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Airportllc.com also called AirportsDo.com (“Airports Do”), is a website dedicated to providing the most detailed guides to flyers having long layovers at airports and are looking for fun things to do at airports or near airports. We are in the process of moving content to AirportsDo.com which will be our home from January 2021.

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Looking for some good suggestions on what you can do at an airport in North America, Asia, Europe or in Africa? We have the most comprehensive list of activities you can do alone or with your family and kids when you have a layover.

Things To Do In Airports Guides on Airport LLC/ Airportllc.com/AirportsDo.com

Things to do inside Airports – Activities within airports

Inside airports, we have identified over 600 activities you can choose to do in various airports spread in North America to Africa. Some of the activities within the airports include:

  1. Shopping locations you can visit include duty-free shops where you can get souvenirs as you wait for your flight
  2. Restaurants and hotels: We have identified fast-food chain restaurants as well as hotels you can spend your layover time
  3. Entertainment such as cinemas
  4. Lounges and other waiting areas such as premium First-class, Business Class, and VIP classes. Our recommendations also cover lounges you can stay for free without paying
  5. Spas and relaxation centers
  6. Shower rooms
  7. Places to sleep

Things to do near airports- Activities within a distance of 3 miles from airports

We also cover over 1000 things you can do near your airport including:

  1. Sightseeing
  2. Local tours
  3. Museums

Things to do near airports with Kids

If you are traveling with your family, we have also identified over 200 activities you can do durig layovers in various airports.

Other Airport Guides On Our Website

You can also find airport-related guides split into the following categories:

  1. Airport detailed info covering sub-topics such as:
    • Airport basic info, facts, and history
    • Airport images (answering questions such as what’s Nairobi airport like?)
    • Airport location, GPS coordinates, zip code Google Maps, full airport map, IATA and ICAO Code
    • Airport weather
    • Airport size, runways, and terminals
    • Airport security
  2. Airports services such as:
    • Immigration and visa processing,
    • Airport lounges,
    • Lost & found
    • Baggage claims,
    • Wifi,
    • Sim Cards,
    • ATMs,
    • Forex change,
    • Duty-free shops,
    • Cafes,
    • Prayer room,
    • Airport live cam,
    • Medical center,
    • Parking,
    • Fast track/priority pass,
    • Airport app,
    • Airport connections,
    • Smoking at the airport,
    • Airport shuttles, and
    • Airport contacts.
  3. Guides on common destinations from the airport. For example, we answer questions such as, ‘how to get to Nairobi City Center from the Airport’
  4. Guides on best hotels/accommodations next to the airport
  5. Airport arrivals and departures data, answering questions such as “which airlines are arriving at JKIA today” or “what are the departure times for airlines at Julius Nyerere Airport?”
  6. Transportation to and from the airport with details such as:
    • Ride-hailing cabs from the airport
    • Cost of regular taxis, if no ride-hailing cabs are available.
    • Shuttle buses are provided by the airport.
    • Cost of car hire
  7. Details on what travelers can do near the airport
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