About Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is a public airport located in Romulus, Michigan. It is usually called Detroit Metro Airport, Metro Airport or just DTW. It is a major international airport in the United States and the primary airport serving Detroit, Romulus, Ann Arbor, United States, and Windsor, Canada and is Michigan’s busiest airport.

This airport is operated by Wayne County Airport Authority and is owned by Wayne County, Michigan. This airport is a hub for Delta Airlines and is a focus city for Spirit Airlines.  Detroit Metro Airport stands on 4,850 acres of land in Romulus, Michigan. 

This airport serves as Delta’s main gateway to Asia for the Eastern United States and also has service to 30 international destinations and service to 39 states across the United States. This airport has six runways, two terminals, and 129 in-service gates. 

Its plan by Wayne County began in 1927 where in the next year the county board of commissioners issued a $2million bond to fund the purchase of one square mile of land at the corner of Middlebelt and Wick roads which is now the northeastern boundary of the airport. The airport was constructed and completed in 1922 and the first landing was in February of 1930 on the 22nd date. The airport was later dedicated on the 4th of September 1930. Michigan Air National Guard had its operations in the airport from 1931until 1945. This airport was initially named Romulus Field during the war.

Expansions by Wayne County to become Detroit’s primary airport began and Wayne County renamed it Detroit-Wayne major airport in 1947. In the following three years, it was expanded adding three more runways, in 1949 Runway 3L/21R and 9L/27R, and in 1950 Runway 4R/22L.

The Federal Aviation Administration which was initially the Civil Aviation Administration, 1958 announced the inclusion of Detroit Wayne in the first group of American airports to receive long-range radar equipment; this enabled the airport to become the first inland airport in the United States certified for jet airliners. In this same year, the airport management completed the L.C Smith Terminal and this pushed for the change of the airport’s name to its present name.

The Davey Terminal which was initially the North terminal was opened in 1966 and a third terminal, the Michael Berry International Terminal was opened in 1976. Later on in 1993, a new parallel crosswind runway 9R/21L was opened. The last runway was 4L/22R was completed in December 2001 in preparation of the mile-long, 122 gates, 1.2billion dollar McNamara Terminal in the airport midfield in 2002.

Spirit Airlines announced the construction of a new maintenance facility on the 26th of June 2015, which would bring $31.5 million and create 82 jobs in the area. In 2017, the first-ever entrance of a modern European low-cost carrier to DTW was announced by WOA Air which offered service to Reykjavik on the Airbus A321.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Accidents and Incidents

On the 30th of December 1964, a Zantop Air Transport C-46 Commando with 4 occupants aboard crashed during a night instrument approach in adverse weather conditions killing all 4 occupants.

In 1972 June 12th, an American Airline flight 96 after a stopover, suffered a cargo door failure and explosive decompression shortly after departure from Detroit Metro airport with 56 passengers and 11 crew members. The flight returned successfully to Detroit airport for landing having no fatalities.

On July 31st, 1972, members of the Black Liberation Army took over a Delta Airlines flight 841 using weapons smuggled on board including a bible cut out to hold a handgun. The 94 passengers and 7 crew members on board were not killed during the hijacking. The hijackers exchanged the freedom of those on board with a $1m million ransom and the plane headed to Algeria where it was later seized and returned back to the U.S.

A Zantop international Airlines Learjet 23 on December 15th, 1972, crashed after failing to climb from a Runway 3R hitting a fuel storage tank killing all the occupants on board and one person on the ground.

A United Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-8F cargo flight crashed after takeoff due to a mistrimmed stabilizer causing a loss of control on the 11th of January 1983. All aboard were killed.

On March 4th of 1987, Northwest Airlink Flight 2268 crashed while landing at Detroit Airport, and of the 19 onboard 9 were killed.

On the 16th of August 1987, a McDonnell Douglas DC 9-14c crashed on takeoff from Metro’s 8,500-foot long Runway 3 center. All onboard except one young girl named Cecelia Cichan died.

December 3rd 1990, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-14 bound for Pittsburgh collided with a Boeing 727-200 Adv bound for Memphis on Runway O3C. Seven passengers and a flight attendant were killed.

An Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia aircraft operating as Comair Flight 3272 on January 3rd, 1997, crashed nose down 18 miles from the airport while on approach to Detroit airport causing the death of 26 passengers and 3 crew members.

On the 25th of December 2009, Nigeria national Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to detonate an explosive device on Northwest Airlines FLIGHT 253, an airbus from Amsterdam to Detroit as the plane was approaching Detroit. The explosive failed to go off correctly causing burns to his lower body.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Codes and Address

The codes for Detroit airport are IATA: DTW, ICAO: KDTW, FAA LID: DTW, WMO: 72537, and zip code 48242. The official website for the airport is www.metroairport.com

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Runways

The airport consists of six runways with different lengths and different surfaces.

Runway DirectionLength in FeetLength in MetersSurface 

How Busy is Detroit Metropolitan Airport

According to statistics carried out by the Detroit Metropolitan Airport in 2019, it shows that the airport has served a total of 36,769,279 passengers making 396,909 aircraft operations with a cargo volume of 470,756,095 lbs.

How big is Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Airport covers an area of 4,850acres of land in Romulus, Michigan with an elevation of 645 feet.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Parking

Parking is available in the airport with different preferences. If you want to secure a parking lot at the airport you have a variety of options to choose from. You can opt to use the economical parking options, including handicap-accessible parking spots. The green lots are surface lots without restrictions. The parking is available and is framed near the elevator banks that may show your locations and QR codes.

Short Term Parking

There is the accessibility of parking in the McNamara Garage and Big Blue Deck. Visitors can find it easy when they need parking for a long time. They both have different rates.

Long-term parking

You can call Detroit Metro Airport’s 24-hours parking hotline. It is available in the McNamara parking garage, the Big Blue Deck, and the Green Lots. The Green Lots are available only for vehicles taller than 7″, there is also accessibility of handicap parking.

Parking Receipt Request Form

There is the accessibility of parking receipts for visitors using the airport’s parking facility. You will need to fill in a form with your name, your phone number, your email, and your vizier exit date.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

You can access electric vehicle parking stations which are located at the McNamara and Big Blue Deck parking structures at no additional cost. You can also find the electric vehicles at the south cell phone lot. They are currently only available in the long-term parking stations. The EV charging stations are also available at DWT prior to your trip. They are located in different points in the parking facility including

Big Blue Deck

Big Blue Deck is located on the right side from the green EV parking signs to level 4 following the parking structure through the long-term parking lanes. 

McNamara Deck

The McNamara Deck is located on level 8 with 8 spots, you can access it by entering from the departure level. There are two additional spots located at the valet parking area.

Valet Parking

When you need any services in this parking, they are being provided at McNamara Terminal. There are signs provided when you enter the airport for Departures and Valet Parking. When entering the airport you will be asked to give your details to an attendant and you will be given a ticket which you will present later to pick up your car.

Who Owns Detroit Metropolitan Airport 

Detroit Metropolitan Airport is owned by Wayne County, Michigan, and operated by Wayne County Airport Authority and is a Hub for Delta Airlines with its focus city being spirits airlines. 

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Terminals

The airport is equipped with two terminals fully operational that serve its customers which includes the following listed;


It’s a terminal used by delta and delta partners Aeromexico and Air France and it’s also known as Northwest World Gateway. It is divided into different levels. It has a lower level divided into three;

The lower level homes international arrivals, Level 1 which homes Arrivals and baggage claim, Level 2 which homes the boarding gates and concourse area and provides access to parking and ground transportation and still from this level you can access Westin Hotel. Lastly, level 3 homes check-in facilities and head you to the lower level to boarding gates and concourses.


There is the availability of boarding gates at McNamara terminal having three concourses; 

Concourse A 

This concourse homes boarding gates A1-A12,A15,A17-A21,123-A25,A27-A31,A33-A36,A38,A40,A43,A45-A47,A49-A51,A53-A61,A63,A64-A78.It is also known as the second-longest airport in the world. It has an express Tram service with three stations in it. This concourse also has its connection with Westin Hotel.

Concourse B

This concourse houses boarding gates B1-B8, B10-B12, B15, B16, B18-B12.

Concourse C

This concourse home boarding gates C1-C7, C8-C12, C14-C25, and C27.


You can find a free shuttle that enables you to connect between McNamara and North Terminals, and also stops at Westin Hotel. They depart every 10 minutes from the Ground Transportation Center. The facilities to enjoy in this terminal includes food, drink and retail concessions, duty-free stores, vending machines, shoeshine, banking services, ATMs, Currency exchange, Baby care facilities, Children’s play area, information desk, pet relief area, spa, and Westin Hotel is available from level 2 through an elevated walkway.


This terminal houses all non-sky team airlines that operate in the airport. This terminal was initially designed by Gensler and built by Walbridge and Barton Malow Joint Venture and it started offering its services to the airport in 2008.

It contains two levels; Level 1 which houses the arrival and baggage claim, you can also find the U.S Custom and Protection Inspection facility for arriving international flights. Level 2 which houses Check-in and Departure, you can also find the security check to access Concourse D. To navigate in this level, there is a Skybridge that connects to the Ground Transportation Center and parking lots.

This level also houses gates D1 to D30 which are located along with Concourse D.


This terminal houses only one concourse; Concourse D which is the home of boarding gates D16-D1 and D17-D32. To navigate this concourse, there is a pedestrian bridge that connects with the ground transportation center and the parking garage.

The facilities to enjoy include; ATMs, baby care facilities, Children’s Play area, food, drinks and retail concessions, currency exchange, information desk, pet relief area and reflection room.

Detroit Metro Airport Facilities

Communication is easier in the airport through postal services; you can drop off last-minute postcards to friends and families from the airport mailbox. It’s located at McNamara Terminal, under Tramway in Central link. Wifi; there is the availability of Airport internet.

Family Services, when you are in need of something concerning your family issues such as;

Baby care facilities, you can find the diaper changing tables and the disposal available in the airport family restrooms located throughout the landslide and the airside areas of the airport. There is also the availability of nursing rooms; the airport offers 9 private nursing rooms located at McNamara Terminal, gates A15.A25.A53.A63.C2.It also located in the North Terminal-gates D15.D8.D24 Each locations includes a comfy chair, a sink, counter and electrical outlets. If you have a child with you in the airport, there is also availability of Children’s play Area where you can take your kid to burn off all their energy before their flight.

Food & Drinks

In case you get hungry, there is the availability of food concessions throughout the airport operating with varying schedules. The McNamara Terminal offers over 40 dining options and the North Terminal offers 15+options,you can find them opened as early as 4:00AM -11:00 PM.If you feel thirsty, there is the availability of water bottles refill stations at the landslide and airside in both terminals.


If you have any question concerning anything, the information desk is available throughout the airport and they are staffed by the airport ambassadors wearing their blue vests.


If you need something to carry off your bags, there is the availability of smart cards for $5.00throughout the airport which is the easiest way for passengers.

Medical Services

If you have any complications, the pharmacy is available both traditional and homeopathic remedies which are offered by Z market and pharmacy located at McNamara Terminal, Airsides, near Gate B2.Hours:5:00AM-10:00PM…

Mobile Charging

If you need a place to charge your phone, there is provision of dedicated charging areas or power outlets for charging your electronics by the gated areas.


If you need to withdraw money from your phone, the ATMs are available, you may also need to apply for a fee so be sure to check your bank’s fee schedule and your daily withdrawal limit if you are travelling internationally. You may want to notify your bank of your travel plans located in;

McNamara Terminal, Airside: 12 locations available at A gates .B gates .C gates, McNamara Terminal, Landslide: Parking Garage, Level 6.North Terminal, Landslide: Ticket Lobby,  Pedestrian Bridge to parking Deck/Ground Transportation,  North Terminal Airside; Gate D6.Gate D17.Gate D26.


If you need to travel with your pet, there is availability of pet relief areas in the airport located at McNamara Terminal; International arrivals area-outdoor pet relief area .near gate A34, airside –look for the service animal relief area ‘sign .North Terminal; departures level-designated outdoor grassy areas at the end of the curb. Opposite gate d16, airside-look for the ‘service animal relief area’

Rest & Relaxation

Cots If you are stranded during weather delay, there is a supplication of cots in the airport for stranded travelers during the event of bad weather, you will have to contact the airport employee to find out the locations of the cots. There is availability of hotels, lounges, reflection rooms located at McNamara Terminal, in the center Link Area upstairs above the Bud Bar Grill.


There is availability of duty free shopping in both terminals, the McNamara offers more shopping options than the North Terminal but both do offer variety.

Showers, Salon & Spa

If you need to shower, showers can be found in one of the Delta Lounges. Spa are also available at the McNamara Terminal, Airside, at Gate A45 and Gate A18.


There is a light tunnel which is 700ft colorful that connects the concourses B/C with Concourse A and the McNamara Terminal. There is also a water feature that offers a calming oasis in the airport. It is a 39ft wide, elliptical-shaped black granite water feature that shoots water through a 45 leap frog style device located in the McNamara terminal, Concourse A.


There are several airlines used in a Detroit airport: Aeromexico , Air Canada. Air France. Alaska Airlines. American Airlines. Delta. Frontier Airlines. JetBlue. Lufthansa. Royal Jordan. Southwest Airlines. Spirit Airlines. United Airlines.

Airport Transportation

It consists of Amtrak connections which are best when hiring a taxi or a shuttle; you can also catch a train to Chicago or Pontiac at the Amtrak station in Dearborn. DTW airport is also served by two SMART public routes; 125 and 261 which run between downtown Detroit and both terminals. The airport consists of the car rentals agencies which have an onsite presence in an airport while you can also find the cars located at a facility off-site accessible with the designated courtesy shuttle buses. The car rentals also have the number of agencies such as Alamo. Avis, Budget/Payless, Dollar Enterprise, Hertz, National Thrifty. Detroit Airport also offers free shuttle service, hotel shuttles depart from each terminal’s Ground Transportation Center.

Inter-Terminal Transportation

There is provision of free shuttle services from the airport between the North and McNamara Terminals as well as the Westin hotel. If you need an extra time for re-clearing TSA screening, it’s only available for passengers transiting from one terminal. The availability of taxis and luxury sedans 24 hours a day through Metro Cabs and Metro cars, there is also provision of airport-approved services. You can find the taxis and the sedans at the Ground Transportation Center.

Lost and found

There is a lost and found facility at the airport located in the security checkpoints. In case of a lost item you can file a claim with one of the staff at the security checkpoint. If lost on board, you can check with your airline directly. You can also contact the office through (734) 942-3126.

Customer service

In case of any enquiries you can reach out the airport customer service through +1 800-906-9030.


There are no smoking areas in the airport; designated smoking areas are located outside of the terminal. Completely smoke free indoors and cigarette use is not permitted indoors. The press release announcing the ban of smoking at Detroit Airport states that the Airport is under Michigan Public Act 188 of 2009 and all passengers are required to be at least 25 ft of the Terminal entrances and exits

Duty free shop

There is a duty free airport shop located in the Departure terminal and has extended opening hours that range from 6am to 10 pm where you can do some last minute shopping and get some duty free concessions. 

Badging office

There is a badging office in the airport that is responsible for credentials management and registration of the employees at the airport which is located in building 610.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Airlines


United ExpressChicago–O’Hare, Houston–Intercontinental, Newark, Washington–Dulles
United AirlinesDenver, Houston–Intercontinental, Newark, San Francisco (resumes September 8, 2020)
Southwest AirlinesBaltimore, Chicago–Midway, Denver, Las Vegas, Nashville, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, St. LouisSeasonal: Dallas–Love, Orlando, Tampa
Royal JordanianAmman–Queen Alia (resumes September 14, 2020)
Spirit AirlinesAtlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Cancún (resumes September 10, 2020), Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Houston–Intercontinental, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New Orleans, New York–LaGuardia, Orlando, TampaSeasonal: Boston, Kansas City, Montego Bay, Myrtle Beach, Oakland, Philadelphia, Raleigh/Durham, San Diego, Seattle/Tacoma, West Palm Beach
LufthansaFrankfurt (resumes October 2, 2020)
JetBlueBoston, New York–JFK
Air Canada ExpressToronto–Pearson (resumes October 1, 2020)
Air FranceParis–Charles de Gaulle (resumes September 4, 2020)
Alaska AirlinesSeattle/Tacoma
Frontier AirlinesLas Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Phoenix–Sky HarborSeasonal: Denver, Fort Myers, Raleigh/Durham, Trenton
American AirlinesCharlotte, Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix–Sky Harbor
American EagleCharlotte, Chicago–O’Hare, New York–LaGuardia, Philadelphia, Washington–National
Aeromexico ConnectLeon/Del Bajio, Monterrey, Queretaro (all resume October 1, 2020)
Delta Air LinesAlbany, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Beijing–Daxing (begins October 24, 2020),[57] Boston, Buffalo, Cancún, Charlotte, Chicago–O’Hare, Cleveland, Columbus–Glenn, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Frankfurt, Grand Rapids, Greenville/Spartanburg, Hartford, Houston–Intercontinental, Indianapolis, Jacksonville (FL), Kansas City, Las Vegas, London–Heathrow, Los Angeles, Madison, Memphis, Mexico City, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nagoya–Centrair, Nashville, Newark, New Orleans, New York–JFK, New York–LaGuardia, Orange County (CA), Orlando, Paris–Charles de Gaulle, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Portland (ME), Portland (OR), Providence, Raleigh/Durham, Rochester (NY), Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose (CA), Seattle/Tacoma, Seoul–Incheon, Shanghai–Pudong, St. Louis, Syracuse, Tampa, Tokyo–Haneda, Traverse City, Washington–National, West Palm BeachSeasonal: Grand Cayman, Honolulu, Louisville, Montego Bay, Munich, Nassau, Puerto Vallarta, Punta Cana, San José del Cabo
Delta ConnectionAlbany, Allentown, Alpena, Appleton, Binghamton, Birmingham (AL), Buffalo, Burlington (VT), Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, Charleston (SC), Chattanooga, Chicago–Midway, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus–Glenn, Dayton, Des Moines, Elmira/Corning, Escanaba (MI), Evansville, Fort Wayne, Grand Rapids, Green Bay, Greensboro, Greenville/Spartanburg, Harrisburg, Houston–Intercontinental, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Iron Mountain, Ithaca, Kalamazoo, Knoxville, La Crosse, Lansing, Lexington, Louisville, Madison, Manchester , Marquette, Memphis, Milwaukee, Moline/Quad Cities, Montréal–Trudeau, Mosinee/Wausau, Newark, New Orleans, New York–JFK, Newburgh, Norfolk, Oklahoma City (resumes September 1, 2020), Omaha, Pellston, Pittsburgh, Portland (ME), Providence, Richmond, Rochester (NY), Saginaw, San Antonio, Sault Ste. Marie (MI), Savannah, St. Louis, South Bend, State College, Syracuse, Toronto–Pearson, Traverse City, Washington–Dulles, White Plains, Worcester (MA)Seasonal: Little Rock, Myrtle Beach


Atlas AirCincinnati
FedEx ExpressColumbus–Rickenbacker, Indianapolis, Memphis, Newark
Kalitta AirCincinnati, Minneapolis/St. Paul
UPS AirlinesChicago/Rockford, Philadelphia
Western Global AirlinesLouisville

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Arrivals and Departures

To check out status and track flight movement of today click here for real time arrival status. If you want to check on the status of today’s departures in real life you can click here.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Jobs and careers

There are a lot of job vacancies available in the airport where you can try securing if you meet the standards. You can check out the available slots from the link click here for job opportunities.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Immigration

In Detroit Metro, the custom process takes one hour or longer depending on the number of arriving international flights, number of passengers and other factors. It is required that all passengers arriving at the airport on international to complete a mandatory U.S customs.

For clearance in the check-in it is recommended that you arrive 90 minutes before your flight to go through the clearance process and have time to check on the status of your flight before departure.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Weather

You can always check with your airline on the status of your flight if it is affected by the weather conditions. You can also check on the real time weather conditions of the airport online by clicking here

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Map and Images

DTW Airport map
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