Lounges JFK Terminal 1

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to wait for your flight, the lounge at JFK Terminal 1 is a great option. With comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, and plenty of outlets to charge your devices, you’ll be able to relax and prepare for your flight in peace. The lounge also offers a variety of snacks and drinks for purchase, so you can refuel before your journey.

About terminal 1

Terminal 1 has the most restaurants of any terminal at JFK before Security, with around 17 food and drink options including a bistro, wine bar, burger chain, and cafés. Between Gates 1 and 3, the Idlewild Wine Bar offers samples of unique Hudson Valley wines. Coffee enthusiasts should note that most coffee shops are located before Security.

John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 1 map

Lounges at JFK Terminal 1:

The following are the lounges at JFK’s Terminal 1

  • Air France/KLM Lounge
  • Casa Alitalia New York
  • KAL Lounge
  • Lufthansa Business Class Lounge
  • Lufthansa Senator Lounge
  • Primeclass Lounge

Air France/KLM Lounge at Terminal 1 in JFK

  • Location: Terminal 1, near gate 1
  • Opening Hours: Daily from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m.

The Air France/KLM Lounge at Terminal 1 in JFK offers a wide range of services, including a bar with soft and alcoholic beverages, hot and cold meal counters, a beauty treatment center, Wi-Fi, and business services. The lounge is located near gate 1 in Terminal 1, and it opens daily from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m., including free use of digital tablets available throughout the lounge. The bar serves Champagne, and passengers can choose between hot or cold meals at the counter throughout the day until 11 p.m.

Casa Alitalia New York

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You can also find more info on each of the lounges above in our general guide on all lounges at JFK

Lounges in Nairobi Airport

It’s great to be in the airport lounges. You know it’s going to be a long wait for your flight, so you can just relax and not worry about anything. There’s free wifi! And outlets if you need to charge your phone or laptop. The food is great too-who doesn’t love a good sandwich? It feels like home, but with no guilt because there are no dishes to do when you get back! Plus, they have wine and beer and other drinks which make waiting for even more fun. When I’m at JKIA airport in Nairobi Kenya I always stop by the lounge before my flight because it makes me feel better knowing that I’ll have some time on either end of my flight to get re-energized and relaxed before and after.

Lounges at JKIA Airport – Nairobi, Kenya

These days, many airports have several lounges available. There are often private lounges that can be paid for through membership or day access. These are great because you don’t need to pay extra to get in. They’re cleaner and more spacious than the other lounges which mean they’re not as crowded during busy travel times. There are also budget lounges that allow you to pay a day rate and enjoy all the amenities within it.

The waiting area is one of the busiest places in airports and, whether we like it or not, we all spend too much time there. I think the key thing for successful waiting is preparation: Take out your books or other materials, get through security before the rush and plan for delays. The main thing is: don’t panic…it won’t help!

You can use your lounge time to catch up on work emails and social media or just to relax while reading a book or watching TV. If you want to explore the area outside of the lounge, there’s also a lot you can do. You can get some fresh air, which is great if it’s hot and stuffy and not so great for your allergies! There will usually be wifi available in the lounge which makes catching up on work much easier than trying to find somewhere with free wifi at the airport.

Alternatively, there are also waiting areas where you can grab a snack and some caffeine to keep you going or just watch TV to pass the time. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in such a short amount of time when it’s so easy to access your documents and files on your phone!

The next time you travel somewhere, consider what options there are for lounges and which is the best choice for your needs. Some lounges charge a fee, while others are free and you may be limited to one or two visits per day depending on the type of lounge you choose. It’s also important to note that not all lounges will be available in all airports so it’s good to do some research ahead of time and look for the best option.

Lounges in Nairobi Airport

Kenya Airways Simba Lounge:

Kenya Airways Simba Lounge: Kenya Airways Simba Lounge at JKIA is a state-of-the-art lounge that incorporates an African cultural interior design with contemporary Italian furniture and technology infrastructure such as free Wi-Fi, a soundproof transit passengers resting area, dining lounge, washrooms, and showers. It is located at Terminal 1A (Outside Security) and is open from 5 am to 12 am daily


  • Premium Food
  • Snacks
  • Spirits & Liquor
  • Beer & Wine
  • Wi-Fi
  • Showers
  • Flight Monitors
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • TVs
  • Children’s Area
  • Internet Terminals
  • Printers & Copiers
  • Telephones
  • Smoking Area
  • 18+ Cardholder
  • A private room is also available at an additional fee.

Below are other lounges at Nairobi’s JFK Airport

  • Kenya Airways Msafiri Lounge
  • Swissport Aspire Lounge
  • Turkish Airlines Star Alliance Lounge
  • Kenya Airways Pride Lounge
  • Tradewinds Aviations Mt. Kenya Lounge – Terminal 2
  • Tradewinds Aviation Mara Lounge – Terminal 2

If you have a long layover, you can also check out this list of things to do in Nairobi near JKIA

Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal

In this blog, I’ll be explaining the location of Alaska Airline’s JFK terminal, its address, and what is inside.

Alaska Airlines is headquartered in Seattle and has a hub at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The company’s headquarters were originally located on the property of Alaska’s main airport until it was moved to SeaTac in 1978. This airline operates hubs at Portland International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and San Francisco International Airport as well as focus cities at Bellingham International Airport, Eugene McNamara Regional Airport, Kahului Airport, Kona International Airport, and Oakland Metropolitan Area Community College District’s Jack London Square Aerodrome.

Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal

At JFK, the Alaska Airlines terminal is located at Terminal 7, carousel 5 and Terminal and Gates 1-9. For ticketing of Alaska Airlines, use Zone C located within Terminal 7 and is open daily from 4:30 am- 7:25 pm

Services at Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal

  • TSA Pre✓™
  • Cargo services
  •  Alaska lounge
  • Free wifi at the airport
  • Family restroom
  • Power outlet to charge

The following services are not available;

  • Kids area
  • Cash services – only accept debit and credit cards
  • Daily: 10 minutes prior to arrival and 40 minutes after arrival. Note: We accept credit and debit cards only at New York (JFK) . Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal is in New York, NY.

You can find more info on Alaska Airlines website here.

You can read more info on Alaska Airlines lounge on their website here.

Alaska Airlines JFK lounge is a fantastic lounge, your family will enjoy a nice break from the busy airport.

There is an Alaska Airlines Lounge in JFK Terminal 7 at carousel number 5 and also at gates 1-9. You can only access the lounge if you have a boarding pass for their flight or are flying on Alaska Airlines soon.  The lounge provides food, free wifi and quiet space away from the busy airport. The lounge is clean and well-maintained, you can make yourself comfortable there until your flight boarding time.

Facilities in Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal

The amenities inside this terminal include free wi-fi throughout the building, family restrooms, charging stations for phones/laptop/etc., a boarding pass printing station and a business center.

I hope this blog helped to explain the location of Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal, its address and what is inside. You can read more about it on their website here or if you have any questions feel free to contact me!  

Things to do Near Orlando Airport

Flying can be a stressful experience, especially when you have to deal with long layovers. There are many things that people do during those times, from going sightseeing or shopping to grabbing a bite to eat. One of the best ways for travelers on a layover to enjoy themselves is by exploring their destination city and getting out into nature. This blog will explore some of the different experiences available near Orlando International Airport for travelers looking to get away from the airport and explore Florida’s sunshine state!

1. Sightseeing in Orlando, Florida

2. Shopping in Orlando, Florida

3. Exploring nature near the airport

4. Eating at restaurants near the airport during a layover

5. Other activities to do while on a layover at OIA

Go Sightseeing Near Orlando Airport

Orlando is a city in central Florida and part of the state’s famous “Sunshine State” region. Famous for its theme parks, Orlando has a ton to offer visitors who are interested in exploring nature or checking out interesting historical sites. Whether you’re an animal lover, history buff, Disney fanatic, or just enjoy spending time outdoors, Orlando has something for you to enjoy!

1. Disney World Orlando –

This is the most famous tourist attraction in all of Florida, and accordingly, one of the priciest. Located just ten minutes from OIA, Walt Disney World is an amazing experience that should be seen by every child at least once in their life. There are four different theme parks at Disney World Orlando: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios! The parks are large and filled with amazing rides and attractions that everyone will enjoy. However, they also tend to be crowded in the day and early evening hours. If you’re looking for a more relaxing experience I would recommend getting tickets to one of the theme parks at either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure, both located a little farther from the airport.

2. Gatorland

– If you want to explore wetlands where alligators and crocodiles call home, this is the place for you! This theme park has several different exhibits that put visitors right in the middle of Florida’s swamps and marshes. You will see gators up close in the park’s many shows, including one that features alligators jumping out of a lake to catch their dinner! The park also has zip lining opportunities, train rides, and an expansive wildlife preserve.

3. Bok Tower Gardens

– This is another great way to get in touch with nature near Orlando Airport. Located in the town of Lake Wales, about 30 minutes from OIA, Bok Tower Gardens features a beautiful garden built around a historic tower. This 61-acre site includes gardens, a 103 foot tall tower with an enchanting carillon inside, and even a small zoo! The gardens feature several different sculptures and attractions that are great for visitors of all ages, and it’s a great way for travelers to enjoy some sunshine during their layover!

4. Kennedy Space Center

– NASA buffs will love exploring the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, not far from OIA at all. If you’re looking for an interactive space museum or just want to see what America’s space program is all about, this is the place for you! Visitors to Kennedy Space Center can explore several different aspects of space exploration, including the history of NASA and getting a chance to look inside some amazing exhibits. Don’t forget to check out the Astronaut Hall of Fame while you’re there!

5. Wekiwa Springs State Park –

This park features beautiful forests and springs, which are the perfect combination for a relaxing experience. Wekiwa Springs State Park is another great place to enjoy nature and get in touch with Florida’s amazing wildlife. The park offers opportunities like canoeing and kayaking, hiking trails through the forests and around the springs, and even swimming in an area that was recently opened up to visitors! It’s a great opportunity for visitors to relax during their layover at the airport.

6. Universal Studios

– This is another major theme park near Orlando Airport, but it’s along the interstate closer to Tampa than Disney World. Visitors who are looking for something different will definitely enjoy checking out Universal Studios’ themed attractions and rides! The park is split into several different sections, each of which is themed off a popular movie like Jurassic Park and Despicable Me. There are also several different shows and attractions within the park that put visitors right in the middle of major motion pictures!

7. Islands Of Adventures

– This is another theme park near Orlando Airport, but this one features rides that let visitors explore the mystical worlds of Harry Potter and others! There are several different areas of Islands of Adventure, including an amazing Spiderman ride that puts you right in the middle of a battle with Spidey’s most dangerous enemies. Don’t forget to get your wand at Ollivander’s: Makers Of Fine Wands since this is also the only place in the park where you can experience Harry Potter’s favorite pastime.

8. Natural Bridge Caverns

– Located about an hour from OIA, this cavern tour is one of the best things to do near Orlando Airport. Visitors will get a chance to explore deep underground while learning about the history of these amazing geological formations! There are several different trails that lead visitors through the caverns, which are filled with remarkable rock formations. This is also a great opportunity to see some of Florida’s unique wildlife, including several kinds of bats.

9. St Augustine

– St. Augustine is easily one of the best places to visit near Orlando Airport because it has so much history! The first European settlement in North America was founded here, and that’s just the start of what makes this place awesome. Visitors to St. Augustine will get a chance to see forts like Castillo de San Marcos (one of the oldest still-standing forts in North America) along with other historical sites. There are also several different areas where visitors can explore or take in the gorgeous scenery.

10. Cocoa Beach

– Located just south of Orlando Airport at Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach is another great place to explore during a layover! Visitors to Cocoa Beach will enjoy beautiful white sand beaches, amazing surf and even some fantastic shopping opportunities. There are also several different amusement parks nearby like Ron Jon Surf Park, which is an amazing opportunity for visitors to try out some of Florida’s best surfing!

11. Cape Canaveral

– Last but not least, this space-themed area is another great destination that’s located near Orlando Airport. Visitors who want to explore the history of NASA should definitely check out the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. This attraction is home to the largest collection of rockets and spacecraft in the world, along with several other exhibits that highlight some of the most famous missions in American history. This complex also has a movie theater and IMAX so visitors can even enjoy a show while staying here!

Shopping in Near Orlando Airport

Here are some of the best places to shop near Orlando Airport:

–  Visit these stores and more when you shop at Topsham , Topsham.

– One of the best outlet malls near Orlando Airport is located in Sanford . Take a break from your trip and enjoy shopping at the Seminole Towne Center .

– There are also several specialty shops located in Orlando proper, including Fun & Culture , Winter Park.

You can also shop inside Orlando airport with shops including   books, newsstands, beverley’s chocolate factory & more!

Other things to do near Orlando Airport

* Cruise the St Johns River – This historic river flows right by Orlando Airport and there are several different cruises you can take along it. The St Augustine area is also nearby if you’d like to make a day trip out of it.

* Visit Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! – This is only one of the many locations where you can visit this successful franchise, which also has locations in New York City and Myrtle Beach. 

Destinations from King Fahd International Airport

DestinationHow to get
MumbaiTake a flight from King Fahd International Airport to Mumbai (BOM), India. It is a 3-hour and 15minutes flight and will cost you $250-$340 USD. 
DammamA direct taxi from King Fahd Airport to Dammam will cost you $45-$60 USD. It is 41.2 km away, and a travel time of 30 mins 

King Fahd International Airport Arrivals and Departures

For real-time arrivals at King Fahd International Airport and tracking of flight status, you can check online by clicking here and for departures at the airport and flight status you can check online by clicking here