Air France-KLM Lounge at JFK (Phone, Hours, Pass & +)

Flying Air France from JFK has just become a lot more luxurious. Air France has just opened a new lounge in Terminal 1, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The lounge is huge and features plenty of seating, as well as several different areas for dining, relaxing, and working. It’s also home to a barista bar, where you can get your caffeine fix before your flight.

Following the merger of Air France and KLM, the two companies have been working hard to create a seamless travel experience for passengers. This new lounge is just one of many ways they’re making that happen.

Once you’re inside, you’ll find plenty of amenities to enjoy. The lounge has a buffet area with hot and cold dishes, as well as a barista bar where you can order coffee, tea, and other drinks.

Which terminal is Air France at JFK?

Air France has space at JFK Airport’s Terminal 1 where it houses both its check-in desks and its lounge. So if you’re flying Air France from JFK, be sure to head to Terminal 1 on the day of your flight. This Terminal has the Air France/KLM lounge and other lounges including;

  1. Primeclass Lounge
  2. KAL Business Lounge
  3. Lufthansa Business Lounge or Lufthansa Senator Lounge

Air France lounge JFK Location:

The lounge is located in JFK’s Terminal 1, near Gate 1. It’s easily accessible from the main concourse, and there’s plenty of signage to help you find it.

Its exact Address is Terminal 1, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Jamaica, NY 11430, United States.

Air France lounge terminal 1 JFK Phone number: +1 800 237 2747

If you need to reach Air France Lounge on Terminal 1 of JFK, use this phone number: +1 800 237 2747 and someone will speak to you in any of the supported languages – English, French or Spanish. Try to call between

08:00 AM and 11:00 PM as they’ve indicated those to be their available times for calls.

Air France lounge terminal 1 JFK Phone number: +1 800 237 2747

Alternatively, you can reach Air France’s team at JFK’s Lounge using their social media channels with links on their website contact page here.

Air France lounge JFK Access

The Air France lounge at JFK is located in Terminal 1, near Gate 28. To access the lounge, you must have a valid First or Business Class ticket on Air France, or be a member of the Flying Blue Platinum or Gold tiers. You can also access the lounge with a Priority Pass membership.

If you are traveling in the Business cabin on flights AF009, AF011 or AF017, you can eat in the lounge and avoid getting woken up during the flight.

Air France lounge JFK Day Pass:

If you’re not flying Air France or don’t have a priority pass, you can still access the lounge by purchasing a day pass. Day passes cost $50 USD and can be purchased at the lounge entrance. If you have accumulated 6,000 miles flying Air France or KLM, you can also access the lounge for free.

If you are flying Air France, KLM, or SkyTeam flight, you also get the day pass for free.

Air France lounge JFK Priority Pass:

The Air France lounge is accessible to passengers with a priority pass but they restrict the hours for Priority cardholders. Cardholders can only use the lounge for a max of 3 hours and must be 21 years of age.

With a Priority card, get to the lounge before 1:30 pm to be allowed in.

The Standard cost of Priority is $99 a year which gives you 10 complimentary visits and you’ll need to pay $35 thereafter.

Air France lounge JFK Amenities:

The lounge has everything you could possibly need to make your travel experience more comfortable.

  • Local and international newspapers on Air France Play app
  • Self-service hot and cold meals counter
  • Selection of hot and cold drinks
  • Showers
  • Night Service
  • Our lounge is accessible to passengers with reduced mobility

Air France lounge Food:

The food in the Air France lounge is quite good, with a mix of hot and cold options. The highlight of the buffet is definitely the made-to-order crepes, which are delicious.

Below is an image with a full menu of dinner selections;

There’s also a self-service wine bar, where you can help yourself to a glass of French wine.

In summary, below are what you can expect from Air France’s menu options;

  • Hots: Chicken Curry, Vegetarian Chili
  • Colds: Chicken Salad, Pasta Salad, assorted breads
  • Desserts: Crepes, cookies, cake
  • Wine: French wine

Air France lounge JFK Showers:

The Air France lounge at JFK also has showers, which is a huge perk if you’re trying to freshen up before a long flight. The cost of the showers is included in the fee you pay to get access to the lounge.

Hours of operation:

The lounge is open daily from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Read more on their website here.

Covid-19 Guidelines:

You are required to wear face mask at all times.


  • Between 14:00 and 19:00 daily, access may be restricted for lounge membership cardholders, including those with Priority Pass,
  • Lounge provides pre-packed meals.

SkyTeam partners:

Lounge access is available for Delta Air Lines, Korean Air and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines passengers with a same-day ticket on a flight operated by one of these airlines.


  1. -The Air France JFK lounge is beautifully designed and has plenty of space.
  2. -There are plenty of amenities, including a barista bar, showers, and self-service dining options.
  3. -It’s open late, so you can relax in the lounge before your flight.
  4. Quiet


  1. -The cost to access the lounge can be prohibitive for some travelers.
  2. -It can get crowded at peak times.
  3. Some complaints about staff being lazy
  4.  Food selection is fine but not great if you’re lactose or gluten intolerant.
  5. Very restrictive hours. Only allows Priority Pass from 8:30-1pm, and 11:00pm – 00:30


Q: Where is the Air France JFK lounge located?

A: The lounge is located in JFK’s Terminal 1, near Gate 1. It’s easily accessible from the main concourse, and there’s plenty of signage to help you find it.

Q: How much does it cost to access the Air France JFK lounge?

A: Access to the lounge is complimentary for Air France business and first class passengers, as well as passengers with a priority pass. For everyone else, it costs $60 USD to access the lounge for a day.

Q: What airlines are in Terminal 1:

  1. Aeroflot
  2. Air China
  3. Air France
  4. Air Serbia
  5. Air Senegal
  6. Asiana Airlines
  7. Austrian Airlines
  8. Brussels Airlines
  9. Cayman Airways
  10. China Eastern
  11. EgyptAir
  12. Interjet


Overall, the Air France lounge at JFK is a great option for travelers looking for a luxurious and comfortable place to relax before their flight. The cost of access can be a bit high, but the amenities and services are worth it. If you have a priority pass, be sure to check the hours of operation before heading to the lounge.

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