Sleep Pods at Heathrow Airport

If you are having a long layover at Heathrow Airport and thinking of where to sleep in Terminal 2, 4, or 5, you may be wondering if sleep pods are a possibility. In this blog, I have explained in detail Heathrow sleeping pods, where you can find them (which terminal), how they cost, which airlines offer them and more.

Let’s start with the basics;

What is a sleeping pod in the first place?

They are basically private rooms/suites that you can rent for a short duration of time, usually by the hour. They offer a bed, clean sheets, international electrical sockets, reading light, luggage storage, and sometimes even a TV.

British Airways Sleep Pods:

Just this past week, British Airways launched a new way for their travelers to catch a nap during long layovers using their innovative sleep pods at Heathrow Airport. It was covered in their press release here.

Their so-called ‘Forty Winks’ nap lounge, which opened on May 17, 2022 features power nap sleep pods called EnergyPod. Similar to the British Airways’ sleep pods at Terminal 7 in JFK, these new sleep pods at Heathrow are being introduced in partnership with RestWorks.

These launched pods are now available in British Airways’ First Lounge at London Heathrow. In their press release, British Airways indicated that they’ll be adding more sleep pods to its Concorde Room at London Heathrow Terminal 5 when global travel restrictions ease and those lounges open.  

How do RestWorks’ Sleep Pods look like?

RestWorks is an independent company that specializes in sleep and works with businesses to improve their employee productivity through better sleep. The company’s CEO told Business Insider that the pod resembles “a cross between a La-Z-Boy and a Tesla.”

The EnergyPod has a ” zero-gravity ” recline position that makes it easier to fall asleep. It also has a ” white-noise ” machine and a ” light-blocking visor ” to help you relax.

energypod dallas stadium

The EnergyPod has a privacy visor, a built-in timer, and music created especially for napping. The EnergyPod gently but effectively wakes the user at the end of the nap with a mild light, sound, and vibration combination.

They have a height of 147 cm (58 inches), 122 cm (48 inches) in height and a 212 cm(83.5 inches) in length.

Aside from JFK and Heathrow, Restworks has also installed sleep pods in Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore.

How much do these Sleep Pods cost?

The pods cost £30 (about $40) for a 30-minute session, or £50 (about $66) for an hour, according to British Airways’ website.

Where are these Sleep Pods located?

The pods are currently only available in the First Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5, but British Airways plans to add more pods to its Concorde Room lounge when global travel restrictions ease.

What about other Terminals?

For now, British Airways is the only airline with sleep pods at Heathrow Airport. However, Virgin Atlantic has introduced private suites called the “snooze zone” at its Clubhouse lounge in Terminal 3 where you can catch some shut-eye on a daybed or in one of their two “sleep pods” for £25 (about $33) for up to 45 minutes.

Heathrow Airside Bedrooms

Another option for you can opt to sleep at Heathrow Airport is using The Airside Bedrooms in Terminal 3 which, unfortunately, are temporarily closed since the COVID travel restrictions were put in place in the UK. However, you can check if they are now available using this link.


  • 6:00am to 10:00pm

Sleep Pods at Heathrow Airport Prices

  • Singles from £20/hour
  • Twin from £30/hour
  • Triple from £35/hour (double bed with single bunk bed)
  • Please note: there is a three hour minimum stay

Sleep Pods at Heathrow Airport Amenities

  • En-suite shower room & WC / Aromatherapy Associates toiletries
  • Hairdryer & shaver socket
  • 22″ flat-screen TV
  • Unlimited WiFi
  • Small desk area
  • Free international calls
  • Infant cots available

Unlike the sleep pods, the airside bedrooms at Terminal 3 are much larger with more amenities such as a desk area, hairdryer, TV, and shower rooms.

Sleeping pods Heathrow Terminal 2

At Heathrow’s Terminal 2, there are no sleep pods but you can use the following sleeping by checking out the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge, or United Club. If you have a United Airlines ticket, you can use the United Club for free.

Below are some helpful links to the sleep options.

YotelAir in Terminals 4

Similar to Terminal 2, there are no sleeping pods at Heathrow but you can use YotelAir, a hotel within the airport. YotelAir, you can stay in a small cabin for up to 12 hours at a time.

The YotelAir cabins start at £30 for 4 hours, £40 for 8 hours, and £50 for 12 hours. If you want to add an extra bed, it is £10 per night.

They are a bit bigger than Sleeping Pods and actually look like a regular mini-hotel room with a bed, TV, and bathroom.

Below is an image of one YotelAir sleep area;

YotelAir London Heathrow is a convenient and unique hotel in terminal 4. We slept in the coolest Heathrow sleeping pods and this is the full review. #yotelair #yotel #airporthotel #londonheathrowhotel #wheretostayatheathrow #yotelairlondonheathrow

Aerotel London Heathrow

Another hotel within Heathrow Airport is the Aerotel London Heathrow. It is located in Terminal 3 and has 82 guest rooms which can be rented in blocks of 6, 9, 12 hours or overnight. The rates are from GBP 64.00 to 127 for Solo Plus package and GBP 76 to 152 for a Double Plus package.

Check its rates on TripAdvisor today here.

Sleep Pods at Heathrow Terminal 5:

Sofitel London Heathrow is the only hotel with direct access to Heathrow Terminal 5 through a 5-minute covered walkway. Sofitel combines French luxury with modern comfort.

Illustration 1 The hotel is adjacent to the international business and shopping centre Terminal 5, with its many restaurants, bars, and stores. There are also 2 spas and a fitness center on-site.

The Grand Suite has a separate bedroom with a king size bed and an LCD TV. The living room has a sofa bed, work desk, and another TV.

Image of Classic room queen size bed that you can sleep in as a sleep pod alternative
Classic Room, Queen size Bed. Credit:

Guests have free access to the Executive Lounge with its complimentary continental breakfast and evening drinks.

Rates start at £114 per night for one person.

Illustration 1

Classic Room, Twin Beds; Credit: Twin Bed at Sofitel listed by

Heathrow Airport Terminal 3:

At Terminal 3, you can book any of the two available lounges. You can opt for Club Aspire or Number 1 Lounge which have the following amenities;

  • Relaxing environment away from the crows
  • Excellent runway views
  • Complimentary light meals and snacks
  • Range of soft and alcoholic drinks
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi and charging facilities
  • Quiet zone and business facilities available

Club Aspire costs 34.99 Pounds and No. 1 Lounge costs 36 Pounds

Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 lounges with their pricing

Over 16,200 customers that have booked Sofitel have given it an average rating of 4.5/5 and has a high rate of returning customers.


Q: Where are the sleeping pods located in Heathrow Airport?

A: The pods are located in the First Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5.

Q: How much do the sleeping pods cost?

A: They cost £30 (about $40) for a 30-minute session, or £50 (about $66) for an hour-long session. You can also opt for cheap hotels that you can sleep in for 12 hours with free shuttles from and to Heathrow airport.

Q: What amenities do the pods have?

A: The pods are equipped with a pillow, duvet, reading light, and air conditioning.

Q: Are there any other locations where I can find sleeping pods at Heathrow Airport?

A: British Airways plans to add more pods to its lounges at Gatwick and JFK airports.

Q: Are the sleep cabins terminal 4 Heathrow good?

A: The YotelAir sleep cabins at Terminal 4 are a good option if you want to stay in a small cabin for up to 12 hours at a time. They require you to get a pass of at least 4 hours. Here is a full review by Victoria who spent a night on the sleep cabins/Yotel cabins at Terminal 4 when she had a layover on her way to Kuala Lumpur.

Q: What are some fun things to do at Heathrow airport during layover?

A: There are several things you can do during your layover depending on the amount of time you have until your next flight. We have a list of 18 things to do that you can choose from.

JFK’s Sleep Pods & Minute Suites Guide

From the moment you step out of your car and take a deep breath, JFK can feel like the most uncomfortable airport in America. The crowds are large and unruly, it’s hot as all get out, and there’s nothing to do but stand in line for hours on end. So thankfully, JFK has finally come up with a solution: sleep pods!

These comfortable little cubbies have been popping up at different terminals around the airport over the past few months. They’re designed to offer weary travelers an opportunity to escape from their stressors while they wait for their flights. And best of all – they’re free! Just head over to any terminal that has them (they’re scattered throughout) and find yourself a cozy place to snooze.

Does JFK Have sleep pods or Minute Suites?

As of early November 2022, JFK has installed private sleep suites by Minute Suites as per the press release posted by Minute Suites (more details below). A check today, however, revealed that sleep pods provided by Gosleep, a Finnish company may no longer be available as Gosleep has removed JFK in its list of locations it serves. For a long period, only Gosleep pods – including Jetblue branded pods were the only resting cabins at JFK and Minute Suites introduced private suite rentals on August 2022.

Most airports now served by Gosleep are foreign such as Dubai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Beijing and Amsterdam as shown in the snapshot below. O’hare and Philadelphia Airports have installed Minute Suites. Some of the busiest airports in the US such as Seattle Tacoma, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Orlando Airport have not installed sleep pods. This was not the case this past summer.

Snapshot showing Gosleep locations excluding JFK. Credit: Gosleep Website
Snapshot showing Gosleep locations excluding JFK. Credit: Gosleep Website

Jetblue Sleep Pods at JFK

Back in 2016, JetBlue unveiled four state-of-the-art sleeping pods at John F. Kennedy International Airport, each with a mix of lights, music, and vibrations to gently rouse passengers 20 minutes later. The aim is to put tired travelers to sleep and wake them gently about 20 minutes later. When it launched it was featured in NY Post here.

US airports with sleep pods - JFK GoSleep

The Jetblue sleep pods were installed by GoSleep a company that specializes in rest equipment.

Each pod includes a long leather mattress with a breathable lockable screen on top. Typically, each pod can be rented by the hour or overnight but it appears that Jetblue decided not to monetize these pods. They are still free despite earlier reports that Jetblue was going to increase the number of pods and start charging a fee.

They are still free on a first-come, first-use basis. Those who use the pod can keep their belongings under the mattress, which is a big concern as many fliers have reported getting worried their stuff is going to get taken away. Munich Airport’s Napcaps and Atlanta Airports’ Minute Suites have figured out the solution to this with a lockable mini cubicle.

Each pod includes a quick-charger for electronic devices and users are responsible for cleaning their own pod with the cleaning products provided.

Terminal 5 Sleep Pods

At terminal 5, you can sleep in sleep pods (Airside) for up to 20 minutes free of charge. JetBlue has JetNap Energypods that are located next to Gate 16 and between gates 27 & 28 There are a total of 10 pods, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Read more on JetBlue’s website here. On the landside, you can use TWA sleep pods as well.

jetnaps energy pods at terminal 5 jfk
JetNaps at Terminal 5, JFK Airport; Photo courtesy of Metronaps

Terminal 7 Sleep Pods by British Airways

In 2021, British Airways also installed Sleep pods at Terminal 7 of JFK airport. B. Airways pioneered EnergyPod, a technology developed by Rest Works. British Airways is offering the 7 pods at the BA terminal as complimentary and you do not need to book ahead of time. When you get to the Terminal, you need to use their British Airways ‘Your Menu’ lounge app to check availability in real-time.

Restworks is a company specialized in providing workplace sleep technology and rest facilities such as massage chairs and nap pods and has installed it at Heathrow and JFK. Check out sleep pods at Heathrow Airport here.

Other US Airports with Sleep Pods

Other than JFK, the following sleep pods in the US also have sleep pods;

Minute Suites at JFK:

Barely two months ago on August 31, Minute Suites posted on its website blog that it was now introducing Minute Suites at JFK. The blog states that there are 7 private suites located on Terminal 4 near Gate B39. Below is a snapshot of the press release announcing the introduction of the Minutes Suites at JFK’s Terminal 4.

Minute Suites have a one-hour minimum stay, with additional 15-minute increments available for purchase. An overnight flat rate is also available. Several locations feature a shower service, which can be reserved separately in 25-minute increments. Priority Pass members receive a free hour and discounted rate for time spent after the first hour.

What can you get here?

All private suites at JFK’s Minute Suites include free DirecTV, Netflix and Wi-fi. A daybed that pulls out into a trundle bed sleeps two people comfortably and is in each room. Up to four people can fit in each room. There is also a mini-bar with drinks and snacks that you can purchase items from.

Which airlines are at Terminal 4 served by Minute Suites?

Minute Suites are available to most international fliers arriving on the flights/airlines listed below that land in Terminal 4 at JFK;

  • AeroMexico
  • Air India
  • Air Europa
  • Avianca
  • Caribbean
  • China Airlines
  • China Southern
  • Copa Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • ELAL Israel Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Etihad
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • jetBlue
  • Kenya Airways
  • KLM
  • Kuwait Airways
  • LATAM Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Uzbekistan Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • WestJet
  • Xiamen Air

How to reserve Minute Suites at JFK Airport

As you can see in the snapshot below from their reservation page, you can book a min of 1 hour but can increase to 1.25 hrs, 1.5 hrs, 1.75 hrs..until a max of 8 hours.

Minute Suites also has Overnight suites available from 10 pm as shown in the screenshot below;

Snapshot showing cost of Minute Suites at JFK for overnight sleep
Snapshot showing cost of Minute Suites at JFK for overnight sleep

There are also booking for Priority pass cardholders;

Snapshot showing cost of Minute Suites Priority Pass at JFK
Snapshot showing cost of Minute Suites Priority Pass at JFK

There are suites for nursing moms, airline crew members, military/first responders and 30-mins shower rentals as shown below;

There are several types of suites named after some iconic places in NYC such as Tribeca, SOHO, Central Park, Times Square, Wall Street, and Broadway, among others as shown in the snapshot below.

You can reserve it on Minute Suites website here.

Minute Suites Cost at JFK:

You can book Minute Suite’s Private Suites for a minimum of 1 hour and that will cost you $48. For the first 2 hours, each 15-mins increment will cost you an additional $12. Splitting an hour in 15-mins portions, that 2 hours will add up to 8 15-mins slots which come to a total of $96 for the 2 additional hours. The total you can expect to pay to sleep for 3 hours at these private suites is $144 which is a sum of $48 for the first hour and $96 for the two additional hours.

YOu can also opt to purchase a 2-hour slot for $96 and get charged $9.5 for each incremental 15 mins up to 2 hours. That’s a total of $76.5(8*$9.5) for the incremental period. For the entire 4 hours, you’ll pay $96 for the first 2 hours and $76.5 for the additional 2 hours.

One hour (minimum)$48
15-minute increments (first two hours)$12
Two hours$96
15-minute increments (after two hours)$9.50
Extended 8-hour stay (after 9PM)$$175
30-minute shower$30
Shower with suite rental purchase$20

If you want to sleep overnight at these private suites by Minute Suites, you can pay $175 with an option of $20 for shower facilities. Unfortunately, the rooms/suites do not come with a shower. The $20 charge for the shower is, however, a discount from a standalone price of $30 you’ll have to pay if you didn’t rent any of their rental units. Below is a snapshot with the pricing that I got from Minute Suite’s website.

MInute Suites Priority Pass JFK:

You can access it by paying the hourly rate or by using your Priority pass credits. Priority Pass Cardholders are allowed one free hour-long visit to a Minute Suite per entitlement. If the cardholder wishes to use the suite for more than one hour, they will be charged a discounted rate of $34 per hour. Up to three guests can accompany the cardholder in the same suite at no extra charge.

Read more on Priority Pass’ website here.

English (Black Friday Up to 40% off)

TWA Hotel

you’re not a fan of the idea of taking a nap in an airport, don’t worry – JFK has plenty of other options for weary travelers. One such option is TWA Hotel which is located inside the airport. TWA Hotel has a package for those looking to sleep during the day and regular night-time packages.

The day packages, called are available daily from 6 AM to 8 PM ET for a minimum of four hours and a maximum of 12 hours. Their cheapest rate is $149 for a max of 4 hours. You can check prices on its website here for all options here or on When you add the tax, it cost almost $200 as shown in the snapshot I took below;

Other great options to sleep if you don’t want to go with sleep pods:

You can also search ‘JFK Airport’ in the Booking’s site search box below;

How Sleep Pods work

Sleep pods are rest equipment that reclines and has a noise-masking system. They come with an amenity kit that has earplugs and an eye mask, as well as a heated blanket if it gets cold. You can control the pod’s light and sound to get ready for a good night’s sleep. When you’re done sleeping, the pod will play a light jazz melody to gently wake you up.


Q: Can you sleep at JFK during layovers?

A: Yes, you can sleep at JFK during layovers. In fact, JFK and a number of airports offer sleep pods for travelers but also have nearby hotels.

Q: How much do the sleep pods cost?

A: The JFK sleep pods are free to use.

Q: How long can I use the sleep pod for?

A: You can use the sleep pod for up to two hours.

Q: How do I book a sleep pod at JFK?

A: The sleep pods are available on a first-come, first-served basis so there is no need to book in advance. Just head over to the airport and look for the nearest sleep pod.

Q: Does JetBlue have a lounge at JFK?

A: Yes, JetBlue has a lounge at JFK. The lounge is located in Terminal 5 and offers a variety of amenities such as Wi-Fi, charging stations, food and drinks, and more.

Q: What are the hours of the JetBlue lounge?

A: The hours of the JetBlue Lounge vary depending on the day. However, the lounge is typically open from early morning to late evening.

Q: What is the cost of the JetBlue lounge?

A: The cost of the JetBlue Lounge varies depending on the day. However, it typically costs between $35 and $50 to enter or can book one of the hotels close to JFK

Q: Can I leave JFK Airport during a layover?

A: Yes, you can leave JFK Airport during a layover. In fact, there are a number of things to do in the city of New York and the surrounding areas.

Q: What is the best way to get from JFK Airport to Manhattan?

A: The best way to get from JFK Airport to Manhattan is by metro train, taxi or Uber.

Q: What is the cost of a taxi from JFK Airport to Manhattan?

A: The cost of a taxi from JFK Airport to Manhattan typically costs between $55 and $75 depending on the time of day. There are also other places or things to do around JFK.

Q: Are there sleep pods at JFK terminal 4

A: In early 2022, we just checked and it is still under planning to be launched in the future.


Centurion Lounge JFK

Centurion Lounge JFK is a full-service lounge located at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Terminal 4. The lounge offers complimentary amenities such as newspapers, magazines, TV screens with various programming, and more. Centurion members can also enjoy access to the exclusive VIP Concierge Desk for assistance with their travel needs. To learn about how you can become eligible for membership please visit

The Centurion Lounge JFK is one of many lounges that exist within the airport terminal; however, it distinguishes itself from other lounges because it provides an exclusive space for its members only. If you are traveling domestically or internationally and want to take advantage of all that this lounge has to offer, you will need to be a member of the Centurion Lounge. As long as you are flying in first or business class at any airline that offers access to this lounge, then you can gain entry.

Fees to Access Centurion Lounge at JFK:

To access Centurion Lounge at JFK, you need to be a member of the American Express® Platinum Card®, Centurion® Card from American Express, or any other card issued by American Express that offers access to this lounge.

American Express used to sell day passes but they’ve stopped.

Where American Express Lounge is Located at JFK:

The Centurion Lounge at JFK is located in Terminal 4, which is the home of many domestic and international airlines. After passing through security, you’ll see the lounge near the TSA checkpoint to the left of escalators.

The gates are below this lounge making it very ideal if you have a long layover.

Operating Hours:

  • Hours: 6 am – 9 pm

Benefits of Amex Lounge Membership at JFK:

·          Complimentary Wi-Fi and comfortable seating throughout the space

·          Private restrooms with showers for those who are long haul travelers

·          Comfortable furniture including armchairs, loveseats, and ottomans

·          Premium liquors including Courvoisier, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Tanqueray 10, Davidoff Private Reserve, Chivas 18, Glenmorangie Lasanta 12-year-old scotch

·          Full bar service

·          Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages including coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices

·          Complimentary hot foods

·          Planters Nuts and bottled water on the table

·          Breakfast pastries, bagels, fruits, snacks throughout the day. There is also a hot soup option in the morning

·                   Newspapers and magazines for your convenience

·          Complimentary use of computer, printer and fax machine in the business centre. There is also a conference room available to book

Services you can expect at this Amex Lounge

Services Provided:  The VIP Concierge Desk provides assistance to Centurion members with their travel needs such as: special meal requests, transportation to and from the airport, and requests for wheelchair assistance. Other services include: currency exchanges, flight confirmations, baggage handling and more.

  • Dedicated Work Area
  • Equinox Body Lab
  • Family Room
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi
  • Large Flat-Screen TVs
  • Member Services Desk
  • Phone Room
  • Premium Bar*
  • Print, Fax, Copy
  • Semi-Private Workspaces
  • Speakeasy
  • Specialty Coffee Bar

Food Served at Centurion Lounge at JFK

Free food is served from 6:30 in the morning to 8:30pm.

Breakfast 6:30 am – 11:30 am

  • Caciocavallo and egg sandwich with tomato marmalade, on brioche bun
  • Thick cut bacon with potatoes, spinach, and mostarda di cremona

Lunch & Dinner11:30 am – 8:30 pm

  • Fennel salad with castelvetrano olives and provolone
  • Chicken broth with farro and butternut squash crostini
  • Steak and golden nugget potatoes with romesco and taleggio sauce
  • Fried maitake mushroom “po boy” with chipotle mayo and pickles on a brioche bun
  • Chocolate cake with black sesame seeds

Video of The Centurion® Lounge JFK International

Directions to Amex lounge at JFK

The Centurion Lounge JFK is located in Terminal 4 of John F Kennedy Airport, immediately after the security screening point. As you continue walking you will see a sign pointing to the left for Wing B which is where you will find the lounge.

If you have any questions about Centurion Lounge JFK or require assistance, please contact our VIP Concierge Desk at . They can help with everything from directions and transportation information to special meal requests and all other travel needs.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Centurion Lounge JFK!

Albany Airport Full Guide 2022

About Albany International Airport

Albany International Airport is a public airport located in Colonie New York, United States situated 9nkilometers northwest of Albany, in Albany County. This airport was built on the site of Sharker settlement. The airport serves Albany and the capital District, New York.

Albany International Airport is operated by the Albany County Airport Authority and is owned by the Albany County New York. The airport covers 1,000 acres of land in an area which is approximately 400 ha with an elevation of 285 ft.

Albany International Airport is the oldest airport in the United States and was the first municipal airport to be built in the United States. The airport started as an airstrip in 1908 located on a former polo field on Loudonville Road 4.8 kilometers north of the city in the town of Colonie. In 1909 it was moved to Westerlo Island which is in the city of Albany where by this time it was the city of Bethlehem. The airport got its first name at this time and was named after Teddy Roosevelt’s son, Quentin who was a fighter pilot during World War I.

There was an established prize for the sustained flight between Albany and New York City where Glenn Curtis achieved it on May 29th, 1910. Mayor John Boyd Thatcher II with his words “a city without the foresight to build an airport for the new traffic may soon be left behind in the race of competition” pushed for the construction of a new modern airport in 1928 on the Sharker site near Albany Shaker road.

Often the airport was closed and threatened with closure which prompted repeated improvements in the late 1930’s and 1940’s then later closed from January of 1939 till December 1940. Later on the airport was reopened to traffic during daylight hours only. The restrictions were later pulled down in January 1942 and the airport has since not been closed again.

There were developments in February 1947 which involved a 3500-foot runways aimed 12, 98 and 133 degrees magnetic. The primary runway extended its length of 5000 feet having a hard surface. Later on the surface was extended to the north by 1966 and 1967 to 600 feet. The north south/runway was extended again 7200 by 1980s.The east/west crosswind runway extended to 7200 feet from 5999 feet in early 2000s; the maintenance of the land threshold was done. Due to the disruptions from the east, the available landing distance was unchanged. Later on, 1300 feet of runway was added to the main runway to bring it to its 8500 foot length. The management of the city was done and owned ALB.By 1960; the county of Albany ended the city’s stake.

The opening of the new terminal was done in 1962 where a landslide building which had ticket counters, a coffee shop, a baggage claim on the first floor and a restaurant, and on the second floor offices and viewing area. A single Storey building which was a boarding concourse was extended outside from this building and later on was expanded in 1979 with an additional two-storey building attached diagonally to the northwest and had boarding gates for Allegheny Airlines on the second floor and baggage carousels on the first floor. 

In the year 1993, the creation of the Albany County authority was done within a 40 year lease during the operations of the airport in 1996.By May16, 1996, the construction of the new terminal began which was opened in June 1998.The construction was done around the existing terminal and demolished upon its completion living behind the 1979 extension from the old terminal building.

The construction of a16000-square-foot began in the airport by 1999 which was added to the new terminal for Southwest Airlines’ use. In the year 2000, the project was completed and gave allowances to passengers by adding the two new dual jet projects.

By 2019, the construction started for various airport improvements which includes anew, 1000 car parking garage which was opened in March 2020;

               -new solar panels 


              -energy efficient taxiway lighting and concessions were also installed.

Below is the homepage of Albany Airport’s main website:

Albany International Airport main Terminal and Concourses

The airport contains one main terminal and three concourses that serve its passengers.

Main terminal

It’s divided into two levels; level 1 includes the main check-in area, baggage claim, car rental, and taxi services. Level two includes the public waiting area.


It includes 3 concourses; the first concourse was opened in 1968 which hosts Allegiant Air and United while the second concourse hosts American, Delta and JetBlue. In 1998 June the third concourse was opened as part of the airports & 184 million renovation projects. It has three gates used by Southwest and Frontier.

Albany International Airport Airlines and Destinations


AllegiantOrlando/Sanford, Punta Gorda,Savannah,St.Petersburg/ClearwaterSeasonal; Myrtle Beach
Delta AirLinesAtlanta, Detroit Airport
Delta ConnectionDetroit Seasonal; Atlanta,Minneapolis/St. Paul
FrontierAirlinesSeasonal; Denver Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa, Raleigh/Durham, Tampa.
JetBlueFort Lauderdale,Orlando
SouthwestAirlinesBaltimore, Chicago-Midway Orlando, TampaSeasonal; Denver, Fort Lauderale,Fort Myers, as Vegas
UnitedAirlinesChicago-O’Hare United 


AmeriflightCincinnati, Wilkes-Barr; Seasonal– Louisville
FedEx ExpressMemphis; Seasonal – Columbus-Rickenbancker
UPS AirlinesHartford, Philadelphia, Providence, Syracuse; Seasonal- Chicago/Rockford, Louisville

Alabany Airport Incidents/Accidents

The American Airlines Flight Conair 240, were flying –Albany-Syracuse-Rochester Buffalo-Detroit-Chicago by September 16, 1953.The 28 occupants were killed during the crash when flying into a series of radio towers in a fog while descending for landing.

The Mohawk Airlines Flight 405, a Fairchild Hiller FH-227, crashed into a house in Albany on March 3, 1972 when approaching Albany County Airport, 16 people were killed in the aircraft including one person on the ground during the crashing of the aircraft.

Albany International Airport Lounges

There is no pay per use airport lounges access.

Military Lounges

The captain John J. McKenna IV Military Courtesy rom is located in the 3rd level to the left of the observation view. The available amenities to enjoy includes a comfortable seating, a large screen TV, computer access, free Wifi access, fridge, food, beverages, books and DVDs. Access to this lounge is enlisted to the military and their families. 

Albany International Airport Facilities

Airport Wi-Fi

There sis availability of free Wifi access in the airport, you need to connect to the AirportWifiFree network and you are connected

Airport Tours

A tour can be arranged while travelling in groups in order to see how the airport works. An aircraft can be seen and heard during landing when going through Albany airports ticketing area. There is also availability of visiting the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting headquarters.

Arts and Culture Program

There is availability of Art Gallery observed at level 3 open 7:00am-11:00pm daily.

ATMS and cash machines

There is accessibility of ATMs whenever you need to withdraw some cash and operations of machines by key banks and Bank of America. The application of fees is done and brings the notification when you want to tell your bank of your travel plans. It’s located at 1st floor near Information Desk near Landslide and at Concourse A. and C near Airside.

Baby care Facilities

There is availability of baby changing tables located in various parts all over the airport.

Baggage Trolleys

You can access baggage trolleys in the baggage claim area at rates of: US$ 4 with a $ 25 refund upon return.

Business Center

There is availability of internet stations, TV lounge, and limited business services. There is no payment when getting to the center; the payment is only needed in the conference room facilities and some services.

Currency Exchange

There is provision of currency exchange by Travelex located in the Main terminal and Baggage claim Area at 7:00AM-8; 00 PM daily.

Duty Free & Shopping

It is located along with standard airport newsstands and bookstores at Concourse A, B and C.There is availability of DEPARTURE Museum shop located in the 1st floor, Baggage claim Area at 9:00AM-6:00pm featuring fine art and gifts.

Food and Drinks

There is availability of restaurants in each Concourse and some can be found in the food courts depending on the opening time, some are open 24hours such as Dunkin Donuts.There is also accessibility of vending machines on the first floor in the baggage claiming area. 

Information Desk

You can also talk to an agent at the information desk in case you need some help and guidance. The information desk is located on the first floor between the ticket counter and the baggage claim being operational from 6am to 11pm from Monday to Friday and 7 am to 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays. U can also seek information from Airport Ambassadors who are in red blazers all over the airport.

Postal Services

There is accessibility to mailboxes where you can drop off your last minute postcards to friends and family; there is also purchasing of stamps at the information desk located in the 1st level, near the information Desk.

Prayer Room

For a peaceful prayer session at the airport you can access an interfaith prayer room located in airside, concourse C.


Smoking is not permitted inside the airport, designated smoking areas are provided outside of the terminal.

Lost and Found

It’s located in the operation center on the first floor of the terminal. There are offices where Transportation Security Offices operate their own lost and found. The lost and found airport is reachable at 518 242-2357.It is easily submitted an online lost and found report form. In case you have lost or misplaced an item in the airport you will be contacted or you can contact the individual airlines if you think you are missing something. It also operates its own lost and found center.

Hotels near Albany International Airport

Hotels Guest RatingBookings and reservationsPrice per room ($)
Hilton Garden Inn Albany Airport4.2/5You can make reservations from
Quality Inn & Suite Albany Airport3.2/5You can make bookings and reservations from
Tru by Hilton Albany Airport4.5/5You can make bookings and reservations from
Microtel Inn By Wyndham Albany Airport3.8/5You can make bookings and reservations from
Comfort Inn Latham4.6/5You can make bookings and reservations from
Courtyard by Marriott Albany Airport4.6/5You can make bookings and reservations from
Hampton Inn & Suite Albany Airport4.4/5You can make bookings and reservations from
Marriott Albany4.2/5You can make bookings and reservations from
Hotel Indigo Albany Airport4.1/5You can make bookings and reservations from
The Desmond Hotel Albany4.2/5You can make bookings and reservations from

Albany International Airport Ground Transportation

There are accessibility of different choices of transportation onsite and offsite of the airport. You can choose to walk, use a car, use a bus or catch a train.


The airport has direct access to I-87 and New York State Route 7via Albany-Shaker Road which is a 3.3 mile four lane boulevard. There was an announcement by the New York State officials of a new I-87 Exit 3 which will provide direct access to the airport. There are a variety of major car rental companies you can choose from.


The airport is served by CDTA route 117, 155 and 737 where route 737 provides access to Downtown Albany, while Route 117 provides access to Colonie and Guilderland via Colonie Center and Cross gates mall. There are different bus services providing services to the airport including Adirondack Trailways and Vermont Transline offering a to and fro service to the airport.


Schenectady Amtrak Station in Downtown Schenectady located 10 miles from the airport can be an option to commute through. Albany-Rensselaer Amtrak station is also an option too and is 14 miles away and has more routes.


 There are different sidewalks connecting the terminal to different hotels and other destinations. During a layover you can opt to take some walk through the airport and visit some outlets for some refreshments. New York state officials have announced the installation of pedestrian and bicycle facilities along Albany-Shaker Road.

Albany International Airport Delays

There are incidences where there are flight delays and on other occasions flight cancellations depending on the weather conditions experienced in the airport. There was the closure of the airport when the Covid-19 pandemic struck hard but there was resumption following the WHO guidelines.

Albany International Airport Opening and closing Hours

Albany International airport is operational for 24 hours but you have to keep in mind that TSA, airline check in and baggage drop hours vary according to the flight schedule.

Albany International Airport Address and Codes

The official address for Albany International Airport is and the codes for the airport are IATA: ALB, ICAO: KALB, FAA LID: ALB and the zip code is 12110.

Albany International Airport Expansion Weather

You can check real time weather of Albany International Airport from the link and check with your airline to see if your flight is affected.

You can also view live landings and takeoffs of flights from the airports live webcams and you can also listen to live traffic radio from

Albany International Airport Maps and Images

Albany International Airport Runways

This airport has two runways with Asphalt surface and they include Runway 1/19 which is 2,591 meters long and Runway 10/28 which is 2,195 meters long.

How busy is Albany International Airport

According to 2018 statistics it shows that the airport has had 64,603 aircraft operations with 88 based aircrafts and 1,466,706 enplanements.

Albany International Airport Parking

On Albany Airports’ main website, they have detailed information on Albany airport parking which you can find here.

Here is Albany Airport’s parking map:

The airport offers its customers with a variety of parking options with different rates. All the lots in the airport accepts EZ-pass plus and credit cards. The parking options range from;

Valet Parking

The parking option is available in the long term lot which is located behind the parking garage. The service entails you leaving your vehicle with the valet and let them know the date and time that you will arrive back where upon your return you will find your vehicle waiting for you right where you dropped it. The services are offered at rates of $10 a day.

Short-term Parking

The facility is located directly across the terminal on the first level of the parking garage and allows those arriving for flights, dropping off or greeting passengers to park free for the first 30 minutes and $24 per day.

Long Term Parking

Long term parking lot is located behind the parking garage and other two located at both east and west ends of the terminal. The East and West lots are accessed through credit cards and EZ-pass only and the one located behind the parking garage offers at rates of $10 per day.

Garage Parking

There is availability of garage parking option on floors n2, 3, 4 and 5of the parking garage. There are three electric vehicle charging station on the second floor of the garage.

Economy E-Lot

This parking facility offers parking services at rates of $6per day with free shuttle to and from the terminal and operates 24 hours a day. The lot is accessible directly from Albany Shaker Road.

Disabled Parking

For those differently able can access their designated parking in each parking lot, on each floor of the parking garage and with a valet parking service on the long term lot.

Employment and Careers at Albany International Airport

There are different employment and career opportunity at the airport and if you have the entire requirement to secure a slot you can obtain application by contacting the prime flight between 10am and 2 pm at (618)528-7310 or visit to check the available slots.

Albany International Airport Carry-on Rules

For all travelers  using the airport are permitted one carry-on bag and one personal item such as a purse, a laptop or a briefcase beyond the security checkpoint and any electronic device larger than a cell phone will have to be removed and placed in a bin with nothing on top or below them.

Albany International Airport Quarantine

Following the global pandemic of Covid-19 virus, Albany international airport got a directive on June 24th from the Governor Andrew Cuomo directing all passengers arriving in New York State to complete a quarantine form on arrival.

Albany International Airport Security Wait Time

Passengers that moving through the security checkpoints in Albany airport are expected to be cleared within approximately 4 minutes at most.

Destinations from Albany International Airport

DestinationHow to get there
Cooperstown NYTake a line 737 bus from Albany International airport to Broadways & Hudson Avenue Broadways Station which will take you approximately 46 minutes and cost you 2€. Head to Albany and take a bus to Cobleskill New York which will take you approximately 1 hour 35 minutes and cost you between 12€-18€. From Cobleskill take a taxi to Cooperstown which will take 52 minutes and varies with the traffic. This will cost you between 70€-90€.
JFKTake a bus from Albany Airport to Broadways Station which will take you 46 minutes approximately and cost you 2€. Head to Albany Greyhound Bus Terminal and take a bus to Union Station, Worcester, MA which will take you approximately 3 hours 30 minutes and cost between 22€-35€. Transfer to Worcester and take a train to Boston/South Station Trains which will take you approximately 1hour and 33 minutes and cost between 6€-11€. In South station take a subway to JFK which will cost you 3€ and take you 8 minutes travel.
LAX aiportTake a direct flight from Albany Airport to LAX which will cost you between 140€-220€ with flight frequency of 34-39 flights a day. Approximately it will take you 7 hours 30 minutes.
Amtrak StationTake a direct bus which will take you 45 minutes and cost between 2€-3€ or take a town car which will take you 18 minutes and price rates differ depending on the agency.
Nashville TNTake a flight from Albany International Airport to Nashville which will take you approximately 4hours 4 minutes and cost you between 40€-270€. From Nashville International airport, take a 25 minutes’ drive by bus to Central 4th Avenue Bay 13 which will cost you 2€
Saratoga SpringsTake a direct 50 minutes bus from Albany international airport which will cost you between 10€-14€ to Saratoga springs.
Myrtle BeachTake a flight from Albany airport to Myrtle Beach (MYR) taking you one hour and 58 minutes and cost between 65€-400€. Take a taxi Myrtle Beach (MYR) to Myrtle beach which will cost you between 9€-12€ and take you 6 minutes
New York CityTake a flight to Newark which will take you 1 hour 9 minutes and cost between 65€-240€. In Newark Airport Terminal B, take a bus to Port Authority Bus terminal which will take you 28 minutes and cost you 15€.
Albany KyTake a flight from Albany airport to Knoxville which will take you 4 hours 7 minutes and cost between60€-390€. From Knoxville, take a taxi to Albany taking you 2 hours 37 minutes and costing you between 11€-16€

Lagos Airport – Full Guide 2022

This guide answers all your questions about Lagos Airport and is part of our airport guides in Africa. We’ve also released guides on other airports such as Kigali Airport, JKIA, Eldoret Airport, and Khartoum Airport, among others.

Murtala Muhammed International Airport is a public airport owned and operated by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, located in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. This airport is the major airport serving the entire state. MMIA was initially built during World War II and the name of the airport was after the fourth military ruler of Nigeria, Murtala Muhammed. The airport is a hub for the following airlines

  • Aero Contractors
  • Arik Air
  • Azman Air
  • Med-View Airline
  • Air Peace
  • Dana Air
  • Ibom Air

The airport has two runways; 18R/36L which is 3,900 meters long-running in the asphalt surface and 18L/36R which is 2,743 meters running in the asphalt surface. The airport has an elevation of 135 feet with coordinates 06°34’38” N 003°19’16” E.

The codes for the airport are as follows: IATA: LOS, ICAO: DNMM and associated Zip Code 100272. The statistics of 2011 done by the National Bureau of Statistics and the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria showed that the airport had an economic impact by a boost with $711 million funding and 123.3 thousand funding impact on the social status of the country.

The airport houses the headquarters of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, the head office of Accident Investigation Bureau, and the Lagos office of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

The video below shows a video inside Lagos Airport:

Murtala Muhammed Airport History

The airport was built during World War II with West African Airways Corporation operating from it after its formation in 1947. De Havilland Doves and larger Douglas Dakotas were added from 1957 into the Ikeja-based fleet.

The airport was initially known as Lagos International Airport which was later renamed in the 1970s following the construction of the new international terminal. The airport was renamed after a former Nigerian Military head of state Murtala Muhammed. The new terminal which was modeled after Amsterdam Airport Schiphol officially opened on 15th of March 1979 and was allocated to Nigeria’s largest airline, Arik Air.

The Airport consists of two terminals; domestic and international terminals which are located 1 kilometer away from each other. In 2000 there was a fire outbreak in the domestic terminal which caused the domestic operations to be relocated to the old Lagos domestic terminal. This fire outbreak brought about commissioning of a new terminal construction on 7th April 2007 by private funding by an agency known as MMA2.

In the 1980 and 1990 period the security of the airport became dangerous as travellers were harassed both inside and outside the airport. The FAA suspended the air services between Lagos and the US as the airport did not meet the ICAO standards. The immigration officers demanded bribes for stamps and the custom officers charged unnecessary charges to the travellers. There were a lot of jets being attacked and cargos being stolen. 

In 1999, the newly elected democratic leader instituted a “shoot on sight” policy for the criminals which reduced the crime rates at the airport. The improvements brought to an end the suspensions by the FAA of direct flights in 2001. The airport in 2010 was granted its highest safety rating by the FAA. This brought the statistics to 6,273,545 passengers that were served by the airport in 2010.

There have been improvements in the recent years such as repairs of malfunctioning air conditioning, luggage belts repair, cleaned airport, new restaurants opened and duty free shops. There have been a lot of bilateral agreements between different countries with lots of airlines landing at the airport such as Emirates, Ocean Air, Delta and China Southern Airlines.

Murtala Muhammed International Airport Airlines and Destinations

Passenger Airlines

Aero ContractorsAbuja, Asaba, Benin City, Calabar, Enugu, Kano, Owerri, Port Harcourt-Omagwa, Uyo
Africa World AirlinesAccra
Air Cote d’IvoireAbidjan
Air FranceParis-Charles de Gaulle
Air PeaceAbuja, Accra, Akure, Asaba, Banjul, Benin City, Calabar, Dakar-Diass, Enugu, Freetown, Ibadan, Ibom, Kebbi, Monrovia, Owerri, Port-Harcourt-NAF, Port Harcourt-Omagwa, Sharjah
Air SenegalAccra, Dakar-Diass
Arik AirAbuja, Accra, Asaba, Benin City, Calabar, Dakar-Diass, Enugu, Ibom, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Luanda, Monrovia, Owerri, Port Harcourt-Omagwa, Port Harcourt-NAF, Uyo, Warri
ASKY AirlinesDouala, Johannesburg-O.R. Tambo, Libreville, Lome
Azman AirAbuja, Kano
British AirwaysLondon-Heathrow
Cabo Verde AirlinesSal
Cronos AirlinesDouala
Delta Air LinesAtlanta, New York, JFK
Ethiopian airlinesAddis Ababa
Etihad AirwaysAbu Dhabi
Ibom AirUyo
Kenya AirwaysNairobi-Jomo Kenyatta
LufthansaFrankfurt, Malabo
Med-View AirlinesAbuja
Middle East airlinesAbidjan, Beirut
Qatar AirwaysDoha
Royal Air MarocCasablanca
South African AirwaysJohannesburg-O.R. Tambo
TAAG Angola AirlinesLuanda
Turkish AirwaysIstanbul
Virgin AtlanticLondon-Heathrow

Cargo Airlines

Air France CargoN’Djamena, Paris-Charles de Gaulle
Allied AirOstend/Bruges
DHL AviationAccra, Bamako, Brussels, Cotonou, Malabo
Emirates SkyCargoDubai-Al Maktoum
Ethiopian Airlines CargoAccra, Addis Ababa, Kigali, Liege, London-Heathrow, Miami, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo
Lufthansa CargoFrankfurt, Johannesburg-O.R Tambo
Qatar Airways CargoAccra, Doha
Saudia CargoDubai-Al Maktoum, Jeddah, Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta, Riyadh, Sharjah
Turkish Airline CargoDubai-Al Maktoum, Istanbul-Ataturk

Lagos airport Passenger Statistics

This data shows the statistics of the number of passenger movements into the airport and was conducted by Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria’s Aviation Sector Summary Reports.

YearPassengersPercentage Growth
20053,817,3386.74 increase
20063,848,7570.82 increase
20074,162,4248.15 increase
20085,136,92023.41 increase
20095,644,5729.88 increase
20106273,54511.74 increase
20116,746,2907.54 increase
20126,879,2861.97 increase
20137,261,1785.55 increase
20147,374,5071.56 increase
20157,164,1692.8 Decrease

Lagos Airport Accidents and Incidents

On the 20th of November 1969, a Nigerian Airways with Flight number 825 crashed while approaching the airport and all the 87 passengers on board and the crew lost their lives.

In 1981, an Arax Airlines flight, Douglas C-47B 5N-ARA was damaged beyond repair in an accident.

On 26th of November 1992, a Nigerian Air Force with flight number C-130 Hercules crashed three minutes after take-off close to Ejigbo canal due to three engines failure caused by the high take-off weights. All 158 on board lost their lives.

On 7th of November 1996, an ADC Airline Flight 86 while approaching the airport tried to evade a potential collision which caused it to flip upside down and the flight disintegrated on impact and killed all 153 passengers and crew.

On 22nd October 2005, Bellview Airlines flight 210 crashed after take-off to Abuja and all 117 on board lost their lives

June 3rd 2012, Dana Air Flight 361 crashed after banking sharply prior to attempting landing and killed 153 on board and 10 on the ground.

On 3rd October 2013, Associated Aviation Flight 361crashed shortly after take-off killing 15 people with 5 survivors.

On 13th February 2018, Delta Air Lines Flight which was enroute to Atlanta Georgia suffered a fire which was caught in the left engine and returned to Lagos for a safe landing after fire suppression. The flight was evacuated and 5 passengers had minor injuries during the evacuation.

On 15th of May 2019, an Air Peace Boeing from Port Harcourt to Lagos suffered a hard landing on runway 18R that caused damages to the Engine and landing gear. No injuries were reported.


You can check and track flights and real time departures by visiting the links or

W3 710Arik Air Limited06:0007:15Abuja
A2M 2318Azman Air06:4507:55Kaduna
AJ 141Aero Contractors07:0008:30Kano
W3 740Arik Air Limited07:0008:10Port Harcourt
W3 720Arik Air Limited07:0008:15Abuja
OJ 1179Overland Airways07:0007:25Cotonou
AJ 195Aero Contractors 07:1508:30Asaba
OJ 1190Overland Airways07:3007:50Ibadan
W3 630Arik Air Limited07:4008:50Warri
AJ 311Aero Contractors08:0009:10Port Harcourt
OJ 1187Overland Airways08:3009:15Ilorin
A2M 2313Azman Air10:0011:20Kano
OJ 1182Overland Airways10:3011:15Lome
A2M 2322Azman Air10:3011:30Abuja
W3 742Arik air Limited11:0012:10Port Harcourt
AJ 313Aero Contractors11:0012:10Port Harcourt
W3 724Arik Air Limited11:0012:15Abuja 
W3 662Arik Air Limited11:0012:20Jos 
AJ 119Aero Contractors11:2012:35Abuja
AJ 151Aero Contractors11:2012:30Uyo
A2M 2350Azman Air12:3013:10Imo
A2M 2324Azman Air13:0014:00Abuja
W3 840Arik Air Limited13:0014:10Imo
AJ 351Aero Contractors13:1514:25Warri
TK 6321Turkish Airlines14:0016:30Dakar
W3 624Arik Air Limited15:0016:00Benin City
W3 744Arik Air Limited15:0016:10Port Harcourt
W3 726Arik Air Limited16:0017:15Abuja
ET 3940Ethiopian Airlines16:0023:30Addis Ababa
A2M 2326Azman Air17:0018:00Abuja
AJ 317Aero Contractors17:4019:05Port Harcourt
AJ 129Aero Contractors18:0019:10Abuja
AJ 129Aero Contractors18:0019:10Abuja
A2M2315Azman Air18:4520:00Kano
W3 735Arik Air Limited19:0020:15Abuja
VR 629TACV04:1006:30Sal
W3 710Arik Air Limited06:0007:15Abuja


To track arrival flights and real time arrivals at Murtala Muhammed International Airport you can visit the following links; or

A2M 2310Azman Air07:3008:20Kano
OJ 1180Overland Airways08:0008:25Cotonou
A2M 2321Azman Air07:4508:45Abuja 
W3 741Arik Air Limited09:0010:10Port Harcourt
W3 721Arik Air Limited09:0010:15Abuja
AJ 142Aero Contractors09:0010:30Kano
AJ 312Aero Contractors09:4010:50Port Harcourt
TK 6321Turkish Airlines07:4012:30Istanbul
AJ 196Aero Contractors11:4012:55Asaba
W3 631Arik Air Limited12:3513:45Warri
W3 743Arik Air Limited13:0014:10Port Harcourt
AJ 152Aero Contractors13:0014:10Uyo
W3 725Arik Air Limited13:0014:15Abuja
ET 3941Ethiopian Airlines11:0014:30Addis Ababa
A2M 2351Azman Air14:0014:40Imo
W3 661Arik Air Limited14:0015:20Kaduna
W3 841Arik Air Limited14:5016:00Imo
AJ 314Aero Contractors16:0017:10Port Harcourt
AJ 128Aero Contractors16:1517:30Abuja
W3 625Arik Air Limited16:3017:30Benin City
A2M 2327Azman Air17:0018:00Abuja
W3 745Arik air Limited17:0018:10Port Harcourt
OJ 1192Overland Airways18:0018:20Ibadan
A2M 2312Azman air17:3018:40Kano
AJ 352Aero Contractors 17:5519:05Warri
W3 727Arik Air Limited18:0019:15Abuja
OJ 1188Overland Airways19:0019:50Ilorin
AJ 130Aero Contractors19:4020:50Abuja
AJ 318Aero Contractors19:3521:10Port Harcourt
W3 734Arik Air Limited19:4521:10Abuja
W3 736Arik Air Limited21:0022:15Abuja

Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminals

Murtala Muhammed International Airport consists of two terminals; Domestic Terminal and International terminal.

Domestic Terminal

This terminal is a modern terminal and consists of many facilities which are in a good state to serve the travellers. This terminal is owned privately by Bi-Courtney Aviation Service and is allocated to serve handle domestic flights within the country. Transferring between this terminal and the international terminal can be by use of a taxi or by foot since it is only 2 kilometers apart

The domestic terminal consists of three levels;

Ground Level- this level is the arrival level and contains concourses, check-in and it is where transportation access can be found. Facilities in this level includes information desk, restrooms, banking services, foods and drinks, retail stores and ticketing offices.

First Level- this is the departure level and consists of Arik Air Wing Boarding area and a VIP lounge. The services and facilities available for travelers in this level include foods and drinks, retail stores, information desk and restrooms.

Second level- This is the Airline’s Offices level with plenty of restrooms.

International Terminal

This terminal is owned by the government of Nigeria and was opened in 1979. It is dedicated to handle international flight and cargo services to Africa, Middle East, UAE and some destinations in Europe. Transferring between the terminal and the domestic terminal can be through a taxi or by foot.

The terminal contains three levels;

Ground Level- this level is dedicated for arrivals.

First Level- this is the departure level and here you can find boarding areas E-Wing and D-Wing. Some VIP Lounges are also located in this level.

Mezzanine Level- this level contains some VIP lounges and amenities such as retail concessions and different outlets.

Murtala Muhammed Lounges

Murtala Muhammed International Airport consists of twelve lounges with different accessible facilities by travelers and different access ability.

Gabfol Lounge

This lounge is located in the Domestic Terminal in the Arik Air wing and offers services from 06:0 am to 08:00 pm. In this lounge you can access Wifi and internet, newspapers and magazines, showers upon payment, TV and disabled services upon request

VIP Lounge 

This lounge is located in the first level of the domestic terminal and offers services from 06:30 to the last departure of the day. You can have access to this lounge at rates of N3,000 for adults and N1,500 for children. Services you can find in this lounge are newspapers and magazines, printing services and copiers, telephone, TV and Wifi access.

Platinum Membership Lounge

This lounge is located on the first level of the domestic terminal in the departure hall and offers services from 06:00 am to the last departure of the day. You can access this lounge at annual rates of N350,000. The services you can enjoy in this lounge include VIP parking and Protocol services, newspapers and magazines, Wifi access, TV, disabled access, foods and drinks, printers and copiers.

Air France/ KLM Lounge

This lounge is located in the International terminal and offers services from 11:00 am to 11: 30 pm. Services you can enjoy include newspapers and magazines, beer and wine and internet access.

British Airways Lounge

You can find this lounge in the international terminal and offer services from 05:30 pm to 10:30 pm. In this lounge you can enjoy services like TV, Wifi access, alcohol drinks, food, copiers and printer services.

Premium Lounge

This lounge is located in E-Wing of the Mezzanine level of the international terminal offering services from 06:00am to 00:00. Services to enjoy include alcoholic drinks, showers, newspapers and magazines, a smoking area, telephone TV and Wifi access.

Skyway Premium Lounge

This lounge is located in wind E of the international terminal operating for 24 hours. Services to find here are newspapers and magazines, Wifi, showers, smoking area, TV

Gabfol Lounge

This is located wing E of the International terminal operating from 06:00 to 11:00 pm and consists of services such as smoking areas, showers, printers and copiers, Conference facilities, Wifi, telephone and disabled access.

First Lounge

This lounge is located in the departure area of the international terminal offering services from 07:00am to 10:00 pm. Services offered includes newspapers and magazines, snacks, internet, children’s play area, games room, tablets, disabled access, beer and wine

Oasis Lounge

This lounge is located in the departure area of first level in wing D of the international terminal offering services from 06:30am to 11:00 pm. Services offered includes newspapers and magazines showers Wifi and internet access and disabled access

SDS Lounge Services

This lounge is located in the departure level in wing E of international terminal operating for 24 hours and offers services such as newspapers and magazines, foods, showers flight monitors, TV, disabled access, sleeper beds, telephone, and snacks

SDS Llegada Arrival Lounge

This lounge is located in wing D and wing E of the international terminal offering their services for 24 hours. Their services include disabled access, showers, internet access telephone, TV and Wifi.

Lagos Airport Parking

Murtala Muhammed International Airport offers parking facilities to their customers at a standardized rate. There is the Multi-Storey Car Park located in the domestic terminal with 800 public parking spaces.

The parking services rates are:

  • 0 to 1 hour for N400
  • Additional Hours for N100 per hour
  • Overnight parking for N2,700 flat rate
  • In case of ticket loss you will pay N2,700
  • Buses for N3,500

Lost and Found at Lagos’ Airport

In case you lose you item or any personal effect within the airport, you can contact the main airport information desk though the number +234 1 493 3385 or file a claim through


The official customer service number for Murtala Muhammed International Airport is +234 1 493 3385 and the official website for the airport is

Airport Weather

For real time weather updates at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, you can check from You can also contact your airline to check if your flight is affected by the weather conditions.

Lagos Airport Map

Hotels near Murtala Muhammed/Lagos Airport

HotelGuest RatingPrice in USDBooking and reservations
Welcome Center8.0$57For booking visit Free breakfast offered
Golden Tulip Essential Lagos Airport Hotel7.6$84For booking visit 
Shoregate S8.1$110For booking visit
Legend Hotel Lagos Airport8.7$187For booking visit with free cancellation
GolfView Hotel7.5$89For bookings visit
Hotel Atlantic7.3$62For bookings visit
Fort Ross Hotel7.9$51For bookings visit
Organico HouseNo Ratings Available$26For bookings and reservation visit with free cancellations
Genesis Sojourner7.9$110For bookings and reservations visit
Royal View hotel6.3$64For booking and reservations visit with free cancellations
Radisson Hotel, Lagos Ikeja7.8$132For bookings and reservations visit and offers free breakfast
Rollace hotel7.6$61For booking and reservations visit with free breakfast offered.

Lagos Airport Facilities


There is a bank that is operational, an ATM and a bureau de exchange where you can exchange currencies located in international terminals.


There are a lot of choices in terms of outlets to grab some food ranging from restaurants and bars all around the terminals.


There is availability of trolleys in both terminals which you can use to transport your luggage to different points within the airport.

Lost and Found

There is a lost and found unit that deals with lost item queries and claims.


There are duty-free shopping stores in the international terminal but with limited choices.


There are medical facilities around the airport and health officers to react to emergencies in case of any.

Conference and Business

There is a great choice of business and VIP lounges in the terminal complex with extensive and business facilities. There is a room for up to 350 delegates located at the Sheraton Lagos Hotel.

Internet and Wifi

There is internet access and Wifi access in different lounges in both the terminals. Free Wifi is available in the departure areas.

Post Office

A post office is located in in the international terminal readily accessible and operational.

Car Parking

There are 750 slots for short term car parking at the airport and also long term stays at standardized rates.


There is a great variety of restrooms in different lounges in both terminals where you can shower and change clothes.

Information Desk

There is a tourist information desk in both terminals of the airport where you can make enquiries about your flight and airlines and report any case of lost items.

International Destinations from Lagos Airport

DestinationMode of transport
Victoria islandFrom Murtala Muhammed airport, take an Uber to Victoria island. It is 25.3 km away, 18 minutes ride. It will cost $5-$7 USD
Lekki Take a taxi from the airport. Lekki is 106.8 km away. It is a 1 hour 42 minutes ride and you will incur a cost of $30-$40 USD 
LagosTake a taxi or Uber to Lagos, they are available on demand. It is a 16 minutes ride and it will cost you $4-$7 USD. It is a 23 km journey
AbujaTake a taxi to Lagos, 12.3 km away. It’s a 9 minutes ride. From Lagos, to Abuja, take a shuttle. It is an 8 hour journey, and will cost you $19. From the bus station, take a taxi to the city. It is a 7.3 km journey and it will cost you $3-$5 to the city.
ScoanTake a taxi to Egbe road. It is a 13 min journey. It is a 13.8 km journey. It will cost you around $5-$7 USD by Metro Taxi
IkoyiTake an Uber from the airport to Ikoyi. It will take a duration of 23 minutes to Ikoyi and will cost you an estimated $6-$8 USD. It is a distance of 31.3 km 
FaroTake a taxi from the airport to Faro. It is a 3 hr. 17 minutes ride. It’s 251.4 km away and you are expected to pay $70-$90 USD. You can use Metro taxi
Eco hotelTake an Uber to Eko Hotel. It is a 20 minutes ride. It is 28.1 km away. Estimated cost to be incurred is $5-$8 USD
New YorkTake a flight to New York JFK. It is a 11h 40m flight and will cost you $550-$800. Take a train from JFK Terminal 4 to Jamaica AirTrain. It is an 11 minutes ride. It will cost you $5. From Jamaica to Penn station. It’s a 20m ride and will cost you $4-$6
KanoBook a flight to Kano. It is a 1 hr journey, and will cost you $60-$140 USD. From Kano airport, take a taxi to Kano town. It is a 7 min ride, 6.1 km away. It will cost you around $3-$4 USD