What to do near King Fahd Airport


Considering food, the airport has no much of a variety to offer. But Bilqase Throne Hotel has quite a large cuisine of food to offer. It has Western cuisine, International and Middle Eastern cuisines. If you want leisurely meals, then head over to Howard Johnson Hotel and Convectional Hotel. More options can be found here. Most of these hotels offer free cancelation services. Some also offer free reservations and paid upon arrival. 


The airport itself does not have much to offer if you want to sleep. Travelers vouch for not spending more than a few hours at the airport if you want to grab some siesta. One, therefore, needs to have a plan on where he/she will grab some rest. One can opt to use the hotels and lounges. These rest places are adhering to policies put in place by the local authorities in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. These some services may be shut down or operate at abridged hours. 


King Fahd International Airport is at the heart of technological developments, the airport is equipped with a fast 5G Wi-Fi that will see you surf at supersonic speeds. For gaming lovers and video streamers, buffering is a thing of the past. This also enables you to remain connected to the rest of the world. You can also find charging spots to charge your devices.


If you want to freshen up after long travels, then King Fahd International Airport does not have much to offer. You can freshen up by taking a shower after a long flight into Saudi Arabia. Just visit the shower facilities in the airport lounges and hotels.


As much as King Fahd International Airport looks like a classy shopping mall, but once you hop into the stores, you will notice that most of the items sold there are actually of standard prices. Some are even duty-free (on selected brands). If you are willing to give your credit card some exercise, then you can consider visiting the numerous shops and stores within the terminal and in Dubai City. Surprisingly, they can pocket friendly. This means your excitement will be kept high.


If you have a longer stay in Saudi Arabia, then you can consider visiting Dubai town as it is only 40 kilometers southeast of the airport. You can opt to visit the famous Burj Khalifa, Dubai Creek, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Aquarium. Some of these places have free entries, while some require you to pay an entrance fee. Just be sure that you have adequate cash while on your trips within Dubai, as you may find a few things as interesting and you may want to buy them. 

Visit the desert

You can visit the Al Qudra Desert. They are not far. You need at least half an hour to reach there. You need to visit these places with an SUV as the terrain may not be handled well with compact vehicles.

Things to Do Near Denver Airport

What to Do Near Denver International Airport

activity details
Eat up You can eat up at Root Down, which is the first local restaurant to expand to the airport and everyone loves it. Elway’s is the quintessential upscale Colorado steakhouse experience and you can find it at concourse B. Mesa Verde gets great reviews for being an affordable spot with top-notch and fast service, you can find it in Concourse A. you can also have a taste of hot dogs from Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs located in concourse B. Udi’s bakery is also a nice spot as they provide gluten-free options. If you are stuck overnight, the McDonald’s in concourse A and Burger King in Jeppesen terminal are a great option since they are open 24 hours.
Lounge You can spend some quality time at the lounges if you belong to a lounge membership program like priority pass or alternatively buy a day pass to relax.
Go on a Colorado beer crawl Colorado is home to hundreds of breweries, and Denver hosts the annual Great American Beer Festival, you can taste some world-class beer without even leaving the airport. Visit the Boulder beer Tap House for their legendary hops located in Jeppesen terminal outside of security. You can also visit the New Belgium Hub located in Concourse B for beers you can’t get elsewhere.
Enjoy the view You can get the best views of the Rockies near gate C23 and C24. Colorado boasts 300+ days of sunshine, so your odds for a view are good. As the sun sets you will get a whole new meaning of “Purple Mountain’s majesty.”
Shop There are plenty of shops to explore, you will find plenty of airport staples, like convenience stores selling magazines, books and last-minute travel and technology solutions plus a range of clothing and art solution. You can push your luck with tickets from Colorado lotto or pick up some local goods at any of souvenir shops. There are plenty of boutiques where you can try out new makeups, clothes, and skincare
Get cultured You can get some quality display of museums that rotates through the stories of Colorado aviation. You can access these views by using the Skywalk between Jeppesen and concourse A. you can get views of the giant, bucking blue horse sculpture with its demonic red eyes.
Become a conspiracy theorist You can explore the murals, sculptures and signage conspiracies from a one-world government to satanic codes.
Get connected You can stay connected to friends and family, update social media accounts and surf the internet during your layover. There is free wi-fi throughout DIA which does not require an account and does not expire.
Get your blood pumping You can take strolls in the concourses to get your heart pumping as Denver is the Mile-High City and DIA stands at a slightly higher altitude of 5,431 feet. You will need to rehydrate; each concourse provides 4 free water bottle filling stations.
Ride the rails with your kids You can ride the underground train with your kids. It is free and comes every few minutes and plays music and audio from the Denver mayor and local stars like Peyton Manning. Concourse B’s mezzanine has a small play area for kids and a toy store, Kazoo & Company open 8 am to 8 pm.
Relax, Spas, therapy, and prayer rooms You can take a few minutes to relax with a massage treatment or manicure and pedicure. Concourses A and B host a Massage and Xpress Spa are in concourse C. If you are stressed, the Denver International Airport Canine Airport Therapy Squad, CATS program gives travelers an opportunity to interact with members of the airport’s most beloved four-legged volunteers. For prayer or quiet time, visit the Interfaith Chapel and Islamic Prayer Hall in Jeppesen terminal open 24 hours.
Explore Denver You can use the newly completed RTD A line which connects the airport with downtown departing every 15 minutes for $9 one way. There is plenty to explore in Denver. Union Station is the heart of downtown with plenty of local restaurants, breweries and distilleries, and cafes around. You can also catch a game or tour Coors field, home of the MLB’s Colorado Rookies.
Sleep You can catch some sleep whether it’s a daytime nap or an overnight campout session. Seats and benches are available throughout the airport. You can take advantage of the wide-open carpeted floor space. There is the Westin Hotel attached to the main Jeppesen terminal which will be an option if sleeping in the airport isn’t your style.

Things to Do Near Charlotte Airport

What to Do Near Charlotte Douglas International Airport

What to do Details
Bird watching and scenery viewing There are beautiful public gardens which are open year-round. An example is Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary. They’re home for ornamental trees, shrubs, and flowers.
Museums The Mint Museum is at the home for Charlotte’s art, inspiring scenes, cultural scenes, and vast European and African history, that is reserved behind the walls of the museum. There a lot of other museums, including Carolinas Aviation Museum, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
NASCAR Hall of fame In Uptown Charlotte, the NASCAR Hall of Fame documents awards and honors are celebrated here. The venue attracts tourists all over the country due to the heritage and nature of information found there.
Eateries/Dining There is a vast diversity of eateries and restaurants, which serve quality meals. The foods are also from diverse cultures, like Cuban, African and Chinese. Their foods are also affordable, depending on the quality and the ratings of the restaurant serving the dishes.
Libraries If you like reading, the city will accommodate well since it has several libraries. The libraries are divided into sections, for kids, teens, and adults. There are also classrooms for interactive exhibit space.
Performing Arts For music lovers, there are also theatres in which live music performances are held. The genre includes opera, rock music, reggae and soul music. The Booth Playhouse, The Belk Theatre and Stage Door theatre are examples 
Bars Charlotte Ru Boasts its elegant, sophisticated versions of tequila. There are also bars and clubs offering whiskeys, vodkas and all other types of alcoholic drinks to suit the customers’ preferences

Things to do Near Frankfurt Airport

What to do Near Frankfurt Airport

Activity Location and accessibility
Explore Hauptwache sights, museum, outdoors, historical sites, plaza. It is located in the western end of Frankfurt main shopping street, the Zeil. It can be freely accessed.
Get the sights of the Main Tower and Landmark. It is located in the Innerstadt district of Frankfurt, Germany and can be freely accessed.
Do some shopping and taste local foods of Frankfurt Christmas market It is located in central Frankfurt, Hessen Germany and is accessed freely.
Explore palmengarten botanical garden It is located in westend-Sud district  and can be accessed during the day freely.
Explore Frankfurt cathedral, historical sites and church It is located in the centre of Frankfurt am main, Germany and being a holy place it can be freely accessed.
Explore Museumsufer and get the art It is located along the Schaumainkai at the south riverbank and can be accessed from the main city centre
Explore the Eurotower and get sights and museum and landmark views. It is located in Innenstadt District in Frankfurt and is accessible by anyone willing to visit.
Go shop fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables from local farmers in Kleinmarkthalle It can be accessed freely during the day and is located in Hansengasse Frankfurt am main
Visit Geothehaus the home to the greatest German writer Johann Wolfgang It is located in Grosser Hirschgraben 23 subway and can be accessed freely during the day.
Explore the Eiserner Steg historical bridge in the heart of Frankfurt. It is a footbridge that connects the centre of Frankfurt with the district of Sachsenhausen.

Things to do near Eldoret Airport

There are many different places to visit while you tour Eldoret and particularly near Eldoret Airport – ideal when you are connecting your flight and have a layover.

You can check out the full Eldoret Airport Guide, and hotels near Eldoret Airport. These attractions that you can visit include:

  1. Hindu Temple

This is a place where Hindus go to worship their Almighty. It attracts both the locals and people globally. There is faith that whatever you pray for in this temple with a sincere heart you will be given. As a tourist, you are encouraged to visit the temple in the morning so that you can meet the people, especially the locals who come in large numbers there.

 Hindu temple is located opposite Petreshar Building, Moi street, Eldoret in Kenya, Africa.

There are no entrance charges to the temple. It is always open across the year.

2. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills houses urban settlements in  Nandi County, Kenya. Samoei sits on the top of Nandi Hills, on red soil. It’s enriched with tea estates. One can access the Nandi Hills by road. Nandi Hills is open between 6 a.m and 6 p.m. It is a safe place. The coordinates of Nandi Hills are 0°06’01.0″N, 35°10’35.0″E. It is approximately 6716 ft above sea level. It’s 303 km by road, northwest of  Nairobi.

3. Chepkiit waterfall

It is a great site with 37 species of birds. It is a place for animals like monitor lizards, chameleons, geckos, snakes, colobus monkeys, and rock hyraxes. Bird watching, camping, retreats, picnics, photography and nature walks are some of the activities people involve themselves in while at Chepkiit waterfall. The sanctuary is mostly visited by many people during weekends, public holidays and special days like Valentine’s day.

The entrance fee to the sanctuary is small. The waterfall has a tour guide.

It is situated 1.5km from Mlango Shopping Centre, Eldoret-Kapsabet Highway.

If you want to see more of Eldoret, watch the video below for more details about the town:

20 Things To Do Near LaGuardia Airport

Check out the 20 fun things we have uncovered on what you can do when you have a layover at LaGuardia Airport.

You can also check LaGuardia full Airport Guide here or fun things to do near LaGuardia. YOu can also check out these top hotels at or near LaGuardia

What to do Near LaGuardia Airport

Activities Location and accessibility
Explore the Central Park to get sights and museum and the park, outdoor scenery, meet people and have some sporting activities It is 4.79 miles from LaGuardia airport and one can use the shuttle buses or taxis to commute
Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and have some arts views and sights of the museum. It is 4.64 miles from LaGuardia airport and one can use bus services or taxis for hire to reach the place
Visit Yankee Stadium to watch some sports and popular games It is 4.6 miles from the LaGuardia airport and one can access the place by use of a hired taxi
Explore the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum and have the view of the temple, a monument to modernism, a unique architecture of the space and an exhibition on a spiral ramp that turns around a domed skylight It is located 4.47 miles from LaGuardia airport and one can access through the use of a taxi
Explore 5th Avenue which has plenty of shopping centers and dining outlets It is located 4.78 miles from LaGuardia Airport and a taxi will be of great help in terms of logistics.
Visit Citi field to watch sports and baseball games this being a baseball stadium It is located 2.04 miles from the airport and buses and taxis will greatly help in commuting
Visit the Frick Collection and view the gallery of the best keeps and secrets with an amazing collection of art pieces It is located 4.88 miles from the airport and a taxi will help to commute
Visit the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and have the view of the lake and some breeze with some coolness of the lake vicinity. This lake is located 4.74 miles from the airport a taxi will help in connection
Visit Apollo Theatre and watch some live performances and shows It is located 4.59 miles and a hired taxi will be a good means to connect one to the place
Visit Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and have some outdoor views and some park strolls in the park. This park is located 3.1 miles from the airport and one can hire a taxi to the destination
Explore the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation for some tour, classes and rentals on train rides and Gondolas. It is located 4.03 miles from the airport
Visit the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden and have some shots and taste of the New York brew, club and experience the night life of the city. It is located 2.19 miles from the airport and one can access the place through a hired taxi