Airports with Sleeping Pods

Sleeping in airports is becoming more and more popular, as travelers attempt to save money on hotels or simply want to be closer to their departure gate.

Sleep pods have become increasingly popular in airports, as they provide a comfortable and private space for travelers to rest. While some pods are available for rent by the hour, many are free to use and can be found in a variety of locations throughout the airport.

What is a sleep pod?

A sleep pod is a private, comfortable space where travelers can rest and relax. Sleep pods are usually located in airports, but can also be found in some hotels and train stations.

Pods typically have a bed, with a few amenities. Some pods even have showers, so travelers can freshen up before their flight.

Why use a sleep pod?

There are many reasons why travelers may choose to use a sleep pod. Pods can be a great way to save money on hotels, as they are usually much cheaper than booking a room for the night.

Pods can also be convenient for travelers who want to be close to their departure gate. This is especially useful for early morning flights or for travelers who have a long layover.

How to find a sleep pod?

There are a few ways to find a sleep pod in an airport. Many airports have dedicated sleeping areas, which can be found by following signs or asking staff for directions.

Some airports also have apps that can help travelers find sleep pods. For example, the “My Airport” app from London Heathrow Airport has a “search” feature for overnight sleep and naps that help travelers locate pods in the airport.

Here are the best airports with sleeping pods:

John F. Kennedy International Airport Sleep Pods:

JFK was the first airport in the US to install sleeping pods and was launched in collaboration between JetBlue and GoSleep named JetNap. GoSleep is a Finnish company that makes sleeping pods designed for airports, and their JFK pods are located in Terminal 5.

The pods are available to all travelers, regardless of airline, and can be booked by the hour or overnight. The first 20 mins are free and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and the rates are as follows:

  • 20 minutes – free
  • 1 hour – $25
  • 2 hours – $45
  • 3 hours – $60
  • 4 or more hours – $75
  • overnight – $85

Pod membership plans are also available for those who frequently use the pods.

Heathrow Airport Sleep Pods:

Another airport with sleeping pods is Heathrow Airport in London. In partnership with RestWorks, British Airways has installed sleeping or napping or sleeping surface shaped as a cocoon. They are called EnergyPods. Restworks is a US company that provides furniture designed for sleep and relaxation in the workplace. The sleep pods are currently available in British Airways’ First Lounge but there are plans to add more on Terminal 5. Read more here.

According to the British Airways website, a 30-minute session costs £30 (about $40), whereas an hour costs £50 (about $66).

If you prefer a similar services as a sleeping pod, you can also consider YotelAir  which is located before security in Heathrow Terminal 4. They are quite small and affordable as well.

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Abu Dhabi Sleeping Pods

A third airport with sleeping pods is Abu Dhabi International Airport. The airport has launched the first of its kind “recharge” zone, which includes 10 private “rest and recharge” suites.

The suites are located in Terminal 3, close to Gate 32, and can be booked for two, four or eight-hour periods.

The cost of the suites starts at AED250 for two hours (about $68), and goes up to AED850 for eight hours (about $231).

The suites come with a bed, a chair, a TV, and an iPod dock, and travelers can also order food and beverages from the in-suite menu.

San Francisco International Airport – YOTELAIR

SFO is also home to YOTELAIR, which is located in Terminal 1, near Boarding Area G. The rates start at $45 for 4 hours and go up to $65 for 24 hours.

The pods are small but offer everything you need for a short rest, including a bed, a TV, free WiFi, and outlets to charge your devices.