or rent a car without a driver. Travel by bus will take 30 minutes, travel by train will take 40 minutes and a taxi will take you to the city centre in 20 minutes
Frankfurt Airport to Train station Approximately 12 kilometres The simplest method is by use of S-Bahn S8 and S9 trains. The S-Bahn train will take 10 minutes to take you to the train station from Frankfurt Airport.
Frankfurt Airport to Heidelberg Approximately 79.6 kilometres One can use intercity train, intercity express train or use taxi for hire. Taxi will take one 50 minutes to destination while the train will take 52 minutes
Frankfurt Airport to Cologne Approximately 177.5 kilometres The most convenient provided means is by use of direct trains. It will take as little as 1 hour 3minutes by train.
Frankfurt Airport to Strasbourg Train Approximately 174 kilometres One can use train or Lufthansa bus It will take 2 hours 37 minutes to travel to this destination
Frankfurt Airport to Kaiserslautern Approximately104.8 kilometres One can take a train to destination It will take 2 hours and 12 minutes to travel the distance.
Frankfurt Airport to Old town Approximately 13 kilometres The easiest convenient way is by use of S-Bahn train from Frankfurt Airport in direction of the Hauptbahnhof. One can also opt for a taxi hire. It takes a 21 minute drive from Frankfurt to Old town by taxi and 42 minutes by use of train,
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