Check out the 20 fun things we have uncovered on what you can do when you have a layover at LaGuardia Airport.

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What to do Near LaGuardia Airport

Activities Location and accessibility
Explore the Central Park to get sights and museum and the park, outdoor scenery, meet people and have some sporting activities It is 4.79 miles from LaGuardia airport and one can use the shuttle buses or taxis to commute
Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and have some arts views and sights of the museum. It is 4.64 miles from LaGuardia airport and one can use bus services or taxis for hire to reach the place
Visit Yankee Stadium to watch some sports and popular games It is 4.6 miles from the LaGuardia airport and one can access the place by use of a hired taxi
Explore the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum and have the view of the temple, a monument to modernism, a unique architecture of the space and an exhibition on a spiral ramp that turns around a domed skylight It is located 4.47 miles from LaGuardia airport and one can access through the use of a taxi
Explore 5th Avenue which has plenty of shopping centers and dining outlets It is located 4.78 miles from LaGuardia Airport and a taxi will be of great help in terms of logistics.
Visit Citi field to watch sports and baseball games this being a baseball stadium It is located 2.04 miles from the airport and buses and taxis will greatly help in commuting
Visit the Frick Collection and view the gallery of the best keeps and secrets with an amazing collection of art pieces It is located 4.88 miles from the airport and a taxi will help to commute
Visit the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and have the view of the lake and some breeze with some coolness of the lake vicinity. This lake is located 4.74 miles from the airport a taxi will help in connection
Visit Apollo Theatre and watch some live performances and shows It is located 4.59 miles and a hired taxi will be a good means to connect one to the place
Visit Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and have some outdoor views and some park strolls in the park. This park is located 3.1 miles from the airport and one can hire a taxi to the destination
Explore the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation for some tour, classes and rentals on train rides and Gondolas. It is located 4.03 miles from the airport
Visit the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden and have some shots and taste of the New York brew, club and experience the night life of the city. It is located 2.19 miles from the airport and one can access the place through a hired taxi
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