Entebbe Flights From NBO, Lon, Man, J’Burg, NY, Dubai, and Others

If you are looking for flights to Entebbe Airport in Uganda, this post is a guide with details of all airlines you can book for your trip to Entebbe International Airport.

As a precaution, you should note that Entebbe Airport was reopened on October 1, 2020, following its closure necessitated by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Below is a snapshot of the Ugandan Government press release announcing the reopening of Entebbe Airport to international visitors and arrivals.

You can read the full release here.

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Flights to Entebbe From Nairobi

When Entebbe Airport was opened on Oct 1, 2020, some of the airlines that operate and that you can book your flight to Entebbe include Uganda Airlines, Kenya Airways, RwandAir, and Ethiopian Airlines.

Most of these flights have non-stop flights from Nairobi’s JKIA to Entebbe while a few such as Ethiopian Airlines and RwandAir have stopovers in Addis Ababa and in Kigali, respectively.

Flights to Entebbe From Dubai

If you are in the United Arab Emirates and looking for a flight to Entebbe from Dubai, you can choose from 4 arlines that operate flights from Dubai to Entebbe International Airport. Expect to pay as low as $450 to Kenya Airways for a ticket from Dubai to Entebbe. Only Fly Dubai Airline has a direct flight from Entebbe to Dubai.

Below are all the airlines that you can use to book your next Entebbe flight:

Flights to Entebbe From Johanesburg

Book your next flight from Johanesburg to Entebbe Airport using Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines or Fly Dubai. It will cost you about $400. There are no direct flights from J’burg to Entebbe.

Flights to Entebbe From London Heathrow

There are more than 10 airlines operating London to Entebbe route via Heathrow Airport. It will cost you about $900 for flights from London Heathrow to Entebbe:

Flights to Entebbe From Manchester

There are 3 airlines that operate 7 weekly flights from Manchester to Entebbe. It will cost you about $700 to $800 and below are the flights operating you can book in your trip to Entebbe:

Flights to Entebbe From Birmingham

FlyDubai and Emirates are the best flights from Birmingham, UK to Entebbe Airport. It will cost you about $1000 if you book any of those airlines but other arlines such as KLM, Kenya Airways, and Air France also have more expensive flights that you can consider.

Flights from Entebbe to New York

In any given week, you can choose from 17 flights from Entebbe to New York’s JFK Airport. You can book your flight ticket with KLM, Kenya Airways Qatar Air, British Airways, or Emirates. The cheapest of all these NY flights from Entebbe is KLM which has a working arrangement with Delta and will cost you about $1200 if you book at least one week in advance.

The KLM non-stop flight from Entebbe to New York takes about 11 hours and 25 minutes but all other flights have at least 2 stops and take up to 32 hours.

Check out our full Entebbe Airport guide, things to do, and hotels near Entebbe Airport.

Tour of Entebbe Airport:

How To Get From Denver Airport to Various Destinations

Destinations from Denver International Airport

Destination How to get there
Colorado Springs Take a transit service departing from Denver Airport station Gate 9 and arrive at Tejon& 1-25 Park, ride via RTD Village center station gate D. the journey including transfers takes approximately 3 hours 4 minutes
Downtown Take the airport rail from DEN to union station which is a 23-mile ride and takes approximately 37 minutes.
Breckenridge Take a commuter train from DIA to union station and catch a Bustang which will take you to the Frisco transfer station, from there catch a Summit Stage to Breckenridge
Boulder Take a Regional Transportation District bus from DIA to Boulder.
Union Station Take an RTD train from DIA to union station direct.
Estes Park Take a bus to CSU Transit Centre then take a taxi to Estes Park. Alternatively, you can take a bus to Broadway & Euclid Ave and then take a taxi to Estes Park
Fort Collins Take a direct bus departing from the union station and arriving at Fort Collins downtown transit center. There is the super shuttle that runs roughly hourly from DIA to Fort Collins.
Steamboat Springs Take a Go Alpine from DIA to Steamboat Spring.
Vail Take a shuttle which is scheduled for about an hour and half from DIA to vail.
Aspen Take a flight from DIA to Aspen
Winter Park Take the Home James Transportation which offers transportation between DIA and Winter Park throughout the day and evening.
Red Rocks Amphitheater Take the train to union station track 1 then take the walk to Union Station track 12. Take the tram to Jeffco Government Center Station, then take a taxi to Red Rocks Amphitheater.
Keystone Take a shuttle or rent a car to get you to Keystone. You can also fly into Eagle County Regional Airport which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes west of Keystone
Copper Mountain Rent a car to the destination or hop into a shuttle. You can also fly into Eagle Airport which is about 70 miles from Copper Mountain
JFK Take a direct flight from DIA to JFK
Greeley Take a train from DIA to Union Station Track 1 A. take a bus from Denver Union Station to Greeley Amtrak Bus Station Thruway connecting Service.