New American Airlines Terminal at JFK

Did you know that American Airlines accounts for about 15% of all passenger traffic through JFK? If this is new, perhaps you should also learn where American Airlines Terminal is at JFK and I’ll go into detail to explain that. It is located in Terminal 8 of the airport. It is near the end of the east side and it is easily accessible from any terminal.

What is a terminal?

It is a building or group of buildings where people check into their flights and wait for them to be assigned. The terminal at JFK Airport was built in 1963 and has been expanded over the years. It features two levels, with ticketing services on the first floor and security on the second floor.

Which terminal in JFK is American Airlines?

When JFK was initially designed and assigned to various airlines to develop, Terminal 8 was given to American Airlines and it went forth to construct the largest terminal in JFK which contains US Customers and Border Protection Facilities. It also has 84 ticket counters, and 10 security checkpoint lanes and as per data posted on Baruch’s blog, Terminal 8 handles 12.9 million passengers a year.

According to these infographics, the first phase of the New Terminal 8 opened in 2005 and its second phase opened in 2007.

As the leading airline in the world, American Airlines operates 393 daily departures from 12 cities in both New York and New Jersey to access over 77 global destinations. On a typical day, their 6,700 flights bring travelers on board to 350 locations across fifty countries; that’s 14,250 total daily trips among various international hot spots! As an original founding member of oneworld®, they are dedicated to providing services for more than 1,000 routes with 150 nations included – all at your fingertips.

The renovated Terminal 8 for AA and BA:

In a groundbreaking $400 million joint investment, two of the most prominent members of the Oneworld Alliance revealed an updated check-in area, new gates and three brand-new lounges. This remarkable terminal is anticipated to serve up to 10 million travelers yearly.

Exciting news for travelers and airlines – a robust $400 million investment in Terminal 8 has paved the way for five new widebody gates, four additional parking positions, an upgraded baggage system sprawling one hundred thirty thousand square feet.

On December 1, American Airlines, British Airways, and Iberia – a Spanish Oneworld partner – will join forces to move operations to Terminal 8. Furthermore, Japan Airlines is projected to follow suit starting in May of 2023; ultimately resulting in eight total Oneworld carriers operating from this new expanded terminal!

A massive $400 million development and expansion project was initiated to enable Terminal 8 for the co-location of American Airlines and British Airways. This upgrade provides five new widebody gates, four additional aircraft parking positions, a state-of-the-art baggage handling system as well as an extra 130,000 square feet of refurbished space. With these updates in place you can anticipate seamless transitions throughout your travel experience at this terminal.

Read the press release here.

By uniting the airlines of oneworld in a single terminal, JFK is taking an important step towards eliminating inefficiencies and providing smoother connections for travelers. The consolidation will bring Japan Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, British Airways, Iberia, and eight other carriers under one roof at Terminal 8 – creating a streamlined travel experience for customers flying internationally to or from New York City.

Below is a photo of the newly renovated Terminal 8 at JFK;

Image of the newly renovated American Airlines lounges in Terminal 8 at JFK

And here is another photo with beautiful chandeliers;

Terminal 8 which lies between Terminal 1 and Terminal 7 has three concourses, the lower level, Concourse B and Concourse C.

New Lounges in Terminal 8

Eligible customers can access three luxurious pre-flight lounges—Chelsea, Soho, and Greenwich—after passing through the security checkpoint. These two brand new lounge areas have been crafted with exquisite high-end materials to create a truly special ambiance that is sure to elevate each guest’s experience regardless of their cabin or loyalty program status. Be prepared for an unparalleled welcoming atmosphere that will make your wait before departure something to look forward too!

Check more details on this PDF document.

You should note that the Admirals Club in Terminal 8, Concourse B has been permanently closed as per the notice on AA’s website here.

What the renovation brought:

  • Five new widebody gates
  • Expanded and upgraded baggage handling system
  • More than 7,000 feet of additional terminal space
  • New premium check-in area
  • Two additional new lounges 

Map of American Airlines Gates at Terminal 8 in JFK Airport:

Between terminal 1 and 7, you’ll find Terminal 8. It has three concourses divided into three sections, each gate is marked with a number from 1 to 47.

We have included the map of American Airlines gates at Terminal 8 in JFK airport as seen below:

Arrivals Terminal for American Airlines Flights

You’ll find arriving AA flights at Terminal 8 but you need to note something regarding codeshare flights.

If you have a codeshare flight labeled American Airlines, there’s a chance the terminal for your departure may be different than what is listed. To ensure that you are departing from the correct terminal and to avoid any inconvenience or delays, please check with your airline before arriving at the airport. Terminals 1 and 5 are typically used for these types of flights; however, it’s always best to double-check! You can use this website here to find out information regarding all incoming flights.

Departures Terminal:

If you are flying American Airlines at JFK Airport, be sure to head to Terminal 8. Unfortunately, some of their flights may be operated by other airlines and have the same branding – these will typically depart from either Terminal 1 or 5. To make sure that you’re departing correctly, double-check your flight information here so there won’t be any surprises before boarding!

Airlines with Codeshare Agreement with American Airlines:

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