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Entebbe International Airport is a public and military airport operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda. Entebbe Airport is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, 41 kilometers away from the capital city, Kampala and 45 away from the main campus of Kampala International University. Entebbe Airport is a hub for Eagle Air and Uganda Airlines and serves Entebbe, Kampala and Mukomo and is the only international airport in Uganda. Entebbe airport was built in 1972-1973, where the main terminal building was the initial structure of the airport.

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Is Entebbe International Airport Safe?

Since Operation Entebbe by Idi Amin in July 1976, Entebbe Airport is regarded as generally safe. The latest US Government warning about Entebbe was in 2014 and there haven’t been any cases of extremists occupying the airport. It is, however, important to note that there are no direct flights from Entebbe Airport in Uganda to the United States as the airport does not meet the minimum requirements that the US State Department requires for approved countries of origin. Only Nairobi’s JKIA meets the US security standards and Kenya Airways flies weekly from Nairobi to New York’s JFK.

Is Entebbe International Airport Open

After being closed for more than 5 months, Entebbe Airport was reopened on October 1, 2020, and it is now fully operational 24 hours a day. It had been closed as part of efforts the Ugandan government did to contain Covid-19 by closing the airport. Before Entebbe Airport was opened on October 1, 2020, it was not open to international arrivals. Now you can book flights from London, Johannesburg, Dubai, Birmingham, and Nairobi to Entebbe.

In February 2022, the Government of Uganda suspended the requirement for a COVID test before being admitted to the country.

Is Entebbe International Airport in Kampala?

Entebbe International Airport is located in Entebbe and is 40.5 kilometers southwest of Kampala

Does Entebbe International Airport Have Wifi?

Entebbe has Wifi and can get connected on the transit concourses – both arrivals and departures terminals.

How big is Entebbe International Airport?

According to Civil Aviation Authority, Entebbe Airport is a mid-sized airport with two runways, one measuring 3,658 meters and another measuring 2,408 meters. There is limited information about the acreage that the airport spans but estimates indicate that it exceeds over 100 acres lying at an elevation of 3,782 feet.

How Far is Entebbe International Airport from Kampala?

 Entebbe international airport is located 46.9 kilometers from the central business district in Kampala, Uganda.

How long is Entebbe International Airport Runway?

The Entebbe Airport has two runways; 17/35 which is 12,000 feet long and is located on the Asphalt surface and 12/30 which is 7,900 feet located on the Asphalt surface too.

How Busy is Entebbe International Airport?

How busy is Entebbe Airport

In 2014-2015 Entebbe airport served 1,510,000 passengers and made 26,886 aircraft movements with 52,841 tons of cargo. According to African Airlines Association (afraa.org), Entebbe Airport operates one of Africa’s biggest routes from Nairobi to Entebbe. In 2017, it was the 29th busiest airport in Africa which was a drop from being 25th in 2016. In terms of traffic volume, Entebbe handles about 7% of the traffic handled by O.R. Tambo International Airport, Africa’s busiest airport.

How to Get from Entebbe International Airport to Kampala

Take a taxi from Entebbe Airport to Kampala. Head North towards Kampala, turn left onto Kampala road, keep right to stay on Kampala road, continue onto Kampala-Northern bypass highway, take the ramp, at the roundabout take the 3rd exit and continue onto Bombo road. At the roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Binaisa road, at the next roundabout continue straight onto Yusuf Lule Road. At the next roundabout, take the second exit and stay on Yusuf Lule road, turn right onto Sezibwa road and turn right onto Ternan road. Lastly turn left and the destination will be on the right.

How Many Hours from Entebbe International Airport to Jinja

Entebbe Airport is 126.0 kilometers away from Jinja and will take you 2 hours 52 minutes to drive through via Kampala-Entebbe Expy and A109 roads.

What happened at Entebbe International Airport in the 70s?

There was terrorist attack with hostages threatening to be killed if the prisoner release demands were not met. This attack took place on 4th July 1976 when there was an operation-thunderbolt to counter the terrorists and rescue the hostages. The operation was a success and took place in the old Entebbe airport.

Entebbe International Airport Codes

The codes for Entebbe International Airport are as follows; IATA: EBB, ICAO: HUEN and Zip Code 590.

Yellow Fever Vaccine at Entebbe Airport

For any traveler one year and older is expected to have a yellow fever certificate to access the republic of Uganda. The facilities for vaccination are available within the locality of Uganda, you can access the vaccine at Victoria Medical Center, Kazuri Medical Care and Victoria hospital in Entebbe. There are other facilities in Kampala; KCCA Clinic, Norvik hospital, Kitante Medical care, Span medicare, St. Catherine, Nakasero hospital and Mengo hospital.

Entebbe Airport Departures

UR*202 Uganda Airline06:0007:15Nairobi
XAU 111 Aerolink Uganda07:0008:45Kihihi
UR* 122 Uganda Airlines08:0009:25Juba
UR* 330 Uganda Airlines10:0011:15Kilimanjaro
XAU 121 Aerolink Uganda12:0013:00Pakuba
P2 552 AirKenya Express Limited12:1514:30Maasai Mara
UR*320 Uganda Airline12:4514:15Dar Es Salaam
QR 1387 Qatar Airways15:0015:05Kigali
UR*360 Uganda Airline16:0016:15Bujumbura
QR 8702 Qatar Airways19:3021:00Nairobi

Surprisingly, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority has a log of departures and arrivals on its website here;

Below is a snapshot from the website;

Snapshot showing Departures and Arrivals at Entebbe Airport. Credit:caa.go.ug
Snapshot showing Departures at Entebbe Airport. Credit:caa.go.ug

Entebbe International Airport YouTube

You can check Entebbe Airport on YouTube for clips and video about information about the airport, landing and take-off videos, touring the terminal and different activities that take place within the airport.

Entebbe International Airport Weather

You can check the current situation at the Entebbe airport on their website or check live weather through their live webcams situated around the airport and check with your airline in case your flight is affected.

Entebbe International Airport Webcam

There are live webcams situated around the airport that provide you with live pictures of the airport, the flights arrivals and take-offs, flight information display and live weather conditions of the airport. You can also listen to live traffic radio through the webcams.

Entebbe International Airport Expansion Works

In April 2016, a 42.6 billion Ugandan shillings project was launched by the Minister of works, John Byabagambi. The project involved the expansion of the departure and arrival lounges. The project was to be carried out by Seyani Brothers Limited funded by the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda. The project was scheduled to begin on June 1st 2016 and completed in December 2017.

Entebbe International Airport Visa

You can obtain a visa online and make the payments for the application online, there is another option of obtaining a visa on arrival at Entebbe airport.

Entebbe International Airport VIP Lounges

Entebbe Airport has the Karibuni Lounge open 24 hours daily, located at the far end of the international departure lounge near the boarding gates. The lounge offers a maximum 3 hours stay with children under 2 years having free admission 

Entebbe International Airport Job Vacancies

The Uganda Airlines offers different posts of job opportunities at the airport in transportation, logistics and storage fields. For registration for available posts and posts of you interest you can visit the following website for www.fuzu.com/registration or alljobspo.com/uganda-jobs 

Entebbe Airport Uganda Arrivals

UR*203Uganda Airlines07:4509:00Nairobi
UI*600Auric Air10:4011:25Kigali
XAU 112Aerolink Uganda10:2011:25Kasese
P2 551AirKenya Express Limited08:4511:30Maasai Mara
UR*123Uganda Airlines10:0511:30Juba
UI*601Auric Air10:5512:30Kigali
UR*331Uganda Airlines12:0013:15Kilimanjaro
QR 1387Qatar Airways07:5013:50Doha
BA 6166British Airways07:5013:50Doha
LA 5289LATAM Airlines07:5013:50Doha

Uganda’s aviation authority provides a public update on its website on all arrivals here.

See the snapshot of the site below;

Snapshot showing Arrivals at Entebbe Airport. Credit:caa.go.ug
Snapshot showing Arrivals at Entebbe Airport on Uganda Aviation Authority website. Credit:caa.go.ug

Entebbe International Airport Uber

There is the availability of Uber services whether you traveling to Entebbe airport or from. You can get the services by contacting the Uber office at ++256 41-435-2000. Get more details about transfers from EBB to other destinations in Uganda on Uber’s website page about the Entebbe Airport.

Below is a snapshot of the website;

Snapshot of Uber website page on transfers from Entebbe Airport to other destinations in Uganda
Snapshot of Uber website page on transfers from Entebbe Airport to other destinations in Uganda

EBB Airport Upgrade

The Civil Aviation Authority has their upgrade project underway with the first phase at 60 % level of completion which began in 2014 and is expected to end in 2021. The last phase is projected to end 2023 with a complete total expenditure of 1.1 trillion Uganda shillings. The first phase project involves new cargo center construction, airside and landside access road, surfacing runways and taxiways and expansion and strengthening the aircraft parking apron. The project is expected to bring a rise in cargo volume to 172000 tons by 2023 after 100% completion.

Airport Taxis at EBB

You have an option of touring the airport by use of a chauffeur for hire. You can also liaise with companies hiring taxis, the genuine taxi operators cars are marked with a yellow label. There are also tour and travel agencies operating in Kampala where you can hire cars to transport you to and from the airport to different destinations.

Terrorist Attacks at EBB in 1976

From 3rd July 1976 to 4th July 1976 there was a terrorist attack at Entebbe International Airport where there were 106 hostages who were threatened to be killed if the demands of the terrorists were not met. There were 4 deaths of the hostages and 10 injuries during the rescue mission which was successful. The Ugandan Air force was quarterly destroyed during the operation. The combatants involved were Israel and Uganda.

Sim Cards at Entebbe

There are local Sim cards available as you arrive at the airport whereby you will be required to register with the telecom company for safety purposes. The country code for Uganda is +256 and local calls require no city codes.

Security at EBB: Should I be worried?

 If you want to enter the airport for your flight, you need to show your ticket and passport on arrival at the departure level at the airport. There is screening at the entry point and therefore if you are carrying gels, liquids, aerosols, electronic devices, cameras, outer clothing such as belts and caps and all contents in your pocket, you will be required to remove them and put them in a basket for screening.


The Entebbe Airport has two runways; 17/35 which is 12,000 feet long and is located on the Asphalt surface and the 12/30 which is 7,900 feet located on the Asphalt surface too.

Entebbe Airport Parking

There is a secure and automated parking facility located near the terminal that is active 24 hours daily at affordable price at Entebbe airport. You are advised to stop at the ticket dispensing machine for booking a slot and making payment, note that it is important to keep the receipt for exiting the parking.

Airport Pictures at Entebbe

Entebbe International Airport Ariel View
Entebbe International Airport Ariel View

Entebbe International Airport Map
Entebbe International Airport Map

Entebbe International Airport Owner

Entebbe Airport is owned by the Government of Uganda and is operated by a government agency named the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda.

Entebbe International Airport Opening Hours

Entebbe airport operates on a 24 hours daily basis and therefore does not have a specific opening or closing time.

Entebbe International Airport Online Check-in

There is provision of online check-in at the airport provided by some of the airlines before arriving at the airport to help reduce the congestion and check in time. You will be required to check-in early by 24 hours before your flight departs. You will then be required to submit your luggage to the staffed check in counter if you require check-in luggage.

Entebbe International Airport Old Terminal

The old terminal was built by Energoprojekt Holdings in 1972-1973 and was used by Uganda’s military forces. The old terminal was the main structure at the airport before expansion projects started. The old terminal was demolished partially when it was captured by Tanzanian forces during the Uganda-Tanzania war in 1979. This old terminal was also the scene of a rescue operation in 1976 following the Arab-German hijacking of Air France flight 139.

Entebbe International Airport Name

Entebbe is a town in southern Uganda on Lake Victoria, the Entebbe airport was named so because its site is located in Entebbe.

Entebbe International Airport Memorial

On June 27th, 2016 Uganda held a memorial anniversary to remember the attack by the Israeli which was attended by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to mark the operation and boost the now existing friendship tie between the two states. The leader of the terrorists was his older brother Lieutenant-Colonel Yonatan Netanyahu.

Entebbe International Airport Lost and Found

In case you lose your item at the airport you are advised to report to the Ground-Handling Company office located at the arrival hall, or report to the airline on which you arrived. There is a baggage tracing office located at the arrival baggage claim area, ground floor and operates 24 hours. For items and baggage lost while at the airport, you are supposed to make the report at the Aviation Security office which is located on the departure floor.

Entebbe International Airport Luggage Storage

There are no storage facilities at the airport but you can rent a room to store your luggage if need be. There are a variety of hotels you can book a reservation.

Entebbe International Airport History

In 1936, Entebbe was opened by British Colonial authority where it was later reopened on 10th November 1951, this was after its facilities had been extended. The extensions involved runway 12/30extension to 3,000 meters. 

The Yugoslav Comet designed the new terminal building which was then built by Energoprojekt Holdings in 1972-1973 period. The old Entebbe airport was left to be used by the military forces.

In 1976 there was a hostage rescue operation by the Israeli Sayeret Matkal which took place in the old Entebbe airport, following an Arab-German hijacking of Air France Flight 139 caused by a stopover in Athens, Greece on its route to Paris from Tel Aviv

In 1979 the airport was captured by Tanzania forces during the Uganda-Tanzania war which caused partial destruction of the airport.

In accordance with a publication in 2006, there were plans made to construct a domestic passenger terminal at the site of the old airport, which was demolished, except the control tower and airport hall.

Ground Handling

In 2020 January, Entebbe airport had two ground handling corporations serving them which are; National Aviation Services, Uganda and Dairo Air Services Handling Limited which has a European Union ground handling certification. There are plans underway for the establishment of self-ground handling services at the Entebbe airport.

Entebbe International Airport Film

The movie Raid on Entebbe is a movie based on an actual event that took place in Entebbe Airport which involved Operation Entebbe and freeing of hostages at Entebbe Airport.

Duty-Free at EBB

 There are duty free stores in the airport that offer duty free concessions to persons over 18 years of age or have been out of the country for 24 hour or more. The concessions include ½ liter of perfume and liquor and spirit from 1 liter.


There are immigration booths in the arrival hall of Entebbe airport that have been modified and have increased counters for custom clearance. There is also a fast-tracking lane dedicated for people with disabilities. The custom at Entebbe airport operates for 24 hours daily.

Entebbe Airport Address and Contact

Entebbe Airport address and contact details are: Entebbe Airport, Uganda, P.O Box 23, Entebbe, Uganda. You can also contact the airport using their phone number +256414352000. You can also check more information from the Entebbe Airport Website http://entebbeairport.com 

When was Entebbe International Airport Built?

Entebbe airport was built in 1972-1973 with the main terminal building being the initial structure of the airport.

Entebbe Airport Baggage Wrapping

There are bag wrapping services at the Entebbe airport at rates of $10-15 where your baggage can be wrapped in several layers of clingy plastic film before heading to the check-in counter. Note that you can’t be allowed to wrap your own luggage by yourself for security checks

Who Built Entebbe International Airport?

Entebbe airport was opened by British colonialists. Later in its expansions, it was built by Energoprojekt Holdings and Seyani Brothers.

Which District is Entebbe International Airport?

Entebbe Airport is located in Wakiso District which is 44 kilometers south of Kampala and the airport itself is located on the northern sides of the shores of Lake Victoria

Where is Entebbe International Airport Located?

Entebbe Airport is located on the northern shores of Lake Victoria in Wakiso District 44 kilometers from Kampala, Uganda.

Entebbe International Airport Facilities

Flight Information

There are flight information displays within the airport and customer service desks are conveniently available in the passenger terminal building. More information can be acquired from boards and screens.

Bird hazard and wildlife control

There is a control committee that’s in charge of overseeing the implementation of recommended methods and measures for bird hazard control.

Environmental safety

There are marked pavements for the visibility of travelers accessing the airport at any time of the day or night. The workers also wear reflective jackets for easy spotting in case of help is needed. There are fire extinguishers in strategic places in case of a fire outbreak.

Telephone services

There are telephone booths that provide cellular telephone facilities and services. You can also purchase telephone cards from these booths. There is a free intercom service around the terminal. In case you need assistance you can reach out for assistance at the CAA customer care desk.

Postal service

There is a postal office that operates in the airport and is open from Monday to Friday from 0800-1245hrs and on Saturday from0800-1300hrs.

Medical Facilities 

There is a medical facility at the airport and the Airport Medical center that provides emergency treatment. You will find these facilities on arrival, ground floor, landside, northern end of the terminal building and they operate on a 24 hours basis. They have services such as Medical emergencies, outpatient clinic, Pharmacy, vaccination, laboratory, aviation medical examination and travel medical assessment.

Banking and Money exchange

There are commercial banking services and forex exchange services at the departures and arrival levels. The banks and Forex bureau handle convertible currencies. You are advised to carry cheques instead of large sums of cash.

Destination from Entebbe International Airport

DestinationHow to get there
KampalaTake the Pineapple Express from Entebbe Airport to Kampala which costs $12 per single journey and travel time is 1 hour 30 minutes.
KisoroTake a flight from Entebbe airport to Goma which will cost $200-$650 and take 1 hour 5 minutes. From Goma, take a bus to Kisoro with rates from $9-$13 and take 1 hour 34 minutes travel.
NairobiTake a taxi from EBB to Kampala which will take 39 minutes and cost between $3-$6. Book a bus from Kampala to Nairobi with rates from $18-$35 and takes 11 hours 30 minutes. Alternatively you can take a flight from Entebbe airport to Wilson Airport.
KilimanjaroTake a direct flight from EBB to Kilimanjaro. It will cost from $140-$850 and travel time taken will be 1 hour 50 minutes.
ZanzibarTake a flight from EBB to Dar Es Salaam at a cost of between$130-$380 and 1 hour 50 minutes travel time, take a car to the Ferry with 10 minutes travel time, take a ferry from Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar which takes approximately 3 hours. Take a taxi to your desired destination in Zanzibar from the ferry.
DubaiTake a flight from EBB to Abu Dhabi taking 8 hours 45 minutes, take a bus from Abu Dhabi International Airport to Mussafah, and take another bus to A bus Dhabi Bus Station. Take another bus at Abu Dhabi, central bus station to Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Stop. Transfer to Ibn Battuta Mall and take a train to Dubai Marina.
JinjaTake a car or rent a car and drive directly to Jinja which will take 1 hour 48 minutes which is a 120 kilometers stretch.
KigaliTake a car from EBB to Kampala and book a bus from Kampala to Kyanika which costs$8 and takes 4 hours’ drive. From Kyanika take a car to Kigali which will take 1 hour 48 minutes.
BwindiTake a flight from EBB to Kigali, take a car from Kigali Airport to Kigali town, book a bus from Kigali to Kabale taking 1 hour 34 minutes to travel. Take a car from Kabale to Bwindi which will take 1 hour 56 minutes being a 71.3 kilometer stretch.
TamboTake a car from EBB to Salaama Road which will take 39 minutes being a 42.2 kilometer stretch.
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