USO Lounge at JFK

If you are a service member/serving in the US military, JFK Airport in New York has a USO Lounge that you can use to relax and unwind before your flight. Having an extra hour or two to relax, grab a bite to eat, and use the free Wi-Fi can make the experience of flying much less stressful.

What is USO Lounge?

The United Service Organization (USO) is a nonprofit organization that serves members of the U.S. military, veterans, and their families. The USO currently has more than 200 locations worldwide, including this one at JFK Airport in New York. The lounge offers a comfortable place to relax before your flight and provides amenities such as free Wi-Fi, snacks and drinks, as well as TVs and charging stations.

On December 14th, 2021, the United Service Organizations (USO) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the opening of their largest Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) center–the second biggest in America. This state-of-the-art facility offers an introduction and assistance to those eager to join our nation’s Armed Services as they go through the application process.

Read more from USO blog here.

I also have a guide to USO Lounges here.

Is there USO Lounge at JFK?

Yes, there is USO lounge at JFK where you can take a break. It is located in Terminal 5 Landside of JFK Airport near the Baggage Claim. The lounge has both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that you can enjoy during your layover!

The USO is passionate about offering support and resources to those heroes who have valiantly served our country, however, due to limited space and funds we must prioritize providing aid for active-duty service members and their families. We are dedicated to ensuring that these incredible individuals receive all the help they need in order for them maintain honorable service.

In accordance with USO rules and regulations, USO Lounge at JFK open its doors to all Active/Guard/Reserve military personnel and their families.

In 2014, Jetblue donated this lounge to the USO, so that service members and their families would have a place to relax before or after their flights. Jetblue also sponsors exclusive events throughout the year for the lounge, such as movie nights and other special activities.

This USO lounge for military persons is located next to Jetblue Lounge in JFK’s Terminal 5.

USO Lounge Hours at JFK:

According to USO’s website, the JFK lounge opens at 9 am and closes at 5 pm Eastern Time. Make sure to plan your flight accordingly if you’re planning to use the lounge. On the website, this lounge has been described as being open from 5 am to 11 pm ET.

Where is USO Lounge located at JFK?

The USO Lounge at JFK Airport is located in Terminal 5 Landside. This is the Google Maps address. Sitting conveniently outside of the security checkpoint at Terminal 5, the USO Center is located on the arrivals level for your ease and convenience. website has listed hours of USO lounge operation at JFK as 6 am to 10 pm.

The exact address: John F Kennedy International Airport, Terminal 5 – Landside, Jamaica, NY 11430.


The USO Lounge offers an inviting atmosphere for all active members of the U.S. military and their loved ones at no expense! Make sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity and enjoy every moment spent with family and friends in a special place just for you.

What amenities are offered at USO Lounge?

  • JFK USO Lounge offers an array of delectable beverages, from freshly brewed coffee to refreshing iced teas! Plus, their snack bar is the perfect place to grab something delicious and satisfying. They also have delightful snacks available for your convenience.
  • Their comprehensive suite of services is designed to keep you connected, with CAC Readers, Charging Stations, Computers & Laptops, Phones, Printers and Tablets all fueled by our reliable Wi-Fi network.
  • Unlock the world of interactive entertainment with multimedia and gaming! Whether you’re a fan of playing cards, PS4 games, or just chilling in front of the television streaming your favorite shows – they’ve got it all. With cable access to hundreds of channels and platforms, let’s get this party started!
  • Make yourself at home with our array of comfort amenities, including air conditioning, a children’s play area, library and lounge – all stocked with complimentary toiletries.
  • At the helpdesk, you can also get info and tickets. USO offers a range of services and information, including event tickets, sports tickets, flight time boards, hotel reservations and other helpful information.

Below is a snapshot of the amenities you can expect at USO Lounge in JFK that I got from USO’s website. has listed the following 9 amenities available at USO lounge at JFK;

  1. Snacks
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Flight Monitors
  4. Newspapers & Magazines
  5. TVs
  6. Internet Terminals
  7. Printers & Copiers
  8. Telephones
  9. Non-Smoking

Who can access USO Lounge at JFK?

All Active/Guard/Reserve military personnel and their dependents may enter the center with a valid military I.D., while unaccompanied minors aged 16 or above, having proper identification and an itinerary/boarding pass along with them, can also utilize this facility. Moreover, authorized users are allowed to sign in up to three guests with permission from the Volunteer on duty; however, they have discretion when permitting more than that for special occasions such as Gold Star Survivors’ visits too.

From USO’s guide, the following can access the lounge;

  • Retirees and Dependents
  • Veterans with VA Card denoting “Service Connected Disability” or “Purple Heart”
  • Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Cadets
  • Military Academy Cadets
  • Officer Candidate School Candidates
  • Recruits (with I.D. and orders) g. JROTC/Civil Air Patrol/ Sea Cadets
  • Foreign Military
  • Department of Defense Civilians on travel orders
  • Those designated “Friends” of the USO by the Manager or Executive Director (First Responders, or those possessing business cards with notes or emails stating such)


Jamaica, New York 11430

Free JFK Wifi Guide 2023

I recently wrote about Wifi onboard Delta and Air Canada and thought I could provide a quick guide on accessing Wifi at JFK Airport. If you have a layover at JFK due to cancellation or just a long connecting flight, having internet access can be a great way to stay connected and get some work done.

Is there Wifi at JFK Airport?

Yes, there is Wifi at JFK Airport. This Wifi is available for anyone to connect to and it’s free. You don’t even need to enter a username or password! All you need to do is open your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and select the “_Free JFK WiFi” option on the recognized networks that your device shows you.

Passengers, personnel, contractors, and visitors alike can all access the free WiFi offered at this iconic airport in any of its public areas – be it boarding gates, food courts, or ticket counters as well as designated workstations.

JetBlue’s Terminal 5 in JFK was previously the only area with complimentary, high-speed internet for visitors. The other terminals were equipped with Boingo: a service that provided thirty minutes of free access before requiring payment and tended to be slow. Fortunately, this system now expands coverage to all parts of the four airports listed above – finally providing travelers with an enjoyable experience!

Is the Wifi at JFK Free?

Yes, the Wifi at JFK is completely free to use. You do not need to provide your credit card information or even enter a username or password. All you need to do is select the “_Free JFK WiFi” option on your recognized networks that your device shows you and you’ll be connected in no time.

This free internet wasn’t always the case.

Up until late 2018, all visitors to the New York Airport who sought WiFi access were required to pay a fee after their complimentary 30 minutes expired. Boingo, the airport’s trusted WiFi provider, ensured that paid service was available in most terminals – with some notable exceptions; JetBlue’s terminal 5 extended free WiFi usage as an inviting perk for its passengers.

JFK Airport’s Terminal 6 in Jamaica, Queens is the place to be if you’re looking for free Wi-Fi access. Ranked number 8 on the Top 20 USA Airports Wi-Fi guide, JetBlue Airways offers no-cost internet service from this terminal alone! Other terminals are serviced by Concourse or Boingo at a charge of $7.95 and an additional fee of $0.12/min can be found in British Airways Lounges. JetBlue Terminal 6 provides complimentary wifi for everyone – making it your go-to destination for online connection needs when traveling through JFK Airport!

JetBlue customers at JFK Terminal 6 can now stay connected at no cost to them! Just look for a sign indicating the JetBlue wireless hotspot, then set your SSID to “default” or “any”, accept the Terms & Conditions, and you will be instantly rerouted to where you are free to access the internet. Emailing colleagues, checking corporate networks, and general web surfing – all made possible by JetBlue’s new complimentary WiFi hotspots in Terminal 6!

Free Wifi Introduced at JFK:

October 2018 marked a momentous occasion for air travelers, with the Port Authority airports announcing that it was going to start offering complimentary and unlimited access to high-speed Wi-Fi. John F. Kennedy International (JFK), Newark Liberty International (EWR), LaGuardia (LGA) and New York Stewart International (SWF) airports were all included in this innovative user experience as part of their ongoing commitment to superior customer service – especially pertinent during the record passenger volumes.

Read the entire press release here.

Unlimited internet is offered by Port Authority at JFK

In October 2019, PANYNJ announced the elimination of their paid internet packages and the introduction of a new high-speed Wi-Fi service. This service offers higher speeds – starting at 20 Megabits per second (Mbps) and up to 50 Mbps with two simple clicks! Passengers can now take advantage of four whole hours’ worth of free access to this blazingly fast connection each day – an amazing offer for travelers.

Before introducing the free wifi service, PANYNJ did a survey that revealed several passengers voicing their strong desire for free high-speed Wi-Fi in the airport. This demand comes at a time when more flyers than ever before are passing through Port Authority airports; according to the first half of 2018 records, over 66.5 million people flew with us – an impressive 4.3% growth from 2017! To meet our customer’s needs and exceed expectations, Port Authority which manages JFK resolved to provide them with fast and reliable internet service as soon as possible.

When I checked again in late 2022 whether the 4-hour limit is still in place, I was glad to see that the policy has been slightly modified to allow free unlimited access with no time limit. If you have a long layover or are spending the night at JFK, you can now enjoy unlimited free wifi to stay connected.

Wifi Instructions: How to connect:

On either an iOS or Android device, scan to check the available network when you are in any of JFK’s terminals and select “_FreeJFKWiFi”

For Android, follow these steps;

  • Go to your device’s WiFi settings.
  • Activate WiFi.
  • Select and join the “_Free JFK WiFi” network.
  • On the prompted tab, click on “Free Unlimited WiFi.”
  • Enjoy your unlimited WiFi.

For iOS devices, follow these steps;

  • Go to your device settings from the home screen.
  • Tap on the WiFi bar to activate.
  • Choose the SSID “_Free JFK WiFi” from the listed options
  • Join and enjoy your WiFi.

For Windows devices, follow these steps to connect;

  • Head to Windows Control Panel.
  • Find “Network & Internet” and tap on it.
  • Select to set up a new connection/network.
  • Click “manually connect to a wireless network.”
  • Input the SSID “_Free JFK WiFi” as the network name.
  • Click on “WPA2-Personal” as a security type.
  • Tap “start this connection automatically.”
  • Click on the “Next” tab.
  • Enjoy your WiFi.

On your Mac, follow these steps;

  • Tap WiFi on the bar menu.
  • Search for the “_Free JFK WiFi” network.
  • Join the network.
  • Enjoy.

Which lounges have Wifi at JFK?

  • British Airways Lounge on Terminal 8
  • Etihad Lounge.
  • JetBlue Lounge – no passwords required.
  • American Airlines Admirals Club.
  • Wingtips Lounge.

You can also call the support helpline; at 1-800-880-4117 if you are struggling to get connected.

Back when they launched the service, PANYNJ launched a site

Passwords to Acces Free JFK Wifi

AirlinesNetwork NamePassword
British Airways(IATA:BA)British Airways Loungebudapest
Etihad Airways(IATA:EY) (Terminal 4)Etihad Loungeetihadjfk
Delta Air Lines (IATA:DL)Delta Sky Clubhappy
JetBlue (IATA: B6)JetBlue HotspotNo Password
American Airlines(IATA:AA)Admirals ClubHouston2017
N/AWingtip LoungeWingtipS

New American Airlines Terminal at JFK

Did you know that American Airlines accounts for about 15% of all passenger traffic through JFK? If this is new, perhaps you should also learn where American Airlines Terminal is at JFK and I’ll go into detail to explain that. It is located in Terminal 8 of the airport. It is near the end of the east side and it is easily accessible from any terminal.

What is a terminal?

It is a building or group of buildings where people check into their flights and wait for them to be assigned. The terminal at JFK Airport was built in 1963 and has been expanded over the years. It features two levels, with ticketing services on the first floor and security on the second floor.

Which terminal in JFK is American Airlines?

When JFK was initially designed and assigned to various airlines to develop, Terminal 8 was given to American Airlines and it went forth to construct the largest terminal in JFK which contains US Customers and Border Protection Facilities. It also has 84 ticket counters, and 10 security checkpoint lanes and as per data posted on Baruch’s blog, Terminal 8 handles 12.9 million passengers a year.

According to these infographics, the first phase of the New Terminal 8 opened in 2005 and its second phase opened in 2007.

As the leading airline in the world, American Airlines operates 393 daily departures from 12 cities in both New York and New Jersey to access over 77 global destinations. On a typical day, their 6,700 flights bring travelers on board to 350 locations across fifty countries; that’s 14,250 total daily trips among various international hot spots! As an original founding member of oneworld®, they are dedicated to providing services for more than 1,000 routes with 150 nations included – all at your fingertips.

The renovated Terminal 8 for AA and BA:

In a groundbreaking $400 million joint investment, two of the most prominent members of the Oneworld Alliance revealed an updated check-in area, new gates and three brand-new lounges. This remarkable terminal is anticipated to serve up to 10 million travelers yearly.

Exciting news for travelers and airlines – a robust $400 million investment in Terminal 8 has paved the way for five new widebody gates, four additional parking positions, an upgraded baggage system sprawling one hundred thirty thousand square feet.

On December 1, American Airlines, British Airways, and Iberia – a Spanish Oneworld partner – will join forces to move operations to Terminal 8. Furthermore, Japan Airlines is projected to follow suit starting in May of 2023; ultimately resulting in eight total Oneworld carriers operating from this new expanded terminal!

A massive $400 million development and expansion project was initiated to enable Terminal 8 for the co-location of American Airlines and British Airways. This upgrade provides five new widebody gates, four additional aircraft parking positions, a state-of-the-art baggage handling system as well as an extra 130,000 square feet of refurbished space. With these updates in place you can anticipate seamless transitions throughout your travel experience at this terminal.

Read the press release here.

By uniting the airlines of oneworld in a single terminal, JFK is taking an important step towards eliminating inefficiencies and providing smoother connections for travelers. The consolidation will bring Japan Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, British Airways, Iberia, and eight other carriers under one roof at Terminal 8 – creating a streamlined travel experience for customers flying internationally to or from New York City.

Below is a photo of the newly renovated Terminal 8 at JFK;

Image of the newly renovated American Airlines lounges in Terminal 8 at JFK

And here is another photo with beautiful chandeliers;

Terminal 8 which lies between Terminal 1 and Terminal 7 has three concourses, the lower level, Concourse B and Concourse C.

New Lounges in Terminal 8

Eligible customers can access three luxurious pre-flight lounges—Chelsea, Soho, and Greenwich—after passing through the security checkpoint. These two brand new lounge areas have been crafted with exquisite high-end materials to create a truly special ambiance that is sure to elevate each guest’s experience regardless of their cabin or loyalty program status. Be prepared for an unparalleled welcoming atmosphere that will make your wait before departure something to look forward too!

Check more details on this PDF document.

You should note that the Admirals Club in Terminal 8, Concourse B has been permanently closed as per the notice on AA’s website here.

What the renovation brought:

  • Five new widebody gates
  • Expanded and upgraded baggage handling system
  • More than 7,000 feet of additional terminal space
  • New premium check-in area
  • Two additional new lounges 

Map of American Airlines Gates at Terminal 8 in JFK Airport:

Between terminal 1 and 7, you’ll find Terminal 8. It has three concourses divided into three sections, each gate is marked with a number from 1 to 47.

We have included the map of American Airlines gates at Terminal 8 in JFK airport as seen below:

Arrivals Terminal for American Airlines Flights

You’ll find arriving AA flights at Terminal 8 but you need to note something regarding codeshare flights.

If you have a codeshare flight labeled American Airlines, there’s a chance the terminal for your departure may be different than what is listed. To ensure that you are departing from the correct terminal and to avoid any inconvenience or delays, please check with your airline before arriving at the airport. Terminals 1 and 5 are typically used for these types of flights; however, it’s always best to double-check! You can use this website here to find out information regarding all incoming flights.

Departures Terminal:

If you are flying American Airlines at JFK Airport, be sure to head to Terminal 8. Unfortunately, some of their flights may be operated by other airlines and have the same branding – these will typically depart from either Terminal 1 or 5. To make sure that you’re departing correctly, double-check your flight information here so there won’t be any surprises before boarding!

Airlines with Codeshare Agreement with American Airlines:

Etihad Lounge Abu Dhabi

If you want a quiet and relaxing atmosphere while waiting for your flight at Abu Dhabi Airport, a visit to one of the airport Lounges is definitely worth considering. There are several lounges available that offer different amenities and services.

It is important to state that Abu Dhabi Airport is the main hub for Etihad Airways and therefore manages all the lounges in the airport, similar way Emirates manages all the lounges such as Marhaba lounge in their Dubai Airport hub.

What’s an airport lounge?

Airport lounges are exclusive areas within the airport that offer premium amenities such as comfortable seating, complimentary snacks, and drinks, Wi-Fi access, TV screens with news and movies, showers, workstations, and much more.

About Abu Dhabi Airport Lounges:

The Abu Dhabi Airport Lounges are located in Terminals 1, and 3 and in the Arrivals Hall. The lounges are of different types ranging from Business Class Lounges to First Class Lounges, to VIP lounges and even a few exclusive pay-per-use lounges.

If you have an overnight layover, you can use the Business Class Lounge. The Business Class Lounge in Terminal 3 at Abu Dhabi airport is open around-the-clock, even amidst the worldwide travel restrictions. You should, however confirm opening hours prior to traveling since some of their lounges may be temporarily closed or have limited operating times.

Whether your preferred payment method is Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Club – we’ve got you covered. If Abu Dhabi’s the destination of choice for you and the special members in your inner circle, why not make use of those Etihad Guest Miles? However, please note that all lounge access is subject to availability. Check out more details on Etihad’s Miles program here.

Families can make lasting memories together as children aged five and under are free of charge. Kids between the ages of five and twelve get a special discount, paying only half the adult rate. For those over 12 years old, they will be charged at full price. Check out this webpage on Etihad’s website with answers to common FAQs

Visiting the Abu Dhabi lounges means you’ll be able to enjoy all of their luxurious amenities. From complimentary food and beverages, unlimited Wi-Fi access and a selection of newspapers & magazines – you can even take advantage of their shower/washroom facility if needed!

Unfortunately, you cannot book the lounges in advance. You have to have landed in Abu Dhabi.

For those looking to relax after a long flight, Abu Dhabi Airport Lounges offer designated smoking areas; these are not available at the Arrivals Lounge and US Premium Lounge.

Here is a link to Etihad’s website with details of all the 6 lounges.

Abu Dhabi First Class Lounge

Indulge in the utmost comfort and relaxation of Al Dhabi Lounge, provided by Abu Dhabi Hospitality Company. Treat yourself to our open bar offering hot and cold beverages, as well as delectable vegetarian dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a quick snack at any time of day. Afterward refresh your mind and body with an energizing shower before embarking on your journey!

Keep in the know with complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the lounge area. Plus, workstations are readily available for you to use! When it’s time to relax, take advantage of our selection of movies, TV programs and magazines – all designed specifically for your comfort and entertainment.

If you smoke, Abu Dhabi Terminal 1 Lounge has an outdoor smoking area and for your convenience, all restrooms have been equipped with baby-changing rooms. They also offer a variety of additional facilities such as Seated Massage, Infinity Private Room, Prayer Room and Work Station for an optimum experience!

Fly First or Business Class with any airline other than Etihad Airways, and you’ll be given an invitation to the lounge at check-in. Or if you’re eligible for a lounge access according to your frequent flyer program (excluding Etihad Airlines), then enjoy The Al Dhabi Lounge for 3 hours at AED 210 per person, 6 hours at AED 367.50 each! Plus kids aged 2-11 years old get 30% off their entry fee.

Are you a proud holder of Priority Pass, Diners Club International or American Express cards? Access to select locations is complimentary for card holders in accordance with their benefits. Have any concerns about your entitlements and charges? Just get in touch with the program / bank that issued your card for all the details!

What you get:

  • Seated Massage
  • Infinity Private Room
  • Prayer Room
  • Work Station

Get more details on Etihad website here.

Abu Dhabi Airport Premium Lounge:

There is another lounge in Terminal 1 called the Etihad Premium Lounge. Unlike the Abu Dhabi Lounge on Terminal 1 described above, this lounge is only accessible to Business Class fliers of Etihad.

This lounge has a pretty good deal that you shouldn’t miss if you’re traveling first class on this Middle-eastern airline. Treat yourself to an extraordinary pre-journey experience at Al Dhabi Lounge by Abu Dhabi Hospitality Company! From a variety of hot and cold drinks served at the open bar, to full meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner from our abundant buffet selection (including vegetarian options), sandwiches and snacks available 24/7 – we take care of all your needs. Moreover, you can freshen up with invigorating showers before taking off on your journey. And if work is still calling? Don’t worry! With complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the lounge area plus numerous workstations available, staying connected has never been easier.

Take a load off your feet and relax with some of the best movies, TV shows, magazines, and newspapers. Plus, smokers have their own designated area to indulge in their habit while baby-changing rooms are conveniently located next to restrooms for parents’ ease!

The exclusive Play Room provided to Etihad’s Premium Lounge customers provides an ideal environment for all visitors – including kids. Imagine they have a nanny!

Their professionally-trained nanny is always on duty to cater to the needs of your little ones, while ample activities and games guarantee that they remain entertained throughout their stay.

Other features and goodies you can get in this lounge include complimentary Wi-Fi access, TV Dens, smoking room with bathrooms and showers attached along with baby changing facilities as well as a clothes pressing service. Accessing our Premium Lounge can be done by any Etihad Business Class or partner airline guests traveling in business class!

What you get:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • TV Dens
  • Smoking room
  • Bathrooms with shower
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Clothes pressing service

Read more about this lounge on Etihad’s website here.

Terminal 3 Abu Dhabi Airport Lounges:

Terminal 3 – Etihad First Class Lounge & Spa

There are two lounges at Terminal 3 for travelers to choose from. The first is the First Class Lounge which provides travelers with a modern and luxurious setting offering plenty of amenities, including complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access, showers, prayer rooms, and plenty of seating arrangements.

This lounge offers;

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • TV Room
  • Relaxation area
  • Show kitchen
  • Feature bar
  • Gourmet Grab and Go Buffet
  • Coffee station
  • Cigar Lounge and smoking room
  • Prayer room and ablution
  • Bathrooms with shower
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Clothes pressing service
  • Shoe shine service

The First Class Lounge at Etihad Airport has lots of great stuff! You can get free Wi-Fi, watch TV, relax in a special area, and eat from the buffet. There’s even a bar with drinks and a cigar lounge for smokers. They also have prayer rooms, bathrooms with showers and baby changing areas. Plus you can get your clothes pressed and your shoes shined!

Below describes who can access this lounge;

  • Guests of The Residence
  • Etihad First Class guests travelling in First Class onwards from Abu Dhabi
  • Etihad Guest Platinum members plus one guest
  • Eligible guests from Etihad Airways Partner airlines

According to, there was another lounge called Al Reem Lounge originally located in Terminal 1 which has since been closed. The lounge which was operated by Premium Plaza Lounges chain is indicated as permanently closed on its website and on Google reviews here.

The exclusive Al Reem Lounge was one of the few lounges that permited entry with a paid admission fee. Regardless of your airline or seating class, you could choose to pay for entrance into this prestigious lounge! Plaza Premium also offers various memberships, including Priority Pass and Lounge Club. Moreover, Qatar Airways, Alitalia Air Serbia, Philippine Airlines and Virgin Australia all offered their premium passengers access to the Al Reem Lounge too; even Etihad’s lower-tier frequent flyers were granted Silver level entry (Gold member status and above may utilize Etihad’s own Premium Lounge).

This lounge which is now closed was reviewed here.

Terminal 3 – Etihad Premium Lounge

The second lounge, located in the same terminal, is the Etihad Premium Lounge, which offers a more exclusive experience to first class fliers of Etihad and some partner airlines.

What you get:

  • Business centre and complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Den with individual TV pods
  • Bars and coffee stations
  • Smoking room
  • Prayer room and ablution
  • Bathrooms with shower
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Clothes pressing service
  • Shoe shine

At Etihad’s Premium Lounge in Terminal 3, you have access to a business center with Wi-Fi. You can watch TV in individual pods, get snacks and drinks from the bars and coffee stations, use the smoking room if you need it, pray or clean up in the prayer room and ablutions area, take a shower if needed, change diapers for babies in a designated area, press your clothes for free or pay for shoe shining services. All these facilities are at your disposal in the Etihad Premium Lounge.

Plus, this lounge has a great view of the runway and airport area from its upper deck! You can simply sit back and relax while watching planes come and go. We’ll make sure you have the perfect pre-flight experience here!

The following guests are eligible to use the Premium Lounge:

  • Etihad Business Class guests travelling in Business Class onwards from Abu Dhabi
  • Etihad Airline Partner Business Class
  • Eligible guests from Etihad Airways Partner airlines

The key difference between the Terminal 3 lounges at this airport is the level of luxury and services provided. The First Class Lounge is a bit more basic and offers fewer amenities than the Etihad Premium Lounge. However, both provide excellent experiences for travelers with different needs.

Terminal 3 – Etihad US Premium Lounge

At the Etihad US Premium Lounge in Abu Dhabi International Airport, you can experience an array of luxuriously appointed interiors and a friendly service unmatched. Upon your arrival at the lounge, you will be greeted with warmth as a Concierge takes care of your luggage for all throughout your stay. As if that’s not enough, indulge yourself in their selection of light snacks and refreshments while taking away some time waiting for the departure to America.

What you get:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Bar
  • Prayer room and ablution
  • Bathrooms
  • Baby changing facilities

Who can access:

  • Etihad First and Business Class
  • Etihad Airways Partners First and Business Class

More details on Etihad’s website here.

Etihad Arrivals Lounge:

Whether you’re arriving in Abu Dhabi after a lengthy journey or just need to freshen up, Etihad Airways has the perfect spot for travelers! The luxurious Arrivals Lounge is conveniently situated right after customs at Terminals 1 and 3. Here, you will find friendly staff dedicated to making your time here enjoyable – they even offer concierge service that includes having someone take care of your luggage while you relax. Make sure to stop by when passing through Abu Dhabi so that we can make all your travels comfortable and memorable!

Rejuvenate and unwind while savoring a variety of delectable canapés, beverages hot or cold. Re-energize with an invigorating shower as your clothes are being pressed and shoes polished to perfection.

What you get:

  • Business Centre and complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Bathrooms with shower
  • Baby changing facilities

Accessing it:

  • · Etihad First and Business Class

You can read more on Etihad’s website here.

Abu Dhabi Priority Pass Lounge:

The Al Dhabi lounge in Terminal 1 is the ideal place to relax and unwind before your onward flight. This lounge is perfect for you if you’re travelling international as it is on the international terminal of Abu Dhabi.

This Priority Pass lounge offers a variety of amenities, such as comfortable seating, complimentary snacks and beverages, along with free access to the internet. Whether you are travelling alone or with a group, this is the perfect space for everyone!

Located at Abu Dhabi International Airport in Terminal 1, Airside and is open 24 hours a day. After passing Immigration turn right and take the lift to the first floor. If you are transferring from Terminal 3, come through Transfer Desk where signs will lead you directly to our store on Floor One!

Enjoy a maximum 4-hour stay at their facilities, where children under 2 years old can enter for free as long as they are accompanied by an adult. For the duration of Ramadan, alcoholic drinks will not be served while smart casual attire must remain in place and a separate smoking room is available. Furthermore, phone calls come with payment fees; please note that buffet service has been temporarily suspended but pre-plated meals will still be provided. Lastly, enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access during your visit!

What you get:

  • Disabled Access
  • TV
  • Internet
  • Refreshments
  • Air Conditioning
  • Shower
  • Alcohol
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Flight Information
  • Telephone
  • Digital Card Accepted
  • Wi-Fi

Get more details on Priority Pass’ website here.

Al Ghazal Lounge:

On terminal 2 of Abu Dhabi International Airport, the Al Ghazal Lounge will make you feel like home! This luxurious lounge is a great way to relax and unwind before or after your flight in style. At the Al Ghazal Lounge, enjoy complimentary refreshments and beverages as well as snacks from their menu.

At Abu Dhabi International Airport, Terminal 2 passengers can access this Prioirity Pass lounge 24 hours a day! To reach it, pass through Duty Free and the coffee shop after Security Checks. You’ll find us on the right-hand side of the Waiting Hall. Unfortunately, this lounge is not accessible to those departing from Terminal 1.

Unlike Al Dhabi Lounge in Terminal 1, you can only for stay up to three hours and children under two years old can enter for free!

al dhabi lounge price:

If you want to pay at the gate of your preferred lounge at Abu Dhabi, you can head over to Terminal 1’s Al Dhabi Lounge which you can access for AED 210 for a 2 hour period and AED 367.5 for a 5 hour period. In USD, this translates to USD 57.50 for 2 hour period and $100.2 for a 5-hour period. In this particular lounge, kids aged 11 and below get a 30% discount.

Below are all the amenities that the cost of staying in this Abu Dhabi lounge will give you access to;

  • Air Conditioning
  • Beverages (alcohol)
  • Beverages (non-alcoholic)
  • Disabled Access
  • Fax ($)
  • Flight Information Monitor
  • Internet/WiFi
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Private Rooms – Aerotel ($)
  • Showers
  • Telephone ($)
  • Television

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21 Things to Do During Layover in JKIA Nairobi

Are you looking for ways to make the most out of your layover at Jomo Kenyatta Airport? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. There is plenty to do and see during a layover at this airport, from shopping and dining options to entertainment activities.

In this blog post, we will discuss 21 fun things that you can do while spending time in and outside/near Jomo Kenyatta Airport during your next layover. We will cover everything from free Wi-Fi access and charging points to leisurely activities like reading or watching movies on Netflix. So whether you have a few hours or an entire day, there are plenty of ways to pass the time here. Let’s get started!

What is an airport layover?

A layover is a time between flights when passengers remain in an airport for a certain period of time before connecting to their next flight. Layovers can range from just a few hours to several days, depending on the number and length of your connecting flights.

Nairobi’s JKIA is the main hub for Kenya Airways and is the main connection point for many other international airlines. It is the busiest airport in East Africa and serves as the gateway to over 30 countries. Whether you’re planning a trip to Kenya or just passing through, here are 20 fun things to do during your layover at Jomo Kenyatta Airport!

21 Things to do during Layover in Nairobi’s JKIA:

Enjoy the fine lounges:

My top recommendation for those using Kenya Airways to connect to other destinations is to make use of their premium lounges.

KQ’s Simba Lounge, Kenya Airways’ flagship lounge, is located in the main international terminal. The lounge features complimentary drinks and snacks, comfortable seating areas, and a business center. It also offers showers for passengers to freshen up after a long flight.

You get charged $40 at the gate to access this lounge and if you want a room to nap in, you get charged $50 per hour.

Read about all lounges in Nairobi’s JKIA here.

Go shopping in Airport’s souvenir shops and Duty-free shops:

The airport features a number of duty-free shops and souvenir stores, offering a wide selection of local items and international brands for those looking to do some shopping during their layover. The Maasai shop with its selection of Kenyan souvenirs and handicrafts is worth a visit.

Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi:

The airport offers free Wi-Fi access for those who need to stay connected during their layover. Passengers can take advantage of this service by connecting to the “JKIA Free Wifi” network. The access to the internet at JKIA is not linked to airlines and neither does it cut off after every hour as it does in some airports such as Dubai and Doha.

Go for a stroll:

The airport has a large walkway and garden area that are perfect for stretching your legs after a long flight. If the weather is nice, you can take in some fresh air as you take a leisurely stroll around the grounds.

You can get some good exercise strolling from the parking lot located at Terminal 1A to the main international terminal. It’s a good way to get your blood flowing and refresh yourself after a long flight.

Head to the observation deck:

The airport features an open air observation deck that allows passengers to observe aircrafts as they take off and land. The view from here is stunning, especially during the day when you can catch a glimpse of the lush Kenyan countryside.

Visit the nearby Carnivore Restaurant:

The famous “Carnivore” restaurant is located just 10 minutes from JKIA and offers an African-themed buffet with a variety of meats and other dishes prepared over an open flame. It’ ‘s a great way to sample some of the local cuisines before continuing your journey.

Go for a safari at the Nairobi National Park:

If your layover is longer than 5 hours, you can fit a 3-hour+ game drive at the Nairobi National Park and still have time to spare. The Park is located 22km away from the Airport and using the new Southern Bypass and the Expressway constructed last year, you can quickly get to the Gate of the Nairobi National Park in less than 30 mins driving from the Airport – According to Google Maps estimate. See the map here.

You can rent a self-drive safari vehicle and use the navigator to get you to the Park. A few tour operators offer car rental services at the airport. If you opt for a guided safari, there are several willing guides and drivers willing to take you on your safari. Make sure you explain to the driver that you need to be back to the Airport at least 2 hours before your flight.

At this Park, you may be lucky to see 4 of the Big 5 as the Elephants are not at this Park. You can see Lions, Leopards, Rhinos and Buffaloes.

Grab a bite to eat at the airport:

JKIA features several eateries with a wide selection of local and international cuisine. There are also numerous cafes serving coffee and pastries for those in need of an energizing pick-me-up. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full-blown meal, the airport has something to satisfy your cravings.

The airport features an exhibition space showcasing contemporary African art from some of Kenya’s leading artists. The gallery is located in the main international terminal and admission is free. It’s the perfect place to take in some culture during your layover.

Catch a movie:

If you need to pass some time, why not catch a movie? The airport features a cinema showing a selection of African and Hollywood blockbusters. You can even grab a snack from one of the nearby restaurants before taking your seat.

Take a nap at Simba Lounge:

If you need to catch some shut-eye, the Simba Lounge offers a comfortable and quiet environment perfect for napping. The lounge features reclining chairs and plenty of charging points for your devices so you can stay connected during your layover.

It cost $50 per hour to sleep here. You can get more details on Kenya Airways website here.

Visit the nearby elephant orphanage:

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust operates an elephant orphanage just 5 km from JKIA. The facility is dedicated to the conservation and rehabilitation of endangered species, with a focus on rescuing young elephants orphaned as a result of poaching or human-wildlife conflicts. Visitors are welcome to watch the “elephant’s show” at 11 am and 3 pm daily, where they can observe and interact with baby elephants in their natural environment.

Explore some history at the Karen Blixen Museum:

Karen Blixen Museum is located just 15 km from JKIA, and it’s a great place to visit if you have some extra time. The museum was once the home of the famous author Karen Blixen who wrote “Out of Africa”. Guests can explore the historic grounds and learn about the writer’s life in colonial Kenya.

Go on a shopping spree at Nairobi’s Malls:

I really like Sarit Center, one of the oldest malls that recently got a facelift. Being my favorite, I highly recommend this mall if you have time. It’s also super close to the airport, just 25 minutes away using the newly constructed Expressway with direct link to the airport. The Capital Centre is another great choice with lots of shops and restaurants. Both malls offer free Wi-Fi and parking.

Go on a city tour:

If you want to explore the city beyond the airport, there are several tour operators offering city tours. The tour usually lasts around three hours, so you can get a good taste of Nairobi before heading back to the airport.

Dine with locals at the Village Market:

The Village Market is one of Nairobi’s most popular shopping malls and it’s just 40 minutes away from the airport. The food court features a variety of local and international cuisine, so it’s a great place to grab a bite to eat and mingle with locals before heading back to the airport.

Get a glimpse of Nairobi’s Skyline at KICC’s Roof:

KICC, also known as the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, is located just 17 km from JKIA. For a fee of Kshs1000 ($10), visitors can get access to the rooftop terrace and enjoy panoramic views of Nairobi’s skyline. It’s definitely worth the trip if you have the time.

Here is the Wikipedia page for this iconic Nairobi building.

Go hiking at Ngong Hills:

Ngong Hills is a popular destination for hikers, located just 46 km from the airport. There are several trails to explore, so you can easily spend a few hours hiking and admiring the views before heading back to the airport. It will take you about an hour and 20 mins to get here so this may only be a viable option if your layover is long – perhaps longer than 7 hours so you get time to hike for at least 2 hours and use some other 3 hours on the road to and from the hiking destination in Ngong HIlls.

Go on a fly-in safari in the Mara:

If you have the means, you can find a reliable tour operator in Kenya that can arrange a quick fly-in safari to the Mara. This involves being picked up at JKIA and transferred to Wilson Airport for the 50-mins domestic flight to the Mara.

New innovative tour operators also offer you packages that give you the flexibility to choose between affordable options and super luxurious packages. I highly recommend the newly established tour operator based in Nairobi called Kambu campers. While they mostly dwell in camping safaris including the use of campervans they converted, they also have several other safari packages that may suit those who may not like budget camping options.

Go have fun with the Giraffes:

At just 40 minutes from the airport, The Giraffe Center is a great place to visit if you have some extra time. This conservation center was founded back in the 1970s by Jock Leslie-Melville and his wife Betty Leslie-Melville. It aims to protect and conserve Rothschild giraffes, an endangered species that has been poached to near extinction. Visitors can feed the giraffes and learn more about their conservation efforts.

Here is a link to Google Maps with directions.

Things to do in Nairobi during a short layover:

If your layover is less than 3 hours, there are still plenty of things to do around the airport. You can grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants, browse shops for souvenirs or African crafts, or just relax in the lounge with a book. There’s also an observation deck where you can watch planes taking off and landing.

You can also opt to read a book or take a nap at the airport. There are many sleeping areas where you can find comfortable seating and relax.

Muslims can also enjoy access to dedicated prayer rooms.