Dubai International Airport – Full Guide 2022

About Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport is a public airport located in the United Arab Emirates, Al Garhoud District east of Dubai. This airport is the primary airport that serves Dubai and United Arab Emirates. This airport is the fifth busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic and the sixth busiest cargo airport in the world.

Dubai International Airport covers an area of 7,200 acres of land in the area that the airport occupies. The airport’s third terminal is ranked the second-largest building in the world by floor space and the largest airport terminal in the world.

The airport is a hub for Emirates, FedEx Express, and flydubai. Emirates Airline has its hub in the airport and owns its own terminal that has three concourses that they share with flydubai. According to passenger traffic, Emirates handles 51% of the passengers as it’s the largest airline hub in the Middle East, the airline also accounts for 42% of all aircraft movements at the airport.

The airport does not operate on a 24-hour basis; it is opened at 8 am and closes at 5:30 pm daily except for Fridays where it remains closed.

Dubai International Airport History

An agreement to build a flying boat base for the aircraft of Imperial Airways was signed in July 1937 with the rental of the base at about 440 rupees per month. The British Overseas Airways Corporation in 1940 was the one operating flying boats.

Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum who was the ruler of Dubai ordered the construction of the airport in 1959 where it officially opened in 1960 with its first airfield. At this time it could handle the aircraft size of a Douglas DC-3. The airport had a 1,800-meter long runway that was compacted with sand.

The construction of a 9,200-foot long Asphalt runway began in May 1963 where it opened in 1965 alongside a taxiway. Several extensions and terminal building, hangar and airport navigation aids were erected the same year, with lighting systems installed in August the same year.

In 1970 there were extension projects all-round the airport; ILS Category II equipment, lengthening the existing runway to 12,500ft, a non-directional beacon, diesel generator, and taxiways among others. In 1971 a new precision category 2 Approach and Runway Lighting system was commissioned. Fire station construction and generators installation were completed in December 1971.

The second runway was completed and opened in April 1984. By this time the airport had undergone different upgrades form the terminal and the generator installation. During the 1980s the airport became a popular stopping point for different airlines.

Dubai International Airport Accidents and Incidents

A sterling Airways flight 296 crashed on approach to Dubai on the 14th of March 1972 killing 112 passengers on board.

A passenger flight, Japan Air Lines Flight 404 was hijacked by Palestinians and Japanese Terrorists on the 20th of July 1972.

On November 22nd of the year 1974, British Airways Flight 870 flying from Heathrow to Dubai was hijacked. On landing at Tripoli for refueling, one hostage was killed before the hijackers surrendered after 84 hours. Captain Jim Futcher for his actions of returning to fly the aircraft knowing the hijackers were on board made him get awards of the Queen’s Gallantry Medal, the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators founder medal, and a certificate of recommendation from British Airways.

Indian Airlines Flight 814 in 1999 was hijacked over Indian space and a trial to land in Dubai after denial to land in neighboring Oman. The authorities in the airport made sure the plane did not land by stationing airport equipment and coached in the runway hence forced it to land at UAE military base.

The nose gear of Flight BG006 of Biman Bangladesh Airlines on 12th March 2007 collapsed with an Airbus A310-300 while the aircraft was accelerating down the runway. Of the 236 passengers on board, only 14 suffered minor injuries. The aircraft came to a rest at the end of the runway crippling the runway activities for 8 hours.

On the 3rd day of September 2010, a Boeing flight, UPS Flight 6, crashed shortly after takeoff killing all on board and destroying the aircraft.

Emirates Flight 521 crashed upon landing in Dubai flying from Trivandrum International Airport on 3rd August 2016. the 300 passengers and crew safely evacuated but a firefighter died from the fire while he was trying to fight the fire.

Dubai International Airport Facilities

Locations and Seating

There are plenty of seating options available at the airport that caters to both coming and going passengers. 

Rest Zones

If you are tired of coming from a long journey, then don’t worry, the airport has recliner seats that the travelers can relax before their flights. These areas are located at Terminal 3, Concourse A and B, Gate A1, A16,A21,A24,B1-2,B7-8,B10-11,B14-23,B25-27,B29 AND B31-32. However, these seats fill up easily and faster and are not a very quiet place.


After a long flight or maybe a journey before the flight, you might want to take a shower to freshen up before leaving, there are showers located at Terminal 3 that are paid for and you might want to visit them. There are also restaurants and lounges that of these services on a pay to enter the basis.


Free Wifi is available in the Airport and there are also Internet Kiosks are available if you do not own a mobile phone.

Family Services

 The Airport has baby care rooms and also the children play area that might come in handy before the flights. This helps your kids to have some fun before the flights. The Children Play area is located in Terminal 3, Airside near the Gate B26-B32.


You might want to hit the Gym, or Swimming Pool or Jacuzzi; these services are available at the Airport and can be accessed at Terminal 1 (Gate 115), Terminal 3, on Concourse 2.

Food and Drinks

You might want to grab a bite or have a drink at the airport and this is sorted as there is a 24-hour food and beverage joints that you might want to grab them from.


You might need some help or information; there are several information desks available for you. You will see signs with a “May I help you” that’s where you will find the information or the help you need.


The airport has luggage stores and Lockers for short-term storage of your luggage and this is available for 24 hours with the airport charging around 40-50 AED depending on the size of the luggage. There are also Luggage trolleys available for free for the passengers to use as well as Luggage Wrappings that are used to help protect your luggage from being damaged as well as theft and this service is chargeable at 25AED per one item at the First and 2nd Terminal while at terminal 3 the fee is 30AED. There are also potters to assist in luggage carrying and they are paid directly at a fee of AED 25 for a regular trolley and a family size trolley at 75AED.

Medical Services

You will find a pharmacy at Terminals 3 and 1 whilst First aid and emergency at Terminal 1 below Gate c13 and Terminal 3 between Fox 22 and 23.

Mobile Charging

There are mobile charging points available at the Concourse and Gate areas that might come in handy in case your phone charge is low or you need a quick charge.


The availability of ATM and Cash machines makes it possible for you to withdraw money depending on your bank’s withdrawal fees and also you will find the Foreign Currency exchange counters if you want to change your money into your preferred Currency and these outlets operate for 24 hours.


There are prayer rooms designated for the Muslims at the airport and car parks

Rest and Relaxation

There is a wide range of Hotels, Lounges, and Rest Zones that provide services that require rest and relaxation, so just check in one of them at your own convenience.


There are areas designated for Smoking and they are located at Terminal 1 Gate D12 Airside, Terminal 2  at the Departures area, and Terminal three at A2, A23, B7, B27, C9, C23 gates. 

Dubai International Airport Runways

There are two closely spaced parallel runways at Dubai International Airport. 


They are equipped with four sets of ILS to guide the landing of the planes safely especially when there is poor/bad weather. There was the expansion of the runways to accommodate the Airbus A380 in the year 2007.  The Installation of the Category III landing system allowed the landing of planes in low-visibility conditions. There was a refurbishment of the runways in May 2014 as the Northern Runway was resurfaced and there upgrades in lighting as taxiways were built on the Southern Runway to boost the Capacity of the Runway

Dubai International Airport Statistics

The airport has experienced an Increase in Passenger Movements since 2003 ranging from 18,062,344 in 2013 to 86,396,757 in 2019. There has also been an improvement in the Airfreight movement from 928,758 tons in 2003 to 2,952,454 in 2016. 

Operations and Statistics

Year Passenger Movement
Air freights at Dubai Airport
YearAir Freight movements in tons
2003 928,758
Aircraft movements
YearNo. of Aircraft movements
Capacity of Dubai Airport 
Passenger (current)83,000,000
Cargo (current)2.5m tons
Cargo (ultimate)2.5m tons
Apron (current)173
Number of destinations
TYpeNumber of destinations 
Air destinations240
Number of airlines
Type Number of airlines
International Arilines 140+

Dubai International Airport Ground Transportation


You will find RTA City buses that operate public services around the airport and some hotels and in order to use the services you will need to purchase a card known as an NOL card without which you cannot access the services.  For enquires and Queries, please visit the RTA website

Car Rentals

There are companies offering car rental services at various terminals that you might want to seek and use their services. This includes Al Wefaq, Budget, Diamond lease, Europcar, Fast, Hertz, and SIXT found at Terminal 1.  Hertz and National found at Terminal 3, Payless at Terminal 2 while Avis, Dollar, and Thrifty are found at all airport terminals.

Inter-Terminal Shuttle

You may want to travel between terminals and this is made possible by the airport’s Shuttle bus available for free and operates on a 24hour schedule.

Hotel Shuttles

There are hotels that offer transport services around the Airport. You may therefore need to contact your hotel for more information.


There are taxis which are metered and offer a 24-hour service and also come in various colors i.e. Pink trimmed Cream. The charges that apply to taxis departing from the Airport are 25AED at AED 1.96 per Kilometer.

Dubai International airport Jobs and Career

Dubai International Airport plays an important role in the contribution of the economy of Dubai. The airport employs an average of 90,000 people, contributes in direct support of over 400,000 jobs, and contributes over $26.7 billion to the economy, this being 27% of Dubai’s GDP. This impact on the economy is projected to increase to its growth to $88.1 by 2030, and have additional job support of 1.95 million jobs in Dubai. 

Who owns Dubai International Airport?

Dubai International Airport is owned by the Government of Dubai and is operated by Dubai Airports Company; it serves Dubai and United Arab Emirates and is a hub for Emirates, FedEx Express, and flydubai.

Dubai International Airport Codes

The codes for Dubai International Airport are IATA: DXB, ICAO: OMBD. Dubai technically does not have a zip code.

Dubai International Airport Terminals 

The airport consists of three terminals that serve the entire airport; terminal 1, 2, and 3. Terminal 1 consists of one concourse D, terminal 2 stands independently from other buildings, and Terminal 3 is divided into three concourses A, B, and C. There is a cargo terminal that is capable of holding a capacity of 3 million tons of cargo with another terminal close; the General Aviation Terminal, GAT.

The Airside Passengers are able to move without going through Immigration in Terminals 1 and 3 which connect to the common transit Area. 

Terminal 1

This terminal has a holding capacity of 15 million passengers and is used by airlines over 100 in number. The terminal is connected to concourse D by an automated mover that’s used to navigate through the airport. The terminal stands on a land space of 520,000 meters square of area and consists of 221 check-in counters.

Initially, the terminal was built to hold a capacity of 18 million passengers but due to the increasing passenger traffic, there was an expansion project that elevated the terminal to accommodate more than 28 gates.

There was a major announcement about the expansion of Terminal 1 and concourse C in 2013 that brought about an upgrade of the baggage system, replacement of check-in desks, and a spacious hall used for departures.

Concourse D

It was previously Named Terminal four and after further expansion which had previously a capacity of 15 Million, it was purported to bring a capacity of 90 Million Passenger by the Year 2018 which would allow Emirates to take over operations at Concourse C, A, and B. It was officially opened in February 2016.

Terminal 2

The terminal was built in the year 1998 and has an area of 47,000 m2 and has a holding capacity of 10 million after the expansion and the reconstructions in the Year 2012.  The Terminal is used by over 50 airlines with most flights operating to India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan.  With Major refurbishments to the terminal, there has been an extension in Check-In and Boarding Facilities and also the changing of both the Interior and Exterior decors also passengers have a wide range of dining facilities choices.  It has the new open boarding gates which allow the flights to board simultaneously thus improving both the passenger and aircraft movements.

Terminal 3

The terminal which is partly underground was constructed using $4.5 billion and has a capacity of 65 Million Passengers. It also consists of 20 Airbus A380 gates at Concourse A while having 5 at concourse B and 2 at Concourse C. Upon its completion, it was the Largest Building in the world by floor space covering an area of 1,713,000 m2 that can hold 60 Million passengers in a year. The building has first and business class lounges, restaurants, 180 check-in counters, and 2,600 car parking spaces available.

Other facilities found in the terminal are 72 immigration counters and 14 baggage carousels and a baggage handling system that is the largest and the deepest in the world with a capacity to handle 8,000 bags per hour.

Concourse A

It’s part of Terminal 3 and was opened in January 2013 with a holding capacity of 19 million passengers which is also connected to other major public levels of terminal 3 which are 2 to be exact. The building cost $3.3 billion during its construction and is 924 m (3,031 ft.) long, 91 m (299 ft.) wide and 40 m (130 ft.) high can accommodate 20 air bridge gates which can accommodate the Airbus A380 -800 also has one 4 and 5-star hotel, a business class lounge and duty-free areas and boasts of the largest first and business class lounges in the world.

Concourse B

It’s directly connected to Terminal 3 and dedicated to Emirates. It covers an area of 675,000 m2 and it is 945 m (3,100 ft.) long, 90.8 m (298 ft.) wide (at midpoint) and 49.5 m (162 ft.) high which includes 10 floors, 4 which are at the basement, a ground floor and 5 which are above. There are 26 Airbridge gates and 5 boarding lounges which have 14 remote stands for Airbus 380 and Boeing 77 and an additional 3 transfer areas and 62 transfer desks for transit passengers. It also comprises of the Emirates First and Business class lounges along with the Marhaba Lounge.

Concourse C

The concourse was opened in the year 2000 and has 50 gates which include 28 Air bridges and 22 remote gates found on the lower level of the Terminal and are labeled C1-50

 It also comprises over 17 food and beverage joints, a food court at the Departures Level a duty-free shopping facility, prayer rooms, and a Medical Centre.

Dubai International Airport Airlines and Destinations

African Express AirwaysBerbera, Hargeisa, Mogadishu, Nairobi–Jomo Kenyatta, Wajir
Air AstanaAlmaty, Nur-Sultan
Air CanadaToronto–Pearson
Air FranceParis–Charles de Gaulle
Air IndiaBangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Indore, Kochi, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam
Ariana Afghan AirlinesKabul, Kandahar
Air AlgeriaAlgiers
Air ChinaBeijing–Capital, Chongqing
Azur AirMoscow–Vnukovo
Azur Air UkraineSeasonal charter: Kyiv–Boryspil
AirblueIslamabad, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar
Azerbaijan AirlinesBaku
EmiratesAbidjan, Abuja, Accra, Addis Ababa, Ahmedabad, Algiers, Amman–Queen Alia, Amsterdam, Athens, Auckland, Baghdad, Bahrain, Bangalore, Bangkok–Suvarnabhumi, Barcelona, Basra, Beijing–Capital, Beirut, Birmingham, Bologna, Boston, Brisbane, Brussels, Budapest, Cairo, Cape Town (resumes 1 October 2020), Casablanca, Cebu, Chennai, Chicago–O’Hare, Christchurch, Clark, Colombo–Bandaranaike, Conakry, Copenhagen, Dakar–Diass, Dallas/Fort Worth, Dammam, Dar es Salaam, Delhi, Denpasar/Bali, Dhaka, Dublin, Durban (resumes 4 October 2020), Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Entebbe, Erbil, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Guangzhou, Hamburg, Hanoi, Harare (resumes 1 October 2020), Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Houston–Intercontinental, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Istanbul, Istanbul–Sabiha Gokcen, Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta, Jeddah, Johannesburg–O. R. Tambo (resumes 1 October 2020), Kabul, Karachi, Khartoum, Kochi, Kolkata, Kozhikode (suspended), Kuala Lumpur–International, Kuwait, Lagos, Lahore, Larnaca, Lisbon, London–Gatwick, London–Heathrow, Los Angeles, Luanda, Lusaka (resumes 1 October 2020), Lyon, Madrid, Mahe, Male, Malta, Manchester, Manila, Mauritius (resumes 3 October 2020), Medina, Melbourne, Mexico City, Milan–Malpensa, Moscow–Domodedovo, Mumbai, Munich, Muscat, Nairobi–Jomo Kenyatta, Newark, Newcastle upon Tyne, New York–JFK, Nice, Orlando, Osaka–Kansai, Oslo–Gardermoen, Paris–Charles de Gaulle, Penang, Perth, Peshawar, Phnom Penh, Phuket, Porto, Prague, Riyadh, Rome–Fiumicino, Saint Petersburg, San Francisco, Sao Paulo–Guarulhos, Seattle/Tacoma, Seoul–Incheon, Shanghai–Pudong, Sialkot, Singapore, Surabaya, Stockholm–Arlanda, Sydney, Taipei–Taoyuan, Tehran–Imam Khomeini, Thiruvananthapuram, Tokyo–Haneda, Tokyo–Narita, Toronto–Pearson, Tunis, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw–Chopin, Washington–Dulles, ZurichSeasonal: Zagreb
Badr AirlinesKhartoum
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesChittagong, Dhaka
British AirwaysLondon–Heathrow
Cathay PacificBahrain, Hong Kong
Cebu PacificManila
China Eastern AirlinesKunming, Qingdao,  Shanghai–Pudong, Xi’an
China Southern AirlinesGuangzhou, Lanzhou, Shenzhen, Urumqi, Wuhan
Daallo AirlinesHargeisa, Mogadishu
Druk AirDelhi, Paro
EgyptAirAlexandria–Borg el Arab (begins 30 October 2020), Cairo
Ethiopian AirlinesAddis Ababa
Air India ExpressAmritsar, Delhi, Jaipur, Kochi, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Mangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram, Tiruchirappalli
FinnairSeasonal: Helsinki
flydubaiAbha, Addis Ababa, Ahmedabad, Ahvaz, Alexandria–Borg el Arab, Al Jawf, Almaty, Amman–Queen Alia, Ashgabat, Asmara, Baghdad, Bahrain, Baku, Basra, Beirut, Belgrade, Bishkek, Bratislava, Bucharest, Catania, Chennai, Chittagong, Colombo–Bandaranaike, Dammam, Dar es Salaam, Delhi, Djibouti, Dushanbe, Entebbe, Erbil, Faisalabad, Gassim, Ha’il, Hargeisa, Helsinki, Hofuf, Hyderabad, Indore, Isfahan, Istanbul–Sabiha Gökçen, Jizan, Jeddah, Juba, Kabul, Karachi, Kathmandu, Khartoum, Kilimanjaro, Kochi, Kozhikode, Krabi, Krakow, Krasnodar, Kuwait, Kyiv–Boryspil, Lar, Lucknow, Male (resumes 27 October 2020), Mashhad, Medina, Moscow–Vnukovo, Multan, Mumbai, Muscat, Najaf, Naples, Nur-Sultan, Odesa, Port Sudan, Prague, Quetta, Riyadh, Salalah, Sarajevo, Shiraz, Shymkent, Sialkot, Skopje, Sochi, Sofia, Sulaimaniyah, Tabuk, Ta’if, Tashkent, Tbilisi, Tehran–Imam Khomeini, Yangon, Yekaterinburg, Yerevan, ZanzibarSeasonal: Batumi, Dubrovnik, Kazan, Kutaisi, Makhachkala, Mineralnye Vody, Qabala, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Tivat, Zagreb
FlynasDammam, Jeddah, Riyadh
Gulf AirBahrain
IndiGoAhmedabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram
Iran AirBandar Abbas, Isfahan, Qeshm Island, Shiraz, Tehran–Imam Khomeini
Iraqi AirwaysBaghdad, Basra, Erbil, Najaf
Jazeera AirwaysKuwait
Jordan AviationAmman–Queen Alia
Jubba AirwaysBosaso, Hargeisa, Mogadishu
Kam AirKabul

Dubai International Airport Arrivals and Departures

For real-time and live arrivals and departures you can check the status of flights from the link, you can also check flight delays and cancellations from the same link.

Dubai International Airport Address

The contact numbers for the airport are phone number 971-4-2995555 and fax 971-4-2995500, and the official website for the airport is

Dubai International Airport Weather

For real-time weather and live weather conditions in the airport, you can always check through the link DBX weather to see if your flight has been delayed or affected. You can also use the same link to track and see the status of flights in the airport.

Dubai International Airport Safety and Security 

The security and safety of the airport are managed by the Civil Aviation Authority. Screening of all passengers is done in all terminals. There was the implementation of Iris Scanning in the airports of UAE. There was an implementation of a scanning device in early 2007 that detected weapons and scanned for drugs in passengers’ blood. If a passenger will be found with drugs, he/she can be jailed for four years or more.

There were reports from different media in 2018 about the airport being attacked by drones allegedly being launched by Houthi rebels from Yemen.

Destinations from Dubai International Airport

Destination How to get there
City CenterTake a train from terminal 3 to Delta City which is approximately 4 minutes travel and cost $1 to $2. Transfer to Deira City Center Bus Station and take a bus to City Center Al Wahda. Walk for one minute which is approximately 120 meters to Sharja City Center.
Burj KhalifaFrom terminal 3 take a bus to Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall and walk for 11 minutes which is approximately 905 meters to Burj Khalifa.
Ras al KhalmaTake a train in Terminal 3 of the airport to Deira City Center which will take you 4 minutes and cost $1 to $2. Transfer to Dubai Diera Terminal and take a bus to Ras al Khaima airport. Take a taxi to Ras al Khaima which will take you 21 minutes and cost $15 to $19
Gerova HotelTake a metro train from terminal 3 to the Financial center which will take you 17 minutes and cost $1 to $2. Walk for 3 minutes which is approximated to be 309 meters to the destination. 
Cruise TerminalFrom terminal 3 take a metro train to Burjuman which will take you 9 minutes and cost $1 to $2. Transfer to Burjuman Metro Bus Stop B and board a bus to Falcon Intersection which will be a 6 minutes travel and cost $1 to $2. Walk for 7 minutes which is approximated to be 470 meters to the Dubai Cruise terminal.
Sharjah BusFrom terminal 3 of the airport, take a train to Deira City Center which is a 4 minutes travel and cost $1 to $2. Transfer to Deira City Center Bus Station and board a bus to Sharjah Al Jubail Bus Station which is a 24 minutes travel and cost $1 to $2.
AmristarTake a Line 5 Skybus from the airport to Park Regis Kris Hotel which will take you 10 minutes and cost $1 to $5. Walk for 2 minutes a 184 meters stretch to Armristar.
Al MaktoumFrom terminal 3 of the airport, take a metro train direct to Oud Metha via Burjuman which will take you 12 minutes and cost $1 to $2. Walk for ten minutes a 913 meters stretch to Al Maktoum
Jumeirah BeachFrom airport terminal 3, take a metro train to Sharaf DG a 36 minutes travel which will cost $1 to $2. Transfer to Sharaf DG Metro Bus Station Landside and board a bus to Wild Wadi. It will take you 8 minutes to Wild Wadi and cost $1 to $2. Walk for 4 minutes to Jumeirah Beach a 384 meters walk.
Sheikh Zayed RoadTake a metro train in terminal 3 of the airport to Business Bay which is approximately 21 minutes’ drive and cost $1 to $2. Walk for 7 minutes a 622 meters distance to Sheikh Zayed Road.
Jumeirah Zabeel SerayFrom terminal 3 of the airport, take a metro train to Dubai Marina which will take you 44 minutes and cost $1 to $2. From Dubai Marina take a taxi to Crescent Road taking you 16 minutes and cost $7 to $9.

Dubai International Airport Maps and Images

Airport map

C:\Users\yung\Downloads\websites\DXB_overview_map (1).png

Runway map


Terminals map



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