Denver Airport Guide 2022

Denver International Airport is an international airport, locally known as DIA, in the Western United States, primarily serving metropolitan Denver, Colorado as well as the greater Front Range Urban Corridor. DIA stands on 33,531 acres of land and is the largest airport in North America by land area and the second-largest in the world.

DIA was opened on February 28th, 1995 and currently has non stop services to 215 destinations amongst 23 different airlines throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

The airport is a hub for both United Airlines and Frontier Airlines and also a main operating base for Southwest Airlines.

DIA is the largest employer in Colorado with 35,000 employees.

Denver International Airport Runways

Denver has six runways of which four are north-south, 17R/35L, 17L/35R, 16R/34L and 16L/34R, and the remaining two are east-west, 8/26 and 7/25 runways. The airfield has room for 12 runways. Five of the runways are 12,000 feet long and 150ft- wide, while the sixth is 16,000ft long and 200ft- wide.

How Big is Denver International Airport?

DIA stands on 33,531 acres of land and is the largest airport in North America by land area and the second-largest in the world.

Who Owns Denver International Airport

DIA is a public international airport owned by City & County of Denver Department of Aviation and is operated by City & County of Denver Department Aviation.

Denver International Airport Website

You can find more about DIA from their website

Denver International Airport Terminals and Airlines

The airport is spread over 34,000 acres of land and has one main terminal, Jeppesen Terminal. Jeppesen was named after safety pioneer Elrey Borge Jeppesen. This terminal has six official floors connected by elevators and escalators. Floors 1-3 comprise the lowest levels of the parking garages as well as the economy lots on both sides of the terminal. Floor4 contains passenger pick-up, as well as short-term and long-term parking. Floor 5 is used for parking as well as drop-offs and pickups for taxis and shuttles to rental car lots and off-site parking. Floor 6 is used for passenger drop off and check-in counters.

DIA has three midfield concourses spaced far apart; Concourse A has 51 gates and can be accessed via a pedestrian bridge directly from the terminal building as well as via the underground train system that services all the tree concourses. Concourse A handles all the departures as well as domestic airlines except Alaska, Southwest and Spirit.

Concourse B which can be accessed by the train system has 70 gates and United Airlines is the sole occupant of this concourse. Mainline United Flights operates from the main concourse building, whereas United Express operations are primarily handled at the east end of the concourse, which currently includes two concourses extensions for smaller regional planes. Four B gates near the center are equipped to handle wide-body aircraft and each has twin jet bridges labeled A and B.

Concourse C has 29 gates and houses Southwest Airlines with only two other airlines, Alaska Airlines and Spirit Airlines. A 2014 expansion added five new gates to the west end of the concourse. The expansion allowed Southwest to consolidate all of its operations in concourse C. American Express recently started construction on a 14,650 square-foot Centurion Lounge in the upper level of the eastern wing of the concourse C. the lounge is expected to open sometime in mid-2020, and will be the second-largest of its kind.

Denver International Airport Ground Transportation

The Regional Transportation District, RTD, operates three bus routes under the frequent airport express bus service called Skyride, as well as one Express Bus route and one Limited bus route between DIA and various locations throughout the Denver-Aurora and Boulder metropolitan areas.

RTD also operates the University of Colorado A-Line, a commuter rail line that runs between the airport and Denver Union Station in Downtown Denver.

There is a scheduled bus service also available to points such as Fort Collins, and van services that stretch into Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado summer and Ski Resort areas. Amtrak offers a Fly-Rail plan for ticketing with United Airlines for trips into scenic areas in the Western U.S via a Denver stopover.

The RTD airport rail link is an electric commuter rail that runs from Denver Union Station to the DIA Hotel and Transit Center. The A-line sometimes called the East Rail Line, and under a sponsorship agreement called University of Colorado A-Line, connects passengers between downtown Denver and Denver International Airport in about 37 minutes. The line connects to TRD’s rail service that runs throughout the metro area. The A-Line is a 22.8-mile commuter rail transit corridor connecting these two important areas while serving adjacent employment centers, neighborhood and development areas in Denver and Aurora. The A-Line was constructed and funded as part of the Eagle P3 public-private partnership and opened for service on April 22, 2016.

Denver International Airport Opening and Closing Time

DIA is open for 24 hours, you have to keep in mind that airline check-in and baggage drop hours vary according to the flight schedule.

Denver International Airport Codes

Denver International Airport codes are as follows; IATA: DEN, ICAO: KDEN, FAA LID: DEN and Zip Code 80249.

Denver International Airport Smoking Area

Denver International Airport is a non-smoking facility, however, there are locations outside the Jeppesen terminal to accommodate smokers. You can access the outdoor smoking areas by exiting the following doors on the north and south ends of the terminal; West side of Jeppesen terminal level 4, door 400 and 416, level 5, door 500 and 516 and level 6, door 616. Eastside of Jeppesen terminal level 4, door 401 and 417, level 5, door 501 and 517 and level 6, door 601 and 617.

Navigating Denver International Airport

You can head on over to Denver International Airport’s official website and familiarize yourself with the layout. The site will help to download maps found on the sites and to brush up on the directions provided. Along with detailed information on the airport, the website also contains information on parking and flights, shops, restaurant, and ground transportation.

If you are going to departures, go on the sixth level. Arrivals are at the fourth level, while long term parking can be found on the fifth level. The main terminal Jeppesen will lead you to three different concourses. Make sure you know at which concourse is your flight will arrive.

Once you know which concourse you are headed for, check-in at Jeppesen terminal and go down through the security. Once you are done, go down to level B where you will find a convenient train station that will take you to your concourse in a matter of minutes.

When you are ready to fly you can find the gates to the flights on level 2 of each concourse, with mezzanine on level 3. Concourse A also has a pedestrian bridge to the terminal on the fourth level.

For information on ground transportation, drop by the ground transportation information counter on the fifth level of the Jeppesen terminal.

Denver International Airport Parking

Denver International airport provides accessible parking spaces at all airport-owned parking facilities. In the East and West parking garages, these spaces are located next to entry doors into Jeppesen terminal, on garage levels 1, 2, 4 and 5.

There are outlying parking options, such as economy and shuttle lots and are accessible and the lots are located near the pick-up/drop-off shelters in the Economy west and Economy East parking lots and at the Pikes Peak and Mt. Elbert Shuttle lots.

Who Paid for Denver International Airport

The Great Hall Partners led by Spanish Company Ferrovial are responsible for the payment of DIA for work done before the breakup began seven months ago over huge cost disagreements

Denver International Airport Clear

DIA has Clear expedited security screening with clear stations at the north and south TSA checkpoints. Clear uses biometrics such as your eyes and fingerprints to get you through airport security faster.

Denver International Airport Lost and Found

Items found in public areas at the airport are taken to airport Lost and Found located in Jeppesen terminal where if you have lost any item you will need to file in person or online. The facility operates from Monday to Friday and opens from 8 am to 7:30 pm. You can do online filing by visiting or call the office though (303) 342-4062.

Items found shops, restaurants or other establishments at the airport are held by that business therefore you can contact the business directly.

If you lose your item onboard or at the airline gate, the items are collected and held by the airline. Contact the airline to claim the property.

Denver International Airport Arrivals and Departure

Departing passengers drop off is located in Jeppesen Terminal, level 6 East or West depending upon your airline. For arriving passengers pick up, it is located in Jeppesen Terminal, level 4 East or West depending upon your airline. You can check on the departures and arrivals of different airlines in DIA at

Denver International Airport Delays and Cancellations

Before you go for check-in you can check for delays or flight cancellation status at or check-in with your airline to check if your flight is affected.

Denver International Airport Baggage Claim

Baggage claim at Denver International Airport is located in Jeppesen terminal, on level 5, on both east and west sides depending on the airline. If you are arriving on the train, take the escalators or elevators to level 5 and emerge in the terminal, where you will find large signs directing you to baggage claim. Baggage carousel is numbered along the east and west sides on level 5 and airlines are assigned specific carousels.

Denver International Airport Bicycling

You can access Denver International airport as a bicycling traveler. Pena Boulevard is one option for cycling to Denver International Airport and you may prefer the less-traveled route via 56th avenue to Valley head road. Parking for bicycles is available on two levels, that is, Transit center, level 1 beneath the Westin Denver International Hotel and at the north end of arrivals level 4, outside door 401 and 400 on the west.

Denver International Airport Bridge Security

The Transportation Security Administration, TSA, is responsible for transitioning passengers through the airport’s security checkpoints. If you have any medical devices that might be questioned at the security checkpoint, you should check with your airline in advance of the flight to confirm the requirements. Under the FAA regulations, diabetics who need to fly with syringes or insulin delivery systems should carry a vial of insulin with professional, the pharmaceutical preprinted labels which clearly identifies the medication to eradicate any chance of forgery.

Only ticketed passengers are allowed past security checkpoints; however, many airlines are issuing special companion passes to non-travelers assisting travelers with disabilities or children traveling alone that allow them to accompany passengers with special needs to the gate. You should check directly with your airline to see what options are available.

Denver International Airport Map

Denver International Airport Badging Office

 The badging offices are open 7:45 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday, and are closed on all City and County of Denver observed holidays. Appointment for new employee fingerprinting is scheduled between 8 am and 3:15 pm, Monday to Friday. The main badging office is located in A gates, above Gate A-46, level4 8500Pena Boulevard, Denver, CO 80249. Satellite Badging office is located in 7640 Undergrove St, Unit A, Denver, Co 80249, 75th avenue.

Denver International Airport Car Rentals

Car rental agencies are located on airport property and provide courtesy shuttle services to and from Jeppesen terminal. Shuttle pick up and drop-off from Jeppesen terminal are located in level 5, island 4, outside doors 505-513, east side and 504-512, west side.

Denver International Airport Duty-Free

 There is duty-free at DIA in A gates, Center Core that offers a wide variety of perfume, cosmetics, alcohol, confections, and fashion accessories. Domestic passengers receive 10% off all items, excluding liquor and tobacco. There is a duty-free shop also located at B gates Mezzanine.

Denver International Airport Expansion

The expansion of the automated guideway transit system began in March 2011 and was completed in May 2012. A new retail location, the retail merchandising unit, opened in September 2011, providing easy shopping for travelers passing through the airport, construction of the Pena Boulevard road lane to connect with Denver International airport began in July 2011. The lane was built in small parts and the first part was constructed from 64th avenue to just before Tower road.

Denver International Airport Logo

Denver International Airport Weather Radar

There are live and local weather cameras around the Denver International Airport where you can stream and check the current weather conditions around the airport and if your flight will be affected by the weather conditions.

Denver International Airport Facilities

Accessible parking options

DIA provides accessible parking spaces at all airport-owned parking facilities. The spaces are located next to entry door into the Jeppesen terminal. There are also outlying spaces in the economy parking and shuttle lots.

Medical Services

There are defibrillators provision for cardiac emergencies located in Jeppesen terminal and in each concourse. There is the approval of portable oxygen containers in airlines provided they meet FAA requirements.


Visual paging monitors are located near flight information display monitors and near the baggage carousels. You can also use a TTY unit or call (800) 688-1333 to receive a page.


There is a large, private unisex and family restroom located in Jeppesen terminal and others in each concourse and all of the restrooms are ADA accessible.

Pet relief

There is an indoor pet relief room that provide service animal and pet companions with a comfortable and welcoming area to take care of business before and after flight. The pet relief rooms are located post security in the centers of concourse A, B and C and another one located outside door 200 on the west side of Jeppesen terminal.


Several TTY public pay telephones for deaf and hearing impaired are conveniently located throughout the terminal and concourses. Each unit is marked with the international symbol for TTY. Customer and special services staff and hospitality ambassadors can help you find a TTY unit.


Your airline can provide you with wheelchair or electric cart service. You will need to request a wheel chair form your airline in advance or a t the ticket counter.

Baggage claim

 Baggage claim is located in Jeppesen terminal, on level 5, on both east and west sides depending on the airline you used. Baggage carousels are numbered and run along the east and west side s on level 5of Jeppesen terminal. Carousel 1-9 are situated on the east side of Jeppesen terminal and carousel 10-19 can be found on the west side. Each airline is allocated different carousel.

Battery charging

There are many easily accessible electrical outlets located throughout Jeppesen terminal and all the three concourses. There are also dedicated battery charging stations that offers seating and work surface spaces.

 There is also provision of free vehicle jump start service if you need assistance available for 24 hours. You can call 303-342-4650 for assistance.

Currency and financial facilities

There are ATM’s and cash machines provided by Public Service Credit Union in Jeppesen terminal and A, B and C terminals.

You can find three world wide money exchange locations in the airport; at center core of A gates, center core B gates and Jeppesen terminal level 5.

Religious facility

There is an interfaith Chapel and prayer hall in Jeppesen terminal level 6 East, open 24 hours and a catholic mass is held on Sundays at 1 pm. There is also an Islamic Masjid located in the same area as the interfaith chapel.


There is provision of a free internet access. Locate the connection named DEN Airport Free Wifi and get connected.

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